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Australian Wrestling News


Exciting times! This weekend, Pro Wrestling Australia (PWA) returns to Max Watts in Sydney for the first time in over 12 months, headlined by a tremendous tussle between tag team titans. Long-reigning PWA Tag Team Champions, the Velocities- Jude “The Dude” London & Paris De Silva– put the belts on the line against a world-renowned team that have put PWA on notice in short order. Kyle Fletcher. Mark Davis. Aussie Open.

I will admit that my own personal excitement is a little tempered with the news of a COVID case in Sydney a couple of days ago. While at the time of writing, the show is going ahead with patrons seated and wearing masks, my ticket will be going to waste. My mother is high risk due to having mitochondrial disease, so I need to be hyper-vigilant regarding the virus, and I’m no longer attending. So crushing news, but I still look forward to experiencing the action and atmosphere via FITE TV!

In typical PWA fashion, they haven’t just put a massive headline match on the bill and left it at that. Top to bottom, the best wrestling promotion in Sydney has loaded the card with mouth-watering match-ups. So, I’m going to take a stab at predicting each match! Read on to figure out who to bet on- by going with the opposite of who I pick, most likely. I may have run a .500 record on my Mania predictions? Will have to check that back.

Anyway. PWA. Max Watts. Let’s guess this!

PWA Tag Team Championship- Velocities (c) vs. Aussie Open

Despite a decorated past which saw Mark Davis become PWA Champion years ago, and Kyle Fletcher impress in the singles ranks against the likes of Ricky South, PWA Back In Black Label marked the PWA debut for Aussie Open as a tag team. They wasted little time though, dispatching of Generation Now’s Matty Wahlberg & Ricky South. Then, at It Started Out With A Kiss, Aussie Open toppled Jack J Bonza & Mick Moretti of The Nations. Hard to gain two bigger victories in two matches in PWA.

The Velocities are in an interesting position as tag champs. Technically, they’ve been champions for a very long time. However, a combination of the pandemic and a storyline which saw MK Plus Ultra steal the physical belts from Jude & Paris, sees the Velocities feeling somewhat like new and fresh champions. That said, if the reigning champs pull off the underdog story against Fletcher & Davis, then Aussie Open may wind up feeling like a ‘flavour of the month” team within the PWA tag hierarchy. I don’t see that happening. With Aussie Open being such a destructive force so far in PWA, and plucky babyfaces London & De Silva functioning better in chase mode, I think we see NEWWWW tag team champions.

Winners: Aussie Open (AND NEW)

Mick Moretti vs. Carter Deams

After denying Matty Wahlberg the coveted singles match for almost a year, Mick Moretti turns around on the first Black Label show without Wahlberg, and gives the marquee match to his old BABES partner, Carter Deams. Moretti says that “he has his reasons”, but whatever that reason may be, Deams will look to seize the opportunity without a doubt.

Hard to pick a winner here. Deams recently beat Moretti in a huge match at Newy Pro’s Brawl At City Hall, but Moretti is the more proven commodity in the PWA ring. After losing in the Premiership finals, and the tag match with Aussie Open, and the Rumble after going coast to coast with Wahlberg, the Rapscallion may look to rebuild himself with a victory over one of PWA’s younger rising stars. I expect Deams to show that he’s among the World’s Finest with his performance at Max Watts though.

Winner: Mick Moretti

Jack J. Bonza vs. Kai Drake

My prediction is pain! MK Plus Ultra- Kai Drake and Michael Spencer- put down a vicious beating on Bonza’s niece, Kingsley. I expect Uncle Jack to rep the Bad Bitch Nation proudly and put an absolute clinic on in this one. I feel like Bonza & Drake will basically trade chops and strikes until one of them falls.

However, MK Plus Ultra are kings of being thorns in the side of basically everyone they come into contact with, and it’s a safe bet that Spencer will play a role at ringside. Kai Drake to claim the glory via shenanigans.

Winner: Kai Drake

2 Man Rumble- Concrete Davidson vs. Big Fudge

After Conco made his surprise return at the PWA Rumble, Fudge was a little ticked that he got thrown out by his old tag partner and podcast buddy. So, in the spirit of the ridiculously entertaining 5 Minute Ironman Match from a few months ago, we now have a…. 2 Man Rumble. Two men start the match. At regularly timed intervals, no other competitors will enter the ring. The match ends when an opponent is thrown over the top rope, and both feet touch the floor.

Fudge to win the thing. Because Fudge is the best, and deserves to win all the things. I love Conco too, but it’s our former Sanitation Commissioner’s time to shine and claim sweet, sweet candy… I mean, vengeance. Most definitely vengeance.

Winner: Big Fudge


Unsocial Jordan def. Michael Spencer

Lyrebird Luchi def. Mat Diamond

Mat Rogers def. Backman & Belinda Pierce in a Triple Threat Match

Unless I’ve made some massive oversight, the likes of Robbie Eagles, Jessica Troy, Charli Evans & even PWA Heavyweight Champion Ricky South are missing from this show. I do know Shazza McKenzie is participating in a pre-show match. Unsure who her opponent will be, but she did attack interviewer Frankie B after being told that news. Maybe Frankie is finally stepping into the ring in PWA? It speaks to the level of Pro Wrestling Australia that such major talents can be left off a card, with the potential for classics in the top matches on the card. Especially the 2 Man Rumble.

Also, this little golden nugget of awesomeness:

Until next time, take care.

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Pro Wrestling, MMA and karaoke. These things fuel me. Loved wrestling for 23 years, loved MMA for 19 years, but having Cerebral Palsy means I probably won't ever be a pro wrestler or MMA fighter. Luckily, there's always video games.

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