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PWA Movember To Remember Results & Review (07/11/2020)

Guess who’s back, back again? It’s not Shady (although I did fancy myself as quite the dope rapper in my teen years), but it’s Mick, bringing you a wrasslin’ review on Snap Mayors! So it’s been a full on week. My role on the site is to cover AEW and NSW-based promotions like PWA. AEW has brought it, with a strong Dynamite show heading into Full Gear this past weekend, and yesterday they launched the AEW Games division- you can read all about all of that on the main page. PWA is consistently bringing it every Monday night with the Premiership, but they also held a big show over the weekend, for a great cause- Movember To Remember.

This was only the second live show I attended this year, and the first one this year with friends. At PWA WAP, my mate bailed last minute, so I rode solo. It was nice to have company this time around, and my approach to the show was different- when I was by myself, I feverishly took notes on my phone as the show was happening. With my friends, I decided to just enjoy the show as a fan, and I would fill in the details later on OVO Play. Also, one of my friends was attending his first ever wrestling show. He wasn’t a fan of pro wrestling, but I convinced him to give PWA a chance- let’s see if it can convert him.

Let’s do this.


Andrew Rose and Kris Gale start with an acknowledgement of country before throwing to the opening video.

I make a split second appearance on screen as the camera pans the crowd. God, I’ve gotta get back on track with my fitness/weight loss goals.

Match 1: HVWA (Mat Diamond & CJ Phoenic) vs. The Velocities (Jude London & Paris De Silva)

Interesting stories in play here, revolving around PWA’s main storyline- The Old Guard vs. Generation Now. The veterans vs. the rookies is not a new idea in wrestling by any means, but various alliances and relationships here give this one more depth. Diamond is a member of the Old Guard, while Paris and Jude are part of Gen Now. But Diamond, Paris and Jude have all been aligned as a trio in the Velocities. And then you have CJ Phoenix, an old friend of Diamond and Robbie Eagles from their backyard wrestling days well over a decade ago, but this marks CJ’s second pro match, so he could conceivably be one of the new guys as well.

Diamond’s entire demeanor from his entrance to the start of the match screams “pissed”. Never quite seen him in this kind of mood. Diamond and London start, and there’s definitely a tense atmosphere here at the PWA Academy. Immediate waistlock takedown by Diamond, hurling Jude to the mat. The Dude kips up, but Diamond beats him down. London is able to come back and hit a standing double stomp. Fast-paced action here as expected.

Diamond halts the mometum of London with a massive dropkick that gets a 2 count. Tag to Phoenix, and Paris gets the tag as well. Both men start running the ropes looking to attack. Paris goes for a running snap rana, but CJ cartwheels out of it. Ooh, a little bit fancy! Diamond tagged back in, and he thwarts a Velocities double team attempt by simply shoving Paris into Jude. Not so fancy. Diamond with a VICIOUS looking rolling neckbreaker on London for a near fall. That really looked like it hurt.

CJ Phoenix takes flight (Credit- New Photography Studios)

Double knees in the corner by Diamond which gains another 2 count. The veteran keeps the pressure up, before tagging out to Phoenix. HVWA display their tag chemistry with a tandem move- Diamond with a standing shooting star press, and Phoenix immediately follows up with a corkscrew moonsault for a near fall! CJ shows his technical side with a floatover suplex into a double underhook submission. London fights out and goes for a handspring back elbow, but is countered with a back heel kick for a 2 count! Phoenix is on fire as he hits a Gory Bomb for another close call.

London is able to create separation with a HUGE tornado DDT and gets the tag to Paris. Diamond tags back in and has a staredown with the fresh Velocity before going to war. Bodies start flying everywhere as all four men get involved. HVWA wipe out the Velocities with a tremendous double Asai moonsault! Not to be outdone, Jude and Paris soon respond with a double flip dive!

Back in the ring, Paris hits CJ with the Shooting Star Press, and that should be all- but Diamond breaks it up. He becomes the legal man via lucha tag rules and hits the Diamond Cutter, followed by a Vertabreaker- but London breaks it up with a diving double stomp! London now legal, and hits the Excommunicado kick for the 3 count!

Winners: The Velocities (at 10:10)

Star Rating: ***1/2. Hot opener, awesome dose of energy to get this show started off on the right foot. It’s insane to me how comfortable CJ Phoenix looks in there 2 matches in at PWA. Story-wise, Mat Diamond’s approach and mindset is something to keep an eye on.

Post-match, the Velocities offer a handshake but Mat swats it away. Mat Rogers walks out to try and settle the situation but Diamond’s not having it and storms off. “You can have them,” he says. Rogers shoves Jude to the ground now, so it seems alliances are splintering all over the place here.

Hype video on the ongoing PWA Colosseum tournament. I can’t recommend this highly enough. 8PM every Monday night on OVOPlay.

Ricky South makes his entrance for the Moustache challenge match. This is followed by a fired-up Big Fudge! He’s undefeated in 2020. He doesn’t know what Movember’s about- a charity for people that can’t grow moustaches? He looks to accept the challenge, but Referee Nick tells Fudge that they already have an opponent lined up.

The Prefect’s music hits and Jimmy Townsend walks out. He knows someone who could be Ricky’s opponent- unfortunately it’s not his uncle, James Adultman… James’ legs haven’t been agreeing with him lately. Heh. But his aunty is up for the challenge!

The PWA debut of Sheree Adultman! (Credit- New Photography Studios)

Match 2: Moustache vs. Moustache- Ricky South vs. Sheree Adultman

So for the uninitiated, the Adultman gimmick was the two Prefects, Townsend and Preston stacked up under a massive trenchcoat. But here we have the 10 foot tall Sheree- Cherry Stephens on Jimmy’s shoulders. It’s amazing, and needs to be seen, by, well, everyone. Words can never do it justice.

Ricky tries to take down the gigantic Sheree with shoulder blocks, but she doesn’t budge. She runs the ropes in sloth-like fashion and takes down Ricky with a monumental shoulder. Sheree goes for a chop in the corner- Great Khali-style, but Ricky rips off her (stuck-on) moustache. Hiding her face from the referee, she produces a second moustache and applies it.

Ricky goes for a piledriver, but the fun and games are broken up by Kyle Fletcher, who jumps up on the apron to get in the face of South. Ricky gets distracted and Sheree is able to schoolboy him for the win!

Winner: Sheree Adultman (at 3:10)

Star Rating: *****. The Adultman gimmick is ridiculous. Gloriously ridiculous.

Per the stipulation, Referee BDN shaves the mo off Ricky South. Ricky is beside himself. Nick says, “I’m sorry, I love you.” Brilliant.

A video airs promoting Movember. A great cause. All about supporting men’s health.

Match 3: MK Plus Ultra & Lyrebird Luchi vs. Generation Now (Matty Wahlberg, Sam Osborne & Kingsley)

MK Plus Ultra have stolen the PWA Tag Team Championship belts, which belong to the Velocities. They’ve attached moustaches to the belts. I love PWA.

Wahlberg and Luchi start. Matty spits his drink in Luchi’s face! The disrespect! He throws Luchi down off a lock up and continually mocks him. Luchi returns fire with a slap and Wahlberg responds with a leg lariat. 3rd match on the card but there’s a little sense of main event tension here.

Osborne in with the Stormbreaker, followed by Kingsley with a Codebreaker! Near fall! Wow! Luchi regroups with MK Plus and we get back to the action after a pause. Kingsley and Spencer go through a sequence which sees Kingsley come out better with a cazadora into a bodyscissors takedown, followed by a pump kick. Luchi tags in and almost immediately falls victim to some rapid fire Gen Now offense, including the Kobe Elbow by Wahlberg, and an elevated double flatliner. Kingsley wipes out Luchi and Spencer with a suicide dive!

Luchi stops the Gen Now momentum by hitting Wahlberg with a title belt behind the ref’s back. The beatdown commences. Spencer hits his own Kobe elbow for a 2 count. Kai Drake blisters Wahlberg with chops. Wahlberg escapes and gets the hot tag to Kingsley, who nails Drake with a floatover DDT. Spencer drags Kingsley to the outside and Wahlberg is the legal man yet again. Lucha rules. Enziguri by Drake, powerslam by Spencer, it’s a near fall that Osborne breaks up.

Gen Now with the message to the Nations! (Credit: New Photography Studios)

Osborne tags in and cleans house. Backbreaker/T-Bone suplex combo, and Spencer breaks up the pin with a flying headbutt. Gen Now get submissions on all three opponents, but it’s broken up after a struggle. The action breaks down- Spencer hits a gutbuster on Osborne, but is sent to the outside by Wahlberg. Kingsley hits a leaping X-Factor. They get Luchi alone, and with Osborne and Wahlberg holding him up in the air, Kingsley hits a splash for the win! It’s a Nations move, known as The United Nations. Unfortunate slip on the first attempt, but still, impressive outing for Generation Now!

Winners: Generation Now (at 13:00)

Star Rating: ***1/4. Generation Now looked good in one of the first proper outings as a faction. They showed cohesion, overcoming an established team in MK Plus Ultra, and Wahlberg showed heart as the apparent leader of the group.

Unsocial Jordan hits the neckbreaker on Cherry Stephens (Credit: New Photography Studios)

Match 4: Unsocial Jordan vs. Cherry Stephens vs. Rhys Angel vs. Silvio Milano

Everyone’s talking trash to start this Fatal 4 Way, and Cherry gets them all with the “free shot” signal! Rhys doesn’t respect the rules of the schoolyard though, and hits her with a Superman punch. That scoundrel! Everyone’s fighting, but not kung fu style. Cherry goes for the wheelbarrow bulldog, but Jordan just throws her into Silvio and Angel. Stand with SMS.

Cherry tries to fire back with some shin kicks, but Jordan hits her with a fireman’s carry into a neckbreaker. He locks in a choke but Silvio boots him upside the head. Jordan retaliates with a superkick to the back of the head. Rhys back in with another Superman punch on Silvio. Fast and furious striking here.

Jordan rips the Gen Now shirt away from Angel and chucks it away, saying, “This is trash!” He follows with a half and half suplex for a near fall. Cherry and Silvio form an alliance to take on the Unsocial One before Angel drags the schoolgirl to the outside. Soon after, Jordan hits a springboarding Angel with a superkick, followed by a Shining Wizard on Silvio. Cherry tries to sneak in with a schoolboy on Jordan, who counters with a rear naked choke… and Cherry is forced to tap!

Winner: Unsocial Jordan (at 4:00)

Star Rating: ***. Talk about maximising your minutes! A lot happened in a pretty short timeframe, and most of it was centered around Unsocial Jordan being a dominant force. Since returning to PWA, he’s finding a level of singles success that he didn’t have previously. Something to keep an eye on.

Big Fudge confronts Movember ambassador, Mark Kelly. (Credit: New Photography Studios)

JT Robinson introduces the Movember ambassador, Mark Kelly. Hey! I went to school with that guy! Small world. He talks about the history and importance of Movember as a charity, noting that it deals with a variety of issues, from prostate cancer to men’s mental health and suicide. Big Fudge comes out, still as angry as he was earlier with Ricky South. He asks Mark’s name and immediately gets it wrong, saying that no one cares what he has to say. All they care about is the fact that Big Fudge is UNDEFEATED! Fudge then hits him with the Butt Punch! Security swarm the ring, and I gotta give credit, Mark sells it like a champ. A crazed Big Fudge is escorted from the building with great difficulty.

Match 5: Jack J. Bonza vs. Carter Deams

Technical start as Rose and Gale break down the physical differences between Bonza and Deams. I didn’t see this match advertised before the show but it’s a surefire cracker about to go off here. Bonza displays his submission ability with a wristlock into a takedown, while Deams kips up, flips and maneuvers his way to an advantageous position. Deams goes for an arm drag but Bonza just throws him off. Pure strength. Deams goes for an elbow drop, but Bonza goes to a crucifix pin for a near fall.

Deams with a hip toss, followed by a neckbreaker, and he’s feeling himself. Better not go blind, Carter. Deams goes for a penalty kick on the apron but Bonza trips the leg, sending him face-first into The Hardest Part Of The Ring (TM). Bonza keeps up the pressure back in the ring. A vicious Bonza chops sends Deam’s areola into the rafters of the PWA Academy. Deams gets a brief opening with a Code Red for a near fall, but takes a backbreaker immediately after.

Bonza goes for the Napalm Thunder Driver, Deams blocks and they exchange heavy shots. Deams fires off a dropkick, followed by a vertical suplex for a 2 count. The member of the BABES searching for his first bit of momentum in this match, and starts to find it with an enziguri that knocks Jack to the floor. He runs the apron and nails a swift kick. Tope con hilo by Deams almost wipes out the cameraman, and absolutely wipes out Bonza! Back in the ring, that flurry gets a near fall.

Bonza takes Deams to Suplex City (Credit: New Photography Studios)

Deams looks to fly, but Bonza yanks him off the top rope by his ankle. Nasty looking landing on his neck, which Jack J. immediately adds to with a snapmare driver! He takes a second too long to cover and Deams kicks out. Bonza looks for the Napalm Thunder Driver again, Deams flips through and goes for a reverse DDT, Bonza picks the leg and goes for the ankle lock, but Deams rolls through. Great sequence. After a few more slick counters, Deams nails a Tombstone- but Bonza’s out at 1! Holy shit! Bonza with a release German suplex, but Deams pops up and nails a superkick, followed by a scissors kick for a close 2 count!

Lifting reverse DDT by Deams. 2 count. He tries to fly but Bonza gets the knees up. 2 count. These two are exhausted, but giving us everything they have. They trade forearms, until Bonza drops Deams with a heart-stopping chop. Carter ain’t no bitch (double negative), but he gets up and lights up Jack with a chop right back. Double clothesline but neither man goes down. Superkick by Deams, lariat by Bonza! Bonza locks in the ankle lock! Carter almost escapes but Bonza wraps up the head, almost turning it into a MMA twister submission, and Deams is forced to tap!

…But Bonza won’t let go. So the referee reverses the decision!

Winner: Carter Deams (at 14:00)

Star Rating: ****. I need a smoke after that one, and I don’t even smoke. One of those matches that I recap where I say, alright, I’ll just cover the big/important moves, but everything was high impact and meaningful. Outstanding contest.

Bonza looks to attack Deams after the match. Wahlberg comes out to stop him- but can’t. As competitors in the Premiership, they can’t touch outside of sanctioned matches. Bonza screams at Wahlberg to stop him, but ends up hitting Deams with the Napalm Thunder Driver as Matty watches on.


Big Fudge is back to cause chaos at the commentary desk. He shouts at Andrew Rose and crumples up the show notes.

Match 6: Kyle Fletcher vs. Shazza McKenzie

This is Shazza’s big return to the ring after many months away. She tries to move the larger Fletcher around. Snapmare takeover but Kyle grabs the ropes. Shazza finds success by upping the tempo. Springboard arm drag sends Fletcher flying. Quick pin gets a quick 2 count following some lucha things.

Shazza gets Kyle in the ropes and adminsters the 10 kicks in succession. Classic offense by McKenzie. Top rope cross body for a great two count. Flying tornado DDT for another 2. The battle spills to the outside and Shazza goes for another dive, but Fletcher catches her in mid air and hits a suplex on the outside!

Back in the ring, Fletcher hits a brainbuster for a close two count of his own. He tweak his knee so Shazza hits a stunner to the knee, followed by the figure four leglock! Fletcher makes the ropes but he is hurt. He manages to keep Shazza at bay with a forearm, followed by a superkick. He lawn darts McKenzie into the corner turnbuckle, and hits the Grimstone (hammerlock Tombstone) for the 3 count! Wow!

Winner: Kyle Fletcher (at 11:00)

Star Rating: ***1/2. That was damn hard-hitting! Fletcher did not hold back, and Shazza gave as good as she got. There were a few times I was genuinely concerned for Shazza watching live, especially the suplex spot on the outside- from my angle it looked like she hit the concrete. Very glad to have Shazza McKenzie back in PWA, and Kyle Fletcher seems like a matter of when, not if, he’s going to hit that worldwide stage.

Kyle Fletcher gets on the mic. He states his goal of winning the PWA Championship. Well, that explains why he had number 1 contender Ricky South in his sights earlier.

Bel Pierce & Unsocial Jordan implore us to “Stand With SMS” (Credit: New Photography Studios)

Match 7: Goober Open Challenge- Will Kiedis vs. Bel Pierce (w/ Unsocial Jordan)

More Big Fudge as he looks to take the challenge, but ultimately it’s SMS making their presence known. Jordan can’t touch Fudge because of the Premiership Non-Aggression Pact, but Bel can, spearing the Buttpuncher out of his boots.

Pierce blasts Kiedis with forearms in the corner, then stomps a mudhole and walks it dry. Kiedis pushes her away and fires back with a European uppercut. He grabs her by the braids then blasts her with a big boot. Near fall.

Kiedis goes for a dropkick in the corner but Bel avoids it. They trade forearms then Kiedis gets the advantage with a leaping kick to the head. Backslide by Bel gets a near fall. Will responds with an inside cradle for a close call of his own. Kiedis misses an attack that sends him crotch-first into the middle rope, and Pierce follows with a spear to put this one away!

Winner: Bel Pierce (at 3:45)

Star Rating: **. Nice little showcase for Bel. Along with Unsocial Jordan’s impressive performance earlier, it looks like the new version of SMS is set to be a big time factor in PWA!

Jess is ready to collect some arms. (Credit: New Photography Studios)

Match 8: More Arms For Jess Open Challenge- Steph De Lander vs. Charli Evans vs. Jessica Troy

Three of the best in PWA. Jess and Steph have headlined before, and Charli has been killing it since returning to Australia after a successful stint in the UK. Jessica Troy boasts the PWWA Championship and the best theme music in wrestling. This is a non-title match though.

All three ladies throw kicks at each other to start, all kicks are ducked. Ooh. Rapid fire exchange where all three go for strikes and pin attempts. So evenly matched! Jess and Charli make the decision to team up against Steph, but the Python Powerhouse levels them with a double clothesline. Charli builds some momentum with kicks, which Jess stops with a hammerlock, throwing her arm first into the turnbuckle. Troy looking to add to her arm collection here. A rana sends SDL flying.

Jess hits both Evans and SDL with a Meteora against the ropes, and looks to attack both of their arms, wrenching on the fingers to start. Brutal! De Lander takes control and drops Evans with an elbow. Jess and Charli once again form an alliance, taking Steph down with a neckbreaker/Backstabber combo. Charli kicks Jess upside the head and takes over the match herself. Strikes and submission attacks galore. Charli with the C-Trigger… I guess, like the V-Trigger, but because her name is Charli… it gets a 2 count, Jess is late on the save, but Steph kicks out anyway.

Jess has got some ground to make up, and she blasts Charli with running forearms in the corner. Back suplex with a bridge gets a 2 count. Steph gets back in the mix and lawn darts both her opponents into the turnbuckle. She picks them both up on her shoulders and hits a double Samoan Drop! Unreal display of strength! Soon after, Jess hits Charli and Steph with consecutive brainbusters. Charli recovers and hits Jess with the Gory Bomb, dropping her on Steph! This is nuts!

Charli locks in a submission on Steph while pinning Jess at the same time. Neither move gets the win but it’s an awesome visual. SDL hits Jess with an electric chair drop, but Charli breaks the pin up at 2. Steph decapitates Charli with a big boot but Jess stops the pin. Steph powerbombs Jess onto Charli and pins them both, but they both kick out!

Steph is frustrated but determined. She goes to the outside and sets up a pile of chairs. Soon after, she lifts Charli in an electric chair, but Jess comes off the top with a Meteora. All three ladies go through the twisted pile of steel! What a moment!

Back in the ring, Steph looks to put Jess away. She lifts her in a fireman’s carry but Troy counters with the Fujiwara armbar! Jess hooks the leg at the same time and De Lander is forced to tap!

Winner: Jessica Troy (at 21:00)

Star Rating: ****1/2. That was total non-stop action. They really made an impact in that one. I’m surprised we didn’t see a knockout. No, seriously, that was pure excellence. All three are world-class, and showed it in this main event spotlight. We’ve got to appreciate Jessica Troy, Charli Evans & Steph De Lander while we have them, because we’re not going to have them forever. Only a matter of time before they get signed to a major company, and performances like that will get a lot of people talking.

Overall Thoughts

I loved every minute of this show. There wasn’t a second where I was bored, disappointed or unhappy about a thing I was watching. The show was for a great cause in Movember, and PWA treated it like it was their biggest show of the year. As far as the quality of the wrestling on the show, I’d put it right there with the Call To Arms anniversary shows I’ve seen them put on over the last few years. The atmosphere was a little different, with a much smaller crowd than the Max Watts faithful, but the people in attendance at the Academy were into the show, and the wrestlers gave us everything they had. Really couldn’t ask for much more.

Overall Score: 9/10

Oh, and a side note, this show totally converted my non-wrestling fan friend. On the car ride home, “I enjoyed that way more than I thought I would, I think I’ll come to the next one!”

Until next time, take care!

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Pro Wrestling, MMA and karaoke. These things fuel me. Loved wrestling for 23 years, loved MMA for 19 years, but having Cerebral Palsy means I probably won't ever be a pro wrestler or MMA fighter. Luckily, there's always video games.

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