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PWA Black Label- Aussie Open VS. Velocities Results & Review (08/05/2021)- Huge Tag Title Match Headlines Return To Max Watts

Feels like a long time coming since the last Pro Wrestling Australia (PWA) show! The last Black Label event saw a drastically different landscape for PWA. Matty Wahlberg & Steph De Lander were repping the green and black instead of the black and gold, Caveman Ugg had his paws firmly grasped around the PWA Heavyweight Championship, and the world was flipped upside down that night at the Factory Theatre in Sydney.

Now, things have changed. As good a venue as the Factory Theatre is, it’s not home. For this show, PWA went back to the building that helped cultivate the rabid, loyal fanbase it has today. The place which saw Ugg topple Jonah Rock in a barbaric cage match to become champion. The place which saw Robbie Eagles defeat Will Ospreay to open the door to New Japan. The place that saw both Mick Moretti and Matty Wahlberg win prestigious tournaments against the best wrestlers from Australia and around the world. For this show… PWA returns to Max Watts, baby! It’s been over 12 months since PWA have held a show there. I’m almost shaking with antici…

I so wish I was there. Had a ticket and everything. But, mere days before the show, a COVID case was announced in Sydney, restrictions were imposed, and as my mum is high risk, it wasn’t worth the risk. An important message on the weekend of Mother’s Day- mums are more important than wrestling. Wrestling is more important than just about everyone else though. Sorry not sorry. As much I was looking forward to the live atmosphere at Max Watts, FITE TV do an excellent job of bringing that energy into your home. So I’ve got my lounge and some Jack Daniels on standby to see the Velocities and Aussie Open go to war. It’s not so bad.


Acknowledgement of country and the customary opening video to kick things off. The energy is palpable as Andrew Rose & Kris Gale run down the card.

And we’re kicking things off with Jack Bonza vs. Kai Drake! Somebody’s gon get their arse kicked. Somebody’s gon’ get their wig split. Spoiler alert- it’s both of them. Even though Bonza doesn’t have a wig to split.

Match 1: Jack J. Bonza (w/ Kingsley) vs. Kai Drake (w/ MIchael Spencer)

At this point, the FITE TV feed goes completely haywire, and the video quality resembles me at 10 years old, fiddling with the old rabbit ear antennas trying to see a boob on late night SBS. So it’s near impossible to make out what’s happening during the entrances, but I gather from the audio that Bonza wanted Kingsley to stay backstage, but she’s still sitting around ringside with her busted knee. This match came about when MK Plus Ultra (Drake and Spencer) viciously attacked the already injured ACL of Kingsley.

The stream rights itself just in time to see Bonza & Drake stare each other down as the bell rings. High tension here. Collar and elbow to start, Kai yanks the bodacious beard of Bonza, and earns a slap for his troubles. Here we go. They trade hard strikes, then Uncle Jack takes the advantage with some chops that send Drake’s areolas flying high into the Max Watts mezzanine.

Spencer distracts Bonza, allowing Drake to kick the middle rope into his crotch. Brainbuster follows but Bonza kicks out before the 2 count. He’s motivated by the desire to protect his niece Kingsley. Drake continues to beat down Bonza and takes his trademark headband to wear himself. The disrespect! Bonza fights his way up and unloads with more chops, including one to the forehead! Bonza then wraps Kai’s knee around the ringpost. Poetic justice. Back in the ring, Bonza wraps Drake in a submission, he bites the rope to escape, so Bonza kicks the rope into his jaw. Vicious!

Bonza goes for the Napalm Thunder Driver, but Kai escapes and scores with a superkick for a near fall. Spencer passes a steel chair to Drake. Despite the brutality here, this is not a No DQ match! Kingsley gets involved and takes the chair. Bonza gains possession of the chair and blasts a meddlesome Spencer with it. Bonza looks to use it on Drake as well, but Kai uses Kingsley like a human shield, stopping Uncle Jack in his tracks! As referee Ando disposes of the weapon, Kingsley kicks Dragonheart in the Dragonballs, leading to a Bonza backslide for a convincing 2 count.

Bonza and Drake slowly get to their feet, once again trading massive strikes. They trade German suplexes before Jack takes Kai’s head off with a lariat! A follow up shot to the back of the head forces Drake to crumple in a heap, and he falls victim to the patented Bonza ankle lock! Spencer distracts Jack, and moments later Drake hits the Michinoku Driver for the win!

Winner: Kai Drake (at 9:20)

Star Rating: ***3/4. That was a hell of a fight, which really had some juice due to the emotional component of Kingsley’s involvement. Huge win for Kai Drake. I predicted him to win via Spencer-related shenanigans, but really that finish was more due to Bonza taking his eye off the ball rather than Spencer doing anything egregious.

Post-match, MK Plus Ultra target Kingsley yet again, but Kingsley destroys them both with her crutch! The heels scurry away as Rose and Gale note how the tables have turned, with Kingsley now protecting Uncle Jack in a sense.

We throw to JT Robinson introducing the next contest. He’s sporting a sling. Wishing JT a speedy recovery!

Match 2: Backman (w/ Jack Pain & Jessie Wilde) vs. Mat Rogers vs. Belinda Pierce (w/ Unsocial Jordan)

Backman and Rogers stare each other down and push Belinda to the side. She’s not having it and blasts them both with forearms. She low bridges on a Rogers big boot, sending him tumbling to the outside, and sets her sights on Backman. Backman goes for the Razor’s Edge but Belinda turns it into a hurricanrana pin for a good near fall. Rogers drills Belinda with a sidewalk slam, and we’re back to the battle of the big men.

The large lads trade shoulder blocks. Jack Pain gets up on the apron and Rogers delivers a Full Force big boot. Moments later, Backman scores with the Pounce! Great camera work as it looks like Rogers flies into my damn lounge room on that one. Bel re-enters the fray with a top rope cross body, but Backman counters with a backbreaker, and maintains control to send her flying with a fall away slam! Kick out by Pierce but she’s hurting.

Rogers looks to hit Backman with the pumphandle slam, but Jessie distracts him. Backman looks to counter with a suplex- very impressive strength- but Belinda spears him mid-move! Spear to Rogers. Spear to Jack Pain. Spear to Jessie Wilde. She looks for another Spear on Backman, but Rogers intercepts with a big boot. Huge pumphandle slam on Backman- and Full Force gets the W!

Winner: Mat Rogers (at 5:10)

Star Rating: ***1/4. Maximise your minutes, guys! That was a lot of action packed into a short timeframe, where everyone had their moments. Backman in particular looks like a future break-out star, but this night belongs to Full Force.

Match 3: 2 Man Rumble- Big Fudge vs. Concrete Davidson

Big Fudge enters at #1 and waits 60 seconds for the next entrant. Fudge plays to the crowd, sitting on the turnbuckle looking at his imaginary watch. Shades of Austin in 1997 as Rose says, “Stone Cold Big Fudge!” Imma need a “My Way” video featuring Stone Cold Big Fudge and The Concrete Rock real quick. Shit! Fudge slips off the top rope! He hangs on the apron by a thread as the timer counts down.

Entrant #2 is Concrete Davidson! He tries to take advantage of the slip. Fudge teeters on the edge but is able to send Conco to the apron. Both men hanging on for dear life here! They battle on the apron and Fudge sits him down with a Butt Punch, but he’s not out! They slowly get back in the ring. Conco throws Fudge again but he survives. Fudge looks to return the favour but Conco also stays alive.

Conco drops Fudge with a gutwrench suplex before taking him to the apron once again. Fudge drags him to the danger zone as well. They trade blows and both fall to the floor… but they’re both on one foot! They trade strikes as they hop around the ring. They fight their way back up to the apron, and Conco applies the dreaded Claw! Fudge looks to retaliate with a chokeslam. They teeter on the edge for a moment, before both spill to the floor, this time with both feet of both men landing. But who won? Referee Ando says it’s Fudge. Big Dick Nick says it’s Conco. Nothing is resolved here!

Winner: DRAW? I guess? (at 5:45)

Star Rating: ****. Comedic brilliance. The live crowd, the commentators, and your writer sitting at home were having the time of their life here. But where do these gladiators go from here? It appears that Big Fudge and Concrete Davidson join Bret Hart and Lex Luger as co-Rumble winners. A historical battle between two legends.

A cut to Rose & Gale, notable because they often shout people out from Twitter. Here, they make a reference to some guy, Matty… Wahlberg?

A Lyrebird Luchi promo airs. It’s amazing how compelling the Lyrebird character is in comparison to the Treehugger, which didn’t really connect (with me, at least. I’d hate to upset any Treehugger Luchi stans out there).

Match 4: Lyrebird Luchi vs. Mat Diamond (If Luchi wins, Mat Rogers must align with him)

Luchi avoids contact in the early going as Rose & Gale note the effectiveness of his change in strategy- going forward led to his 45 second demolition at the hands of Mat Rogers during the Premiership, whereas his “running away” tactics ultimately gave him the Premiership victory. Diamond eventually catches him and unloads with some hard strikes, including yet more blistering chops on this show. This PWA event is proudly sponsored by Outback Steakhouse.

Diamond scores with a dropkick, followed by a standing moonsault. For this match’s Twitter shoutout- hey, it’s me! Rose and Gale reference me referring to this as a potential “sleeper match”, and Kris uses the opportunity to plug Lucha Loyalty. You get a PWA mask which makes me look like a Mortal Kombat character. Still need to watch that movie, actually…

Back to the match, and Luchi uses referee Nick to slow Diamond’s momentum, following up with a pop-up knee to the face. Luchi fires off some hard strikes to a grounded Diamond and starts stomping Mat’s hand. Brutal. He rakes at the eyes and face, pushing the rules to their limit. Diamond tries to create separation but Luchi yanks him to the mat by his hair. He mocks Mat Rogers by doing his taunt and going for the pumphandle slam, but Diamond slides out and hits a modified Backstabber. Spinning heel kick followed by a standing shooting star press garners a 2 count for the Speed Force/Velocities/Lightspeed Express/Team HVWA member.

Diamond goes up top for a little high flying, but Luchi rolls to the opposite corner. Diamond changes plans and hits a running dropkick in the corner for a near fall. He goes for the Diamond Cutter, Luchi looks to counter with an inverted slam, but Mat fights out. Diamond with a spin kick attempt that is dodged. Luchi with a double leg, allowing him to stomp Diamond into the mat. Catapult into the corner, but Diamond sticks the landing and goes for a moonsault… but Luchi chops him out of the air! Damn son! Luchi follows up with the Final Cut. 1, 2… and Luchi lifts the shoulder up! He props Diamond in the corner… and hits him with Shattered Dreams! That’s a blatant DQ!

Winner: Mat Diamond (via DQ) (at 9:02)

Star Rating: ***1/2. Hell of a match. One of the rare instances where a DQ finish doesn’t hurt a match, because there was a clear point to it- Luchi never wanted Mat Rogers to join him, he just wanted to fuck with Rogers’ friend. That bastard!

Post-match. the lights go out. It’s Sabu! No, wait, it’s Mat Rogers. Luchi runs for higher ground and lives to fight another day.

Now, back to Andrew Rose and Kris Gale for a special announcement:

We’re back with the greatest event that PWA puts on- the Colosseum tournament! We didn’t get it last year due to COVID, but despite a small scare this week, it looks like it’s all systems go for this prestigious tournament in August! Competitors from inter-state and even internationally make their way to PWA to prove that they’re among the best in the world. As you may be able to tell from my above Tweet, I can’t fucking wait!

Intern Cherry Stephens is in the ring, helping set up the first ever LIVE Goober Report, hosted by the Goober Killer, Will Kiedis. Kiedis walks out looking quite dapper, pants aside. He is soon upstaged by Sam Osborne, who may be the most handsome man in Max Watts. Don Marnell is by his side and is FIRED UP!

Cherry gets them all coffee. Osborne suggests a photo op, and Kiedis barks at Cherry to get out of the shot. The crowd chants for Cherry, and Will threatens that if they chant, there will be no more live Goober Reports. This, of course, only makes the chants louder.

Down to business. Sam Osborne’s decision- after winning the PWA Rumble, will he challenge Ricky South or Jessica Troy? Marnell grabs the mic and cuts off the Cherry chants by saying, “thank you for being a walking advertisement for birth control, my friend”. Tremendous. Marnell considers the merits of facing either champion, but Osborne has another idea- why not both?

This brings out PWA Heavyweight Champion Ricky South! Sporting lovely pink gear, the champ looks outstanding. Kiedis is apopletic at this interruption. Ricky questions if Sam is scared to face him. Cue the iconic music of PWWA Champion Jessica Troy, who always looks incredible as well. By her side, her bestie and fierce rival, Charli Evans. Jess has a simple question, “why would he be afraid of you… when he tapped out to me?” She has a beautiful smile on her face as she says it, but her eyes and tone are filled with menace. I’ve got goosebumps!

Ricky calls on the goobers to prove they’re not scared, and challenges them to a six person tag. An excited Cherry accepts on their behalf… and we’ve got an impromptu match, playa!

Match 5: Ricky South, Jessica Troy & Charli Evans vs. Will Kiedis, Sam Osborne & Cherry Stephens

The heels are in street clothes and the faces are in their wrestling gear. Always bring your gear, kids. Jess starts with Kiedis. She trips him up then Charli flattens him with a cross body. Besties hug it out. Cherry storms the ring as the loyal intern to make the save, and Ricky finds himself in the ring with her. PWA operates under lucha tag rules, meaning the legal competitors change rapid fire depending on who is in and out of the ring. Ricky goes for a powerslam but Cherry escapes. Cherry goes for a rana but Ricky blocks. Cherry drops Ricky with a knee, but Kiedis is in off a blind tag. Kiedis looks for the Unprettier but South blocks and delivers a boot. Jess tags back in, and from there Jess, Charli and Ricky take turns beating the shit out of Kiedis. Ricky scores a 2 count off the beatdown.

Charli in and she soon launches Kiedis with a Mountain Bomb. Will takes a powder, leading to the arrival of Osborne with the backbreaker/T-Bone suplex combo. Near fall for the North Shore Wanker. Osborne throws Evans face first into Cherry’s clipboard for another 2 count. Charli fights her way back by hitting everything in sight. Standard Saturday night for Chevans. She gets the hot tag to Ricky. Tuff Stuff gets a brief run over everyone before tagging in fellow champ Jess, who takes both Kiedis and Osborne out with a Meteora. It gets a long two count on the OG. Original Goober.

Jess and Cherry are legal, and the Arm Collector takes it to the intern! My internship had its dicey moments, but nothing like this. Osborne gets involved, but Jess wipes him out too. The distraction is enough for Stephens to hit a sweet running knee for a near fall. Jess and Charli both boot her head off in response moments later, followed by a Ricky piledriver. 1, 2… and Kiedis makes the save. Rewind hook kick by Kiedis, but Evans back in to provide an opening with a superkick. She assists Ricky with a tandem powerslam before Osborne re-enters the fray. South soon decapitates him with a lariat and sets up for another piledriver, but Osborne counters into a Stormbreaker. Jess back in to go face-to-face with her potential challenger. Osborne looks for the kneebar, but Jess kicks out of it and reverses into the Fujiwara armbar! His teammates are unable to make the save and Osborne taps again!

Winners: Jessica Troy, Ricky South & Charli Evans (at 8:15)

Star Rating: ***1/2. Just a lot of fast-paced action featuring top level stars. A nice surprise as PWA don’t often do impromptu matches in this manner. I often compare Max Watts to ECW’s Hammerstein Ballroom, and this was definitely some booking in the vein of the old ECW. Fun stuff.

Post-match, Sam Osborne is beside himself. “At the next Black Label, I’m taking your title!” A confident Jess raises the PWWA Championship belt. Ooh, that’s gonna be a good one! Don Marnell is not too happy as Osborne let his emotions take over and deviated from the stated plan before the match.

We go to intermission, and PWA air the mini-doc hyping the Aussie Open vs. Velocities main event. Excellent choice to make the tag title match feel like an even bigger deal.

Following the doc, we get Steph De Lander vs. Big Fudge vs. Headhunter Rig vs. Royce Chambers from Colosseum 2019. SDL wins because she’s the best. Wishing her all the success in the world in NXT!

The stream actually ended completely during intermission, but PWA- to their credit- got it back up running quickly and were able to stitch together the VOD to enable me to write the review today! I did a live review once, it was brutal. I need to experience the show for entertainment value before the play-by-play stuff. Anyway, back to the action!

Match 6: Mick Moretti vs. Carter Deams

Moretti and Deams have a great promo battle before the actual match starts. Mick calls Carter “Walmart Wahlberg”, which is low-hanging fruit but still a quality burn. He suggests that this match should determine who faces Ricky South next. He needles Deams further by saying he was left behind while Matty pursued aspirations with Gen Now before heading to NXT.

An incensed Deams begins the match by blasting Moretti with a charging boot. Huge flip dive to the outside, followed by a beautiful frog splash gets a razor close 2 count for Deams. High intensity to kick this off! Carter looks for the package piledriver, but Moretti escapes, although he’s cracked with a fierce forearm moments later. Moretti looks for a rear naked choke, it’s not happening so he spikes Deams with a German suplex instead. Near fall for the Rapscallion. Sweaty Moretti elbow drop follows. I’m telling you guys, if I have a choice between taking the Sweaty Moretti or a Burning Hammer, it’s Burning Hammer every time. Deams and Moretti trade chops, before Mick changes the game with an eye poke. However, Deams comes back with a devastating dropkick to the back of the head for another 2 count.

Deams with a shoutout to his old BABES partner with the Kobe elbow drop. Near fall. Moretti with an up and over, and after a little back and forth, steals another Wahlberg move with the Posterizer! Long 2 count for Moretti. They’re evenly matched here as they trade strong style forearms. Deams knocks Moretti’s green hair off! He actually split his wig! Big reverse DDT gets Carter a near fall. Moretti soon turns things around with a double stomp on the apron! They continue to battle there and Deams responds with an apron suplex! I’m contractually obligated to tell you that it’s The Hardest Part Of The Ring (TM).

They look to return to the ring but Carter cracks him with a scissors kick on the way in. Moretti mocks Deams with a Gen Now shirt, but he spits on it and throws it away. Deams is furious and goes on the attack. Moretti cracks him with a headbutt and wraps him up in a Dragon Sleeper! Carter Deams is forced to tap out!

Winner: Mick Moretti (at 11:17)

Star Rating: ***3/4. As I thought, Moretti used this to rebuild momentum following recent high profile losses, but Deams still looks good in defeat, particularly after his great early flurry. The Rapscallion’s mind games and taking advantage of Carter’s hot-headedness was the story here.

Post-match, Carter is extremely upset, throwing chairs and everything. His mental state will be something to watch going forward. Part of Moretti’s tactics were referring to Deams as “abandoned”. Poor guy.

Match 7: Michael Spencer (w/ Kai Drake) vs. Unsocial Jordan (w/ Belinda Pierce & AJ)

AJ has joined SMS! Big development for the anti-fun faction.

“Fuck you Jordan/Fuck you Spencer” dueling chants to start. Big time heel vs. heel fight here. Spencer gets on the mic and takes Jordan’s gimmick, declaring that no one can drink in his presence. Of course, that’s an impossible ask in Max Watts.

Chain wrestling to start, which Jordan seems to get the better of, so Spencer blasts him with a forearm. Spencer then crashes and burns on a dropkick attempt, and the Unsocial one takes control for a short time. Spencer stops him in his tracks by draping him over the top rope and hitting a flying knee drop for a near fall. Similar technical styles here, but between the two, Spencer would be the one more likely to go to high risk offence.

Michael delivers a barrage of knees to the midsection to break down Jordan. Spencer looks for the slingshot spear, but Jordan counters into a Falcon Arrow for a long two count. Spencer cuts off any further momentum with a gutbuster. Torture rack into a backbreaker for a very close near fall. Jordan’s body and ribs have to be killing him! He’s starting to look almost sympathetic here, but comes back with Eat Defeat. Spencer sets Jordan up on the top rope and attempts to throw him back down to the canvas, but Jordan lands on his feet and delivers a kick to the face! Jordan then suplexes Spencer to the outside, causing him to land face-first on the apron. Jordan’s got some new tricks tonight!

On the outside, Jordan nails Spencer with a Shining Wizard! Damn! Back in the ring, a release German suplex gets Jordan a near fall. He looks to use his trademark tripod… but decides against it. He goes for the Shining Wizard, but the hesitation allows Spencer to counter into the Liontamer! Jordan makes the ropes. Spencer spams knees to the point that even Kenny Omega would say, “that’s a little much, bro”. Somehow Jordan kicks out though! He avoids a Disaster Kick and comes back with the Shining Wizard and the Death Valley Driver for the clean victory!

Winner: Unsocial Jordan (at 10:00)

Star Rating: ***1/4. Is Jordan turning over a new leaf? He almost seemed to be working babyface there, shedding a lot of his old ways. That said, it was a strange atmosphere for much of the match, considering how historically unlikeable both men have been in PWA. But certainly an interesting development nonetheless.

An epic promo airs for one last bit of hype for Aussie Open vs. Velocities. It’s main event time.

Match 8: PWA Tag Team Championship- Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis) vs. The Velo-Cities (Jude London & Paris De Silva)

Both teams get massive ovations. Very different in style, but two amazing duos with an incredible set of skills. London and Davis start, and the obvious power advantage lies with Dunkzilla with the tie-up. Dueling positive chants for both teams, in contrast to the previous match. Early pin attempts on both sides where Davis shows impressive speed keeping up, but gets pinned for 2.99 after Jude hooks the leg deep! Can you imagine?

Davis slows things down a tad, attacking the arm. We hear a sickening snap sound before Fletcher tags in. Paris tags in and we have a new game on our hands. Lightning fast exchange, De Silva gets the better of it with a springboard rana, followed by a cross body for a 2 count. Aussie Open double team to stop him with a massive double back body drop that sends Paris into orbit! PK and the running senton follow, but Paris kicks out. Wasting little time in injecting this match with that “holy shit” factor!

Paris tries to come back with a flurry of strikes but Davis flattens him with a single chop. 2 count. Stomps and kicks follow, and there’s a sense of arrogance to Aussie Open’s attack now.They display their power by passing Paris to each other in a delay vertical suplex hold. Fletcher drops him after a solid minute. 2 count. Jude tags in and all of a sudden they send Fletcher and Davis scrambling to the outside with their double team attacks! Double suicide dives but Aussie Open catch them in mid air and crash them together. Velocities crawl up to the stage and wipe out Aussie Open with stereo flip dives! Whoa!

Back in the ring, Aussie Open start breaking out their best tandem work with a lift into a leaping cutter. 1, 2, 2.5… and Jude kicks out! Fletcher begins to put a sustained beating on Jude. Davis in to throw London around as well. Fletcher back in, inviting Jude to hit him, as he cuts him off with a single strike against London’s flurries. Jude finaly explodes with a suplex and gets the hot tag to Paris! Davis in but he takes a crucifix bomb. Fletcher gets rocked and takes a standing shooting star press for a 2 count. How the turns table! Fletcher returns fire by basically killing Paris with a Michinoku Driver, but De Silva somehow comes back from the shadow realm and kicks out!

Fletcher delivers a Claymore and Paris responds with a snap German. Fletcher goes for a fall away slam but Paris counters with a crucifix pin! Super close 2 count! Tags on both sides, and Davis slams both Velocities simultaneously! Butterfly suplex into a spinebuster is the next double team play by Aussie Open, but Paris breaks up the pin on Jude! Fletcher hits Jude with a top rope Michinoku Driver, then tags in Davis, who hits a top rope splash. Jude kicks out. The Velocities are from outer space. PWA is truly for everyone!

Both teams are absolutely exhausted. It’s been about 25 minutes of non-stop action to this point. Somehow, Jude busts out a handspring stunner, followed by a springboard blockbuster, and nips up. Unreal. Paris and Fletcher become legal, and De SIlva flattens Kyle with a satellite DDT that somehow does not get 3. He follows up with a Dragonrana that gets 2.999! Huge lariat follows with all the power and speed he can muster. Still just 2! The crowd erupts in “this is awesome” chants.

Fletcher kills Paris with a Liger Bomb. Jude goes for the Excommunicado kick but Kyle ducks. He goes for the Grimstone but London counters with an inverted spike rana! He goes for the handspring on both members of Aussie Open, they catch him and go for the Fidget Spinner, but Jude wipes them both out with a double poison rana! Paris leaps into action and wipes out Aussie Open with a massive corkscrew what-the-fuck-was-that?!? De Silva gets Fletcher in the ring and nails the shooting star DDT, but Davis breaks up the count! Looked a milisecond too late but who cares, this is amazing.

Jude and Paris fire up with a flurry of strikes, but Aussie Open extinguish that fire with stereo slaps. Davis lifts Paris up on his shoulders as Fletcher goes up top… but Paris stands up on Davis’ shoulders to deliver a massive Spanish Fly! A Destroyer wipes out Dunkzilla seconds later! Paris goes for a DOUBLE shooting star DDT, but Davis catches him and Fletcher kicks his head off. London goes for a springboard dive and takes a kick for his troubles too. Then a Fidget Spinner. 1, 2… and 3! We have new tag team champions!

Winners: Aussie Open (at 36:00)

Star Rating: *****. I don’t want to go full Meltzer, but if I was ever going to give more than 5 stars, this might be that match. That was a perfect tag team match. Incredible action, intensity and atmosphere. We’ve seen the Velocities show incredible heart and tenacity in PWA, so we could buy into them surviving inhuman amounts of punishment (I hope Paris is okay, the final kick he took legit looked bad). But ultimately, the new juggernauts on the scene overwhelmed the underdogs. I watched this match (and show) a second time to write this review. Even knowing the result, it was still as thrilling and dramatic as watching it live. A true masterpiece.


That was something magical. A great show with a truly classic main event. Tag team wrestling is awesome. Aussie wrestling is the awesomest. Max Watts is an amazing venue, and it was fantastic to see that atmosphere in full effect. PWA knocks it out of the park again. Get on board with it, you won’t be disappointed.

Overall Score: 9/10

On a final note, really looking forward to seeing Jess rip Osborne’s arm off next month!

Until next time, take care.

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Pro Wrestling, MMA and karaoke. These things fuel me. Loved wrestling for 23 years, loved MMA for 19 years, but having Cerebral Palsy means I probably won't ever be a pro wrestler or MMA fighter. Luckily, there's always video games.

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