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PWA Prize Bulls On Parade Results & Review (13/06/2021)- Troy VS. Osborne For The PWWA Championship, Aussie Open VS. Lightspeed Express

One of my favourite things to do is convert my friends to pro wrestling. Last night, at the Factory Theatre, I had the opportunity to do that with two long-time friends, at the PWA Black Label show, Prize Bulls On Parade. There are few products better to introduce wrestling to people than Pro Wrestling Australia (PWA), as they tend to have something for everyone and bring that uniquely Australian energy to every broadcast on FITE TV!

The main event sees the dominant PWWA Champion, the Arm Collector, Jessica Troy, defending the gold against the Prize Bull, Sam Osborne. And while you could build a show solely around that showdown, PWA decided that it wasn’t enough, and added a dream tag team match- Robbie Eagles & Mat Diamond, collectively known as Lightspeed Express, taking on the current tag champs, Kyle Fletcher & “Dunkzilla” Mark Davis- Aussie Open.

Let’s! Do! This!


Customary open with the PWA opening video and an intro by the esteemed Andrew Rose & Kris Gale. Kris touts the success of MMA- the tandem of Don Marnell and Sam Osborne- before Rose throws to our opening match. This crowd is FIRED UP with raucous “PWA” chants!

Match 1: For Custody Of Robert The Plant- Charli Evans vs. Cherry Stephens (w/ Will Kiedis)

Is that new music for Cherry? Either way, it’s a banger. It slaps. I feel really weird using that slang. It’s a really nice song, okay? Charli comes out with a beaming smile, but underneath that, you know she’s willing and able to rip her opponents apart. This match is for the custody of a plant Charli took from Kiedis’ Goober Report set, and Cherry, the intern, is tasked with getting it back.

Cherry tries to get a hot start by hitting Evans with the Goober Report clipboard, but misses, and it bounces off the ropes and smacks her in the face! Interns have to put up with so much shit. Charli capitalises with a massive German suplex! She lays the boots in and gets an early 2 count following a face wash in the corner. Cherry tries to fight back, but Charli knocks her on her back with a single stiff forearm shot, as Rose makes the intern point I just made. Great minds…

Charli maintains wrist control as she fires away with blistering chops. Cherry eventually gets on the comeback and nails a leaping tornado DDT from the apron back into the ring for a close 2 count! Charli’s not down for long, though, and soon retailiates with a beautiful bridging fisherman suplex. Some may even say perfect. It also gets a near fall. They get to the feet and trade strong strikes. Cherry goes for a V-Trigger, Charli blocks and hits a superkick, but Cherry eats it like an afternoon snack and fires back with the V-Trigger before collapsing to the mat. The Factory Theatre crowd applauds the effort.

Kiedis slides Robert The Plant into the ring, and I smell shenanigans! Cherry and Charli have a tug of war over the plant, which Will gets involved with, and ultimately the ladies knock him off the apron. Back suplex into a uranage gets a near fall for Cherry. Diamond Dust into a victory roll leads to another close call for the intern. Charli still has plenty left in the tank though, and blasts through Cherry with a running knee strike for a LONG 2 count. That one move is enough to start turning the tide in Evans’ favour, as a high back suplex and a lariat follow. It’s good for the 3, and we need to retrieve Cherry’s head from the 5th row. Robert remains with his rightful owner!

Winner: Charli Evans (at 6:14)

Star Rating: ***1/4. High energy stuff in a short timeframe, and boy, is that Robert over! We don’t need to worry about losing the likes of Matty Wahlberg (now Grayson Waller) with Robert picking up the slack!

Charli is all smiles as she reunites with Robert The Plant, but her celebration is interrupted by a video on the big screen. You’ve been noticed. Charli Evans is the first entrant in the 2021 Colosseum tournament! This brings an even bigger smile to the face of the Violence Artist.

Match 2: MK Plus Ultra (Michael Spencer & Kai Drake) vs. The Bad Bitch Nation (Kingsley & Jack J Bonza)

Spencer comes out with a Pokemon card around his neck, ala Logan Paul. Well, we’re guaranteed to see more action in this match than we did in that Mayweather/Paul boxing circus. The Bad Bitch Nation comes out to Kingsley’s music, and she seems to be moving around quite well, considering she’s coming back from a knee injury here.

A protective and incensed Uncle Jack charges at MK Plus Ultra to start this one. He knocks Spencer off the apron and hurls Drake into the corner with an overhead throw for an early near fall. Spencer blind tags in and looks for a slingshot spear, but Bonza just catches him and launches him into Drake. This Bonza could beat Lesnar, Reigns & Cena in a handicap match, I’m sure of it! Slingshot into a Liger Bomb on Spencer for another close 2 count.

Kingsley demands to be tagged in but Bonza says no. Not a popular decision. Drake tags in and knocks Bonza down with a superkick. MK throw Bonza out of the ring, forcing Kingsley as the legal competitor via PWA’s lucha tag rules. Kingsley insist that ref Ando get Spencer out of the ring, and while that’s happening, Kingsley takes Drake to Dick Kick City, followed by an inside cradle (would have said small package, but I’m above such crass innuendo) for a convincing near fall.

Kingsley takes over with a furious flurry on Drake and Spencer. She goes for a leaping Codebreaker but Spencer catches her. Drake intervenes with a kick to her injured knee, and Spencer transitions into the single leg crab. Bonza interferes and Spencer wipes him out with a suicide dive. Drake’s legal and he locks Kingsley in the figure four. She makes the ropes. All heart. MK isolate Kingsley and continue the beatdown, until an errant superkick from Kai connects with Spencer. Massive Codebreaker by Kingsley that Kai sells like Scott Hall at Mania 18. Bonza tags in for a lariat on Drake and a Tombstone on Spencer. Kingsley wants the tag right back in though, and they hit the tandem Code Red Nation for the victory!

Winners: The Bad Bitch Nation (at 6:58)

Star Rating: ***1/2. This was elevated by a few things. The intensity of Bonza, the dickhead antics of MK Plus Ultra, and the heart of Kingsley. I was surprised to see her legitimately involved in the match, I thought her knee was still a mess and she might just tag in for the finish or something. Either I got worked, or Kingsley is Superwoman. A little of Column A, a little of Column B? Quality work!

Promo from PWA Heavyweight Champion Ricky South airs. He says he is the standard bearer for PWA, and he will lead the company with “flamboyant aggression”.

Match 3: Ricky South Open Challenge- Ricky South vs. Unsocial Jordan vs. Carter Deams

Jordan comes out after Ricky, and although he is showered in “F*** you Jordan” chants, he tries to appeal to Ricky and offer him a spot in SMS once more. Ricky dismisses it, then says he knows Mick Moretti is backstage waiting to accept the challenge, but instead Carter walks out and pushes past SMS members Belinda Pierce & Aaron Jake. We have a triple threat! …But it’s non-title, which kind of seems to… defeat the whole purpose of Ricky being a fighting champion?

Carter begins by booting Ricky down. Jordan looks to form an alliance with South, who plays along for a second before booting him down as well. Cannonball by the champ on Deams for the first 2 count of the contest. Moments later, Ricky picks up both Jordan and Deams in an incredible display of strength and hits a double northern lights suplex! Deams manages to turn things around by dragging Ricky out of the ring and hitting the scissors kick! Not be outdone, Jordan flies out of the crowd and flattens Carter with a shining wizard against the apron! Great speed and athleticism. Everyone’s getting an opportunity to show off their best attributes in this one.

Back in the ring, Jordan takes control with a half and half suplex on Ricky, followed by a Falcon Arrow on Deams onto Ricky once again. That stacking attack gets a near fall. Ricky rallies with a superplex on Jordan, and Deams tries to steal it with a top rope splash follow up. No luck though. Suddenly, Mick Moretti’s music hits! But no Rapscallion. Mind games. The distraction is enough for Jordan to roll up Carter Deams for the 3 count!

Winner: Unsocial Jordan (at 4:08)

Star Rating: ***. Fun for how brief it was, all three had great moments, Jordan gets bragging rights, Ricky is protected as the champ by not taking the pin fall, and Carter has the “out” of the Moretti distraction. Well done all around.

Post-match, a frustrated Deams takes Ricky’s PWA Championship belt. He eventually hands it back to Tuff Stuff… and also gives him a superkick! He grabs a couple of chairs and blasts South with them. He looks to break Ricky’s arm with the chair, but Unsocial Jordan and SMS save the champ! Carter then sits in the chair and says he’s not leaving, but eventually does after a scuffle with security/Green Dingoes. Interesting developments…

Rose & Gale recap the madness before promoting that PWA now has its own beer- Lucha Lager! They gave me some to try at the show- a quality drink, unfortunately I couldn’t pound down too many since I was driving. Will need to get my hands on a case of it soon!

Match 4: Will Kiedis (w/ Cherry Stephens) vs. Jimmy Townsend

Thunderous “Jimmy” and “Cherry” chants to start. No love for Kiedis for some strange reason. Fast-paced in the early going as they run the ropes, leap frogs, drop downs… until Jimmy trips Will up, setting off his already quick temper. Low dropkick and a jackknife pin scores an early near fall for Townsend. Jimmy starts picking apart the Goober Killer’s leg. He’s been studying Ric Flair matches on his phone while backpacking, it seems. He chases Kiedis around ringside and checks on Cherry’s wellbeing, which draws an ‘aww” from us in the crowd. We ship those two.

Back in the ring, Jimmy goes for a Stinger Splash but Kiedis moves, and he collides with the Goober Report clipboard. A little back and forth ends with Kiedis hitting a hangman on Jimmy in the ropes, resulting in a 2 count. Jimmy comes back moments later with a cradle for a 2 of his own. Kiedis clips the leg with a chopblock for another near fall. Competitive stuff. Jimmy fires back with a rolling leg snap, followed by a unique leg lock referred to as the Dream Catcher. Nice, Jimmy! Kiedis escapes with a stacking pin that gets a 2 count but breaks the hold. A leaping enziguri as both men briefly rise, and we have a stalemate as they are both down and need a moment to recover.

Cherry gets up on the apron to confer with Kiedis and show him the game plan on the clipboard. Jimmy charges but puts on the brakes before he hits Cherry. He appears stunned by whatever is written on the clipboard- and the distraction allows Kiedis to schoolboy him for the 3 count!

Winner: Will Kiedis (at 7:42)

Star Rating: ***1/4. Good scrap. Back to back distraction finishes, but there’s a bigger story at play here, with a lot of references throughout the match to the relationship between Jimmy and Cherry. Good friends, yes, but there’s been hints of more going right back to the Premiership at the tail end of last year. Something to keep an eye on…

Post-match, a camera gets a good shot of the clipboard- it has instructions and a diagram of “how to schoolboy!” The betrayal! Things that the live crowd wasn’t privy to, and reasons to watch the show back on FITE- always worthwhile anyway, I’m yet to encounter a PWA event that wasn’t worth at least a second watch.

Back to Rose & Gale. Rose asks Gale how much Lucha Lagers he’s had. He’s not allowed to say, but blurts out a “I love you” to Rose. Tells us everything we need to know, Kris!

Match 5: PWA Tag Team Championship- Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis) (c) vs. Lightspeed Express (Robbie Eagles & Mat Diamond)

They do a pre-match bit to make the previously non-title match a title match. Bit of a silly move in my opinion- not just making it a title match originally, I mean. Why wouldn’t a team with the tenure and history of Eagles & Diamond be getting a title shot from the jump? Didn’t really add a lot to proceedings to go about it this way, to me, at least. Minor gripe aside, this should be a hell of a match.

Eagles and Diamond immediately rush the champs to kick things off. Of note, the crowd were massively into Aussie Open, and a bit lukewarm on LSX. I really enjoy both teams, but Aussie Open have been a revelation since making their PWA debut as a team earlier this year. LSX take AO out of the ring and wipe them out with stereo dives to instantly elevate the action and excitement here! Back in the ring, a wishbone and tandem kicks on Dunkzilla sees a quick tag to Fletcher. Robbie soon flattens him with a Meteora, and Mat follows with a split-legged moonsault with our first near fall. A lot of leeway from referee Nick here in terms of double-teaming.

We settle things down a smidge and get Eagles and Fletcher as the legal men. Kris credits the amazing match with the Velocities as the reason for Aussie Open’s popularity, but quite frankly, every match they’ve had in PWA has been outstanding since they answered Generation Now’s open challenge. Diamond gets tagged in and Aussie Open soon hit him with a double team version of his own finish, the Diamond Cutter! That’s gotta sting. Near fall. Fletcher and Davis take turns simply smashing Diamond’s face into the mat. Smart tactics as the bigger and stronger guys. Davis with a rough scoop slam and senton combo on Diamond, but a cocky pin only gets a 1. We have seen Aussie Open ride that line between confidence and arrogance in the past.

Fletcher and Davis pass Diamond between each other with a delayed vertical suplex. Great power and body control by AO. They soon set up for their finisher on Diamond, but he counters with Diamond Cutters on both men! This leads to a hot tag to Eagles, who soon gets the people behind him with a “Robbie! Robbie! Robbie! Oi, oi, oi!” chant. Maybe it was just that LSX was a tad awkward to chant. He blasts Fletcher with a series of kicks, Daniel Bryan-style. Davis gets involved, but AO inadvertently collide, allowing Robbie to take control and wipe them both out. Davis tries to come back with a slingshot powerbomb, but Eagles reverses with a hurricanrana pin for a really good near fall. Sliced Bread- called as a Destino- gets another close 2.

Robbie goes for the 450 but Davis avoids it and just punches him in the face! Well then. Someone behind me yelled, “why didn’t he just do that earlier?” Fair point- I used to say the same thing about Big Show matches, but you just have to suspend that disbelief a little. AO go for a double team but Robbie literally kicks his way out of it. He then wrecks Fletcher with a springboard dropkick to the knee. AO with the assisted Blackout on Eagles, pin attempt, but Diamond makes the save.

Eagles and Davis trade heavy strikes. Robbie pops off a poison rana, but Davis pops right up and takes his head off with a clothesline! Shortly after, we swap out for Diamond and Fletcher, and talk about a David vs. Goliath battle as they trade strikes! Huge twisting cutter by Diamond, but Fletcher gets his foot on the ropes to break the count. Both teams in and we get a double submission spot, but Davis stands up and drops Diamond onto Eagles. The action breaks down with all 4, but Aussie Open assert dominance with a double flapjack on Robbie. Diamond alone in the ring, but he takes out Fletcher with a destroyer and Davis with a DDT! The champs rally and are ultimately too much for Diamond though, as they soon hit their Coriolis finisher for the win!

Winners: Aussie Open (at 16:26)

Star Rating: ****. Outstanding action. It didn’t hit the all time classic levels that Aussie Open vs. Velocities was, but it was also a shorter sprint, and both teams did a hell of a lot with about half the time. I’m never going to complain about a match like that. Both styles meshed incredibly well, and a massive credit to LSX for getting the crowd behind them when it was about a 80/20 split in favour of Aussie Open in the beginning. I’ll admit to being a dirty fence sitter as I’m a big fan of both teams, and in particular, Robbie Eagles is my favourite wrestler (although Jessica Troy is rapidly catching up). This was great shit, and we’re only halfway through the show!

Post-match, the Velocities come out! In the same way that Aussie Open challenged them for the title shot, they simply said, “We want a rematch.” Simple answer from Fletcher- “No.” Oof.

Intermission. On FITE, the Matty Wahlberg vs. Orange Cassidy match plays from PWA Colosseum 2019. Smart match to play given the WWE debut of Grayson Waller on 205 Live yesterday. Wahlberg’s even wearing the same shorts! Wahlberg beats the AEW star in a match that cemented his future superstardom.

At the show, I showed my mate the merch stand and he bought a PWA beanie. I’ve already got mine in a custom colour through Lucha Loyalty, and I spent $50 on Robbie Eagles merch the other week, so I saved my money this time around. Maybe the next Black Label show. I did get a photo with the lovely and dangerous Charli Evans though! I’m determined to get pics with as many great Aussie wrestlers as I can this year. Gotta catch ’em all!

Back from the break, and the following video plays to hype Lyrebird Luchi vs. Mat Rogers. Ben Anderson, Jax Jordan and the rest of the production crew really do a phenomenal job with this stuff!

Match 6: Lyrebird Luchi vs. Mat Rogers

Rogers immediately goes for the big boot in a Premiership callback, but Luchi avoids it and scampers from the ring. Eventually, he gets back in and is soon popped in the face by Full Force. He exits the ring again… and hey, I get a little camera time as Luchi stalls in front of me! I tell him they should just be friends, but unfortunately there’s no hugging it out when the Lyrebird returns to the ring. Luchi goes for a crossbody, but is caught and hit with a fall away slam by Rogers. Luchi rolls out once again to kill a little more time.

As Luchi walks around ringside, Rose & Gale tell us that Royce Chambers will also be in Colosseum, but Madison Eagles will not. I’m assuming they were names announced last year before COVID ruined everything. Truth be told, I didn’t really follow the build to Colosseum last year as I was sure COVID would cancel it. It’s also why I didn’t buy tickets initially. Pessimistic? Yeah. But I was right. At least we seem to have our shit together in 2021, and I do have tickets this year.

Back to action, and Rogers goes for a chokeslam but Luchi escapes with an eye gouge. A chop block follows and Luchi briefly takes control. Rogers destroys him with a shoulder block after a few moments though! Rogers kicks Luchi’s ass around ringside for a bit before throwing him back in. As Rogers tries to drag Luchi back into the ring, Luchi grabs a ringside photography camera and smashes him over the head with it! A clear as day DQ saves the Lyrebird today!

Winner: Mat Rogers (via DQ) (at 6:23)

Star Rating: **1/2. Not a ton to write home about action-wise, but furthered the story and characters of both Luchi and Rogers. Poor Sarah from New Photography Studios is going to be out of pocket after that one! It seems that Rogers may need to get Luchi in some kind of confined space to beat him… a cage, perhaps?

Post-match, Rogers comes up bloodied after the camera shot. Luchi hammers him with right hands to open the wound further. That bastard!

Match 7: Pick Your Poison Match- Big Fudge vs. Concrete Davidson

So, the gimmick of this is that both Fudge and Conco pick each other’s opponents. Conco selects Shazza, but Fudge misunderstood the stipulation and has someone bring out a big bottle of poison. Shazza’s not having it and attacks both men. Conco bails from the ring, so I guess we’re doing Shazza vs. Fudge, and Conco isn’t drinking the poison right now. He joins Rose & Gale on commentary instead.

Fudge hits Shazza with a Butt Punch! Right from the Goldberg playbook, starting with your best move, I like it! Shazza with a quick kickout though. Chain wrestling with headlock takeovers, headscissors reversals, we’ve got the modern Flair vs. Steamboat happening in front of our eyes! Except I don’t think Steamboat ever wore a lab coat while wrestling. Fudge wheelbarrows Shazza’s head into the bottom turnbuckle. Shazza fights back with a STO and starts aggressively clubbing Fudge, trying to keep the super heavyweight down.

Shazza and Fudge begin a series of rolling pin attempts just to rib referee Hannah. No luck. Shazza nails a great tornado DDT for a solid near fall. Fudge comes back with the Sugar Rush and a short arm clothesline. Air Raid Crash gets Fudge a long 2 count. Shazza fires back with a sit down powerbomb for her own near fall. The Heartbreak Punch, followed by the Stunner, puts away Fudge for the night.

Winner: Shazza McKenzie (at 5:54)

Star Rating: **3/4. Good stuff as the former Choc-Blockers collide. The development of Shazza’s mean streak continues. Poor Fudge.

Post-match, Fudge argues with Conco as they call each other “a silly goose”. Them’s fighting words.

Hype video for Sam Osborne vs. Jessica Troy plays. Big fight feel.

Match 8: PWWA Championship- Jessica Troy (c) (w/ Charli Evans) vs. Sam Osborne (w/ Don Marnell)

Big PPV entrances for both challenger and champion. Osborne has someone singing his theme music, along with an entourage of his Mosman friends around the ring. Troy gets massive balloons around the venue. A quick note, the people sitting behind us were the worst “fans” I’ve ever encountered at a wrestling show. Constantly shouting out obnoxious things, they seemed to hate on everyone and everything all night- but then they cheered for the singer and by extension, Osborne, so there’s the connection, I guess. At times they said some funny things, but crossed the line many times, including yelling out that Jess Troy should have been an abortion. Like, there’s banter, and there’s just being shit. They were shit for 95% of the show. Very glad I can’t hear much of it back on FITE.

Osborne pops one of the balloons as JT Robinson handles the intros. Or does he? Don Marnell snatches the mic and does his spiel, which the crowd is into. Osborne gets the early wrestling advantage with a big waistlock takedown. He looks for an early kneebar but Jess scrambles to the ropes. Troy fights back with a big Lou Thesz press and rains down punches, before looking to work the arm. Big hammerlock STO by the champ, followed by a basement dropkick, gets an early near fall. Tilt-a-whirl into a Fujiwara armbar by Jess, but the Prize Bull gets to the ropes. Evenly matched in the early going.

Osborne leaves the ring and Jess gives chase. A Marnell distraction allows Osborne to pull Jess arm first into the ring post. Intriguing tactic against the Arm Collector. Back in the ring, Osborne keeps attacking the arm. Jess escapes, and then Marnell grabs her leg, allowing Osborne to lock in a rear naked choke. Troy escapes and Osborne resumes the arm attack. Sam goes to a flying armbar, but Jess gets her leg on the ropes. Marnell gets in her face, so Jess starts swinging on him. Tope suicida follows, and Marnell is down and out… for now, at least!

Jess nails some running elbows with her good arm. Meteora in the corner, but Osborne avoids the follow up kick and swings her leg first into the ring post. Now Osborne attacks the leg, including a brutal shin breaker. He tries it twice and Jess reverses with a hurricanrana pin for a near fall. Almost got caught! Pumphandle suplex sends Osborne flying. Leaping tornado DDT from the top rope gets a near fall for the champ. Soon after, a top rope Meteora levels Osborne, but that leg of hers is affected. Jess goes for another tilt-a-whirl, but Osborne counters with a backbreaker, into a T-Bone suplex for a near fall. Osborne forgos technique for a moment, just tackling Jess down and raining down punches. A bit of frustration, maybe?

Jess valiantly fights back, but she’s been beaten down and is slowing down. Big clothesline by Osborne stops that rally. The champ grits her teeth and gets back up, though, nailing a pump kick, followed by a clothesline of her own! Big powerbomb by Osborne scores for 2.75. Jess looks for the armbar but she doesn’t have the strength, so Osborne applies the kneebar. Jess escapes and applies a kneebar. Osborne escapes and applies the Fujiwara armbar, then moves into the kneebar! Technical masterclass! Troy finds the ropes. Big “Jess F’N Troy” chants.

Out of nowhere, Jess comes to life with a brainbuster! Osborne kicks out but Jess transitions into the Fujiwara armbar! Marnell drags ref Ando out of the ring though! Jess chases Marnell up the stage, which brings back out Charli Evans! The distraction allows Osborne to powerbomb Troy through the Lucha Lager tasting table! Troy appears to be out cold, so Osborne carries her back to the ring and hits the Mosman Driver. 1, 2… and Jess kicks out! Osborne can’t believe it, but he locks in the kneebar again! Troy rolls through to the Fujiwara armbar and Osborne taps.. but Marnell distracts the ref! Jess confronts the ref and Marnell, and Osborne tries to attack from behind… but she moves and Marnell is knocked flying off the apron! Reverse Meteora by Jess on Osborne! 1, 2… and referee Ando has hurt his hand?!? Jess, understandably, is like, “what the hell?” Osborne with an inside cradle… and Ando fast counts it for the 3! Whoa!

Winner: Sam Osborne (at 22:43)

Star Rating: ****1/2. Wow. That was high, high drama, boosted by a really hot crowd. Even the dickheads behind me stopped making fun of wrestling for most of this match and got into it. Troy and Osborne went all out in a physical, technical war. Incredible battle by two of PWA’s best young talents. More than worthy of the main event spot. One of my favourite singles matches I’ve seen in PWA, a month after the best tag match I’ve seen in PWA. As for the finish and related shenanigans, they did a fine job of protecting Jess by needing all that BS to beat her, plus it cements Osborne as a despicable heel. I can’t recall PWA going to the “crooked ref” angle before, so it feels more fresh in this context than if WWE did it.

Post-match, Osborne and Marnell hug John Anderson. Ando is a term of endearment, sir, and you’ve lost that goodwill with me! Will Kiedis joins them, and it appears that MMA is a proper faction now. Besmirching the good name of PWA referees, I hope some kind of action is taken. Jess vs. Anderson at the next Black Label. Ultimate Submission match. Do it! As we sign off, Andrew Rose quits in protest.

Overall Thoughts

Aussie wrestling is really firing on all cylinders right now, and PWA are leading the way. This show had a good amount of variety and story progression all through the card, and the big matches delivered strongly. The main event, with all the spectacle, craziness and straight-up action, was the match of the night by a considerable distance for me. Part of me wants to say I’ll go back and watch the match many times, the other part of me doesn’t know if I can take that heartache. Poor Jess. Hell of a champion.

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Until next time, take care.

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Pro Wrestling, MMA and karaoke. These things fuel me. Loved wrestling for 23 years, loved MMA for 19 years, but having Cerebral Palsy means I probably won't ever be a pro wrestler or MMA fighter. Luckily, there's always video games.

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