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PWA Always Bring Your Gear Results & Review (27/03/2021)- Aussie Open Teams With Robbie Eagles, Shazza Wrestles A Dingo & More

If you’ve seen my recent articles on Snap Mayors, you know it’s been a very busy weekend for pro wrestling in NSW. We’ve saved the best for last, as PWA (Pro Wrestling Australia) returns with an Academy Showcase, where the Green Dingos (rookies/trainees) get their shot in the spotlight! The last Showcase, Just Happy To Be Here, saw a number of Dingos impress, notably Joey Farrah and Tommy Dee.

Not to be outdone, the established stars of PWA are on hand at the Academy to make their presence known. Ahead of the big Tag Team Championship match at Factory Theatre, which will pit reigning champs, the Velocities against the explosive Aussie Open, we get a six man tag preview on this show! Jude & Paris are enlisting the third member of the Velocities, Mat Diamond, while challengers Fletcher & Davis are calling on the services of Robbie F’N Eagles! Also, Shazza McKenzie looks to re-establish herself on the PWA roster, as well as giving a lesson in respect to Green Dingo Nathan Pidgeon.

It should be a damn good time, so without any further ado… let’s do this!


The shows opens with a new commentary team! Kris Gale & Andrew Rose have prior commitments tonight, so we are graced with JT Robinson and the NEWWWW heavyweight champion, Tuff Stuff Ricky South. They give a brief rundown of the night’s matches, and with JT occupied, we have a special guest ring announcer for the evening…

It’s Big Fudge! Fudge comes out in regular clothes carrying a duffel bag. He says he was running late and brought some essentials… a shake weight, a picture of Tom Cruise… but he didn’t bring his wrestling gear. Hey! That ties in with the name of the show! Always bring your gear, that’s the cardinal rule!

Match 1: BackPain (Backman & Jack Pain) (w/ Jessie Wilde) vs. MK Plus Ultra (Michael Spencer & Kai Drake)

MK spend the early going trying to deal with the size and power advantage of BackPain. Spencer challenges Jack Pain to a push up contest, and eventually tries to kick him while he’s down, but Jack is wise to it. BackPain go for a huge double beal but Spencer lands on his feet and bails from the ring. Drake is now legal, due to PWA’s use of lucha tag rules. Drake lands some hard strikes but Backman responds with a vicious chop. Drake avoids the Pounce, saving his life, and we get Spencer and Pain back in. Spencer gets the first near fall on Pain following a Kai kick with a roll up.

MK keep Jack grounded with strikes as Robinson points out that they are not Dingos, they are a credible tag team. Spencer draws the attention of Backman by stealing his protein shake. Backman gives chase around ringside but ends up running into the ring post. Back in the ring, Spencer and Drake unleash some tandem offence on Jack. A flurry of strikes results in another near fall for MK. Spencer goes for the 619, Jack ducks, so Spencer hits a lower 619 between the middle and bottom ropes for a 2 count.

Jack mounts a comeback with elbows and kicks, eventually booting Spencer out of the ring. He goes for a powerbomb on Drake, who hits a beautiful transition into the single leg Boston Crab! JT and Ricky acknowledge Kai’s prior training with the innovator of this move, Lance Storm. That’s the kind of action and commentary calls a nerd like me lives for! Jessie Wilde passes Jack some pre-workout, which allows him to escape the submission and score with a devastating Spear! Classic. Backman gets tagged in and runs wild on both Drake and Spencer. He practically throws Spencer into the Academy ceiling and levels Kai with the POUNCE! I love a good Pounce, and Backman’s is a great one. Backman launches Spencer into a Jack lariat for an ultra close near fall. See what I did there? ‘Cause MK Plus… my mum thinks I’m funny.

The action breaks down a bit with Backman and MK trying some double suplex spot that doesn’t seem to work quite how they wanted it. Pain gets back in and drills Spencer with a spinebuster for a good near fall. Miscommunication as Backman runs into Pain. Drake takes advantage by taking Jessie’s protein power and throwing it in the eyes of Backman! Spencer follows up with a high knee and a Codebreaker. Kick combination, and someone call Travis Scott, because the Man With A Back is out like a light!

Winners: MK Plus Ultra (at 11:50)

Star Rating: ***1/4. Great action to get things started here. Effective storytelling as Spencer & Drake used their experience and savvy to ultimately overcome the powerhouses.

We throw to a video with Frankie B waiting to do an interview with Shazza McKenzie. Shazza’s nowhere to be seen, but Frankie can hear crying in the distance, so she follows the sound to find McKenzie sitting in a darkened stairwell, hate-watching her own elimination at the PWA Rumble. Frankie tells Shazza that she has a match at the Academy show with a Dingo. At this, Shazza dries her tears, excitedly saying, “I know I’m on a losing streak, but a Dingo has NEVER won a match!” She quickly leaves Frankie to go and prepare for the match.

Match 2: Green Dingo Nathan Pidgeon vs. Shazza McKenzie

As Shazza makes her entrance, Fudge gives the intro. “She recently watched Marley And Me and ate a whole tub of ice cream by herself, Sharon McKenzie!” Brilliant. Ricky hammers home the point that a Dingo has NEVER won a match. Foreshadowing?

Technical start with a tie into an arm wringer by a confident Shazza. Pidgeon briefly reverses into an arm wringer of his own, so Shazza applies a front facelock, which Pidgeon escapes by wrenching the arm again. Waistlock by Shazza, into a snapmare and a crucifix pin for an early near fall. Butterfly takeover into a seatbelt pin gets McKenzie another 2 count. Fundamentals.

Pidgeon runs over Shazza with a shoulder block and starts building momentum. Shazza catches a leapfrog with a sunset flip pin, but Pidgeon rolls out of it and nails a sliding lariat for a near fall. Shazza runs him throat-first into the top rope and simply clobbers him on the mat for a near fall- commentary right on it, acknowledging that Shazza is moving away from the pure wrestling that started this match.

Shazza applies a straitjacket hold but Pidgeon rolls out of it, hits an atomic drop and looks for the Dingo Stretch (reverse Boston Crab), but Shazza kicks out of it. She applies the Regal Stretch but Pidgeon makes the ropes. He fights out of an abdominal stretch with a hip toss and mounts a comeback. Pidgeon hits the half and half suplex for a near fall! McKenzie fights back and scores with her trademark series of kicks in the ropes, with the crowd at the Academy counting along. A sit down powerbomb follows… but Pidgey kicks out at the last second! They trade strikes mid-ring before Shazza nails a Saito suplex! Shazza goes for the Overdrive (boo-urns) and Pidgeon counters with a backslide… for the win!

Winner: Nathan Pidgeon (at 7:24)

Star Rating: ***. They were subtle as a sledgehammer with it in the pre-match stuff, but it was still really well done, with Shazza starting confident, getting to the point of over-estimation, and paying the price for it. Part of me feels bad for Shazza, part of me thinks she deserves it for using the Overdrive. If you followed my Premiership reviews, I have an irrational level of hatred for that move.

Time for a video. Aaron Jake is sitting in a chair, seemingly brooding. AJ talks about the hard work he’s put in during his time in PWA, and the setbacks he’s faced. Losing Rhys Angel as a tag partner. Losing to Robbie Eagles. It’s the story of his career. He says if he loses his next match… he quits.

Match 3: Aaron Jake vs. Full Force Mat Rogers

Oh shit. Good luck, AJ!

They tie up and Rogers throws AJ on his arse. Well then. AJ ducks Rogers’ swipes and starts unloading with right hands. He throws a chop and Full Force just absorbs it. Rogers throws AJ pillar to post and scores with clotheslines in the corner. A shoulder block makes AJ one with the mat. Rogers goes for a big boot, but tumbles to the outside courtesy of a Rogers low bridge. Suicide dive by AJ- but Rogers only falls to a knee! Rogers pummels AJ around the ringside area for a spell. Back in the ring, a huge running leg drop gets a near fall for Rogers.

Rogers goes for the pumphandle slam, but AJ lands on his feet and hits a couple of dropkicks. Full Force quickly kills any thoughts of momentum with a massive clothesline. Back suplex off the top rope rattles the spine of AJ. Rogers goes for a shoulder block from the middle rope… but AJ avoids it! He has an opportunity and nails a big top rope cross body- but it only gets a 1 count! AJ fires off a series of big boots, but Rogers doesn’t go completely down, and he responds with one single boot that takes AJ out. Pumphandle slam, and it’s all over.

Winner: Mat Rogers (at 7:25)

Star Rating: ***. More heartbreak for the Aussie battlers on this show!

Post-match, AJ is laying in the ring. Fudge questions him on whether he’s actually going to quit, but before he can answer, Rogers grabs the mic and tells AJ to “piss off”. He calls out Luchi, reminding him that he won in 45 seconds at the start of the Premiership. He wants another match, and says he can beat Luchi in 10 seconds this time.

We have some visitors from QLD! And we’re going to hear from them via a pre-taped video! Apparently they’re housemates. Lucille is on the verge of a mental breakdown and Bobby is trying to keep her together. He books a trip, and at this, Lucille changes from her hoodie and trackies into her wrestling gear. Not familiar with the Queensland scene at all, some kind of superhero gimmick?

Match 4: Marshall Luke & David Streamer vs. Bobby Bishop & Lucille Brawl

Bishop gets the early advantage with a headlock and shoulder tackle. They run the ropes and Marshall turns the tables with a deep arm drag. Streamer in and the Dingos get an early near fall following a dropkick from Luke. Bit of a do-si-do sequence from Streamer and Bishop that ends with an aeroplane spin by Bishop! Retro styles. Bishop throws Streamer out of the ring, causing Luke to be legal again. Lucille gets tagged in for the first time, and Brawl & Bishop hit a double Russian leg sweep. Near fall after a follow-up low dropkick. Beautiful hangman’s neckbreaker for another long 2 count.

Bishop back in and he lifts Lucille into a wheelbarrow splash for yet another near fall. The QLDers taking over against the less experienced Dingos, even though the Dingos have the home field advantage. Marshall hits the O’Connor Roll and Bishop kicks out, but he looks to transition into the Dingo Stretch! Bishop escapes and hits a butterfly suplex soon after for another close call. Marshall fights back with some elbows and an awkward looking missile dropkick attempt which Ricky calls “a bit of a Sid Vicious”. A little low key savagery from our PWA Champion! Hot tag to Streamer. He wipes out Brawl & Bishop and goes for a chokebomb on Lucille, but Bobby makes the save. They throw Streamer out, making the weakened Marshal legal again. Brawl and Bishop with a Gory Bomb/X-Factor combo for the win!

Winners: Lucille Brawl & Bobby Bishop (at 6:37)

Star Rating: ***. Good stuff, a simple formula isolating one Dingo by Brawl & Bishop, but I love how they took advantage of the lucha tag rules and it directly led to the victory.

Hype video for Aussie Open vs. Velocities at the next Black Label show, now on May 8th. Hey, I make a brief appearance in the vid cheering on Aussie Open! Gonna be tough to say which side I’m on for the match though- the Velocities are actually my favourite team in PWA, long before they held those titles, but I can’t deny how incredibly impressed I’ve been with Aussie Open so far in PWA. And wait, it’s back at Max Watts! We’ve got a venue change as well as a date change. Amazing news!

Match 5: Donnie Mako vs. Jack J. Bonza (w/ Kingsley)

Kingsley limps out with Bonza- apparently she has an MCL tear. Damn! Bonza representing the Bad Bitch Nation… I would say proudly, but he doesn’t look that pleased about it.

Bonza bullies Mako in the early going, shoving him into the corner. He grounds him with an arm drag takeover and maintains control. Mako makes it to the corner so Uncle Jack just kicks the guts out of him. Bonza goes for a back suplex but Donnie lands on his feet and scores with a snap rana. Twirling moonsault gets a near fall for the Shark Bro. Bonza goes for a powerbomb but Mako escapes it… and Bonza just picks him up in a body slam and pelts him leg-first into the ropes. Then he does it again on the other side of the ring. Gotta love the no-nonsense attitude of Bonza- even if I myself enjoy a little nonsense from time to time.

Underhook roll-through into a lateral press gets a 2 count for Bonza. Grinding chinlock applied by Bonza. Mako fights out of it, but soon finds himself on the mat once again in a submission, this time a Tequila Sunrise (thank you for educating me, Ricky South). Since Mako wasn’t tapping to it, Bonza released the hold to simply chop the soul out of his body. Fair. Bonza continues to clobber away but Mako fights back with some hard forearm shots. Bonza cuts him off with a drop toe hold into the middle turnbuckle and applies a single leg Boston Crab while sitting on the top rope! Innovative! Bonza is forced to release it due to the 5 count in the ropes, and Mako takes advantage by hitting a leaping enziguri. He follows up with a massive superplex! A roundhouse kick follows, as well as a back suplex into a gutbuster- and all of that gets a near fall.

A springboard flying knee garners Mako another long two count, and he might have a chance here! Mako goes for the Sharknado, but Bonza rolls out of the ring, so he wipes him out with a suicide dive instead. Kingsley gets involved and throws tea in Mako’s eyes, allowing Bonza to regain control. Back suplex on the apron, which gets Bonza a near fall back in the ring, because you can’t pin someone on the apron, that’s just silly. A series of pin attempts both ways ends with Mako hittting a tornado kick. Bonza reverses an up and over into a twisting Tombstone… but Mako kicks out! Bonza goes for the Napalm Thunder Driver, and Mako blocks for dear life. He unleashes a strike flurry ending with a Disaster Kick. Mako scores with his Scrambled Egg piledriver… but Bonza kicks out at 2.99! Mako goes for a springboard, which Bonza avoids. Huge lariat, followed by the Napalm Thunder Driver- and this one’s done. A big win for the Bad Bitch Nation.

Winner: Jack J. Bonza (at 16:55)

Star Rating: ***3/4. A possible break-through for Donnie Mako? Big singles opportunity here for him against one of PWA’s best, and although he was definitely the underdog, he didn’t look out of place in there. The plus side of seeing people like Matty Wahlberg and Steph De Lander get signed- it opens up spots for people like Mako to get noticed.

Post-match, MK Plus Ultra rush the ring and attack Bonza! They even knock Kingsley down. Those bastards! Spencer grabs Kingsley’s leg and rams it into the ring post repeatedly. Vicious. I guess that’s a write-off? Drake grabs a steel chair and smashed Kingsley’s knee with it. Horrific.

Intermission. They play a match from the last Academy Showcase, as Matty Wahlberg is on commentary- it’s Rhys Angel (w/ Nikki Van Blair) vs. Big Fudge. Rhys steals the win by pinning Fudge with his feet on the ropes. That scoundrel! Although, he’s still looking like an angel compared to MK Plus Ultra at the moment.

Match 6: Will Kiedis vs. Tommy Dee vs. Jimmy Townsend vs. Xander Sullivan

I love these “prove yourself” Fatal 4 Ways, as they call them on UUDD. PWA do a lot of them- they’re pretty much a staple of the “after intermission” portion of the show- but they’re always chock-full of action, with everyone usually finding a way to stand out. Predicting my fingers get a bit of a workout in this one.

Xander starts by claiming that all his opponents are involved in various conspiracies. Tommy wipes him out of the ring with a dropkick. Atta boy. Kiedis takes the fight to Tommy, ducks a Jimmy enziguri, and blasts the backpacker with a kick of his own. Kiedis looking to eliminate all the Goobers in this one. Err, figuratively. This contest is scheduled for ONE FALL after all. Xander and Jimmy are knocked on the outside, leaving Kiedis and Tommy to battle alone in the ring momentarily. Clothesline/bulldog combo from Tommy gets a near fall.

Xander and Jimmy back in. Tommy takes a tumble to the outside and the other 3 guys trade various pinning attempts. It ends with Jimmy hitting a schoolboy and everybody breaking up the cover, because no one kicks out of the schoolboy! The action breaks down in and out of the ring, and Xander gets the next near fall- a sliding clothesline on Tommy Dee. A lethal lariat on Jimmy gets another near fall. Kiedis flies in outta nowhere with a massive springboard dropkick on Xander for a razor-close 2 count. Kiedis starts handing out Goober elbow drops, but takes too long with Jimmy, who hits him with the hip toss into the neckbreaker!

Jimmy on fire as he hits Trouble In Paradise on Xander. Neckbreaker/DDT combo on Tommy. 1, 2… no! Jimmy puts Tommy in a modified figure four while Kiedis applies the Anaconda Vice to Xander. Tommy rolls Jimmy into a pin, forcing Kiedis to let go to break it up. Xander hits Jimmy with the Crop Circle (spinning torture rack slam). Tommy runs with Xander with a leaping European uppercut. Buckle bomb by Kiedis on Tommy. Jimmy tries to get Kiedis with the butterfly suplex, but the Goober Killer resists… until Xander launches them both with a German! Xander charges at Tommy, who low bridges him out of the ring. Kiedis nails Tommy with the Unprettier. Jimmy throws Kiedis out and takes the victory!

Winner: Jimmy Townsend (at 8:46)

Star Rating: ***1/2. Yep, total non-stop action. Just a ton of fun with big move after big move before Jimmy claimed the win to keep everyone happy. His new backpacker gimmick is good s**t, pal! Very cool to see him seamlessly go into that and not lose any momentum after the Prefects Playground Brawl.

Match 7: Unsocial Jordan vs. Cherry Stephens

Ricky talks about this match hitting close to home, given his past with SMS. As Jordan makes his entrance, Fudge calls him a “big, stupid jerk-head”, given their quite recent battles. This match is happening after Cherry tried to join SMS and was turned down during the PWA Rumble.

They grapple and Cherry scores an early trip into a leg lock. Jordan quickly makes it to the ropes. Oh, according to Ricky, it’s called a flat crab. Cherry’s a student of the game, and Ricky’s always schooling us all. Much appreciated. Jordan takes Cherry’s notebook and throws it out of the ring. He IS a jerk-head! Catapult into a sunset flip gets Cherry a near fall. After a little up and over action. Jordan suplexes Cherry from outside the ring onto the apron! Ouch!

Cherry gets back in the ring in order to get a running start and launch Jordan with a baseball slide. Back in the ring, a back suplex into a uranage results in a near fall for Stephens. She sets up for a DDT but Jordan charges her into the corner. Cherry sets up for Diamond Dust but Jordan turns it into a brutal backbreaker. Near fall. Jordan locks into a unique stretch across his back and turns it into a facebuster for another 2 count. Cherry tries to rally but gets dropped with a neckbreaker, forcing her to escape from another pin attempt. Cherry goes for a springboard DDT but is caught with the Falcon Arrow. Cherry again kicks out at 2, but much closer to 3 this time.

Suddenly, Cherry explodes with a Code Red for a near fall! What a dynamic move! The crowd gets behind Cherry with applause. She builds momentum with a series of running forearms, followed by the Sliding D for a close 2. Seatbelt pin for another 2… then Cherry rolls it into a seated dragon sleeper! Jordan ultimately gouges the eyes to escape. He hits Cherry with the Air Raid Crash for a convincing near fall. Jordan goes for the Shining Wizard, but Stephens avoids it and hits one of her own! 1, 2… and Jordan kicks out! Soon after, Jordan hits a superkick to the back of the head, followed by a nasty looking half and half suplex, followed by the Landslide- I think it was called as the Ad-pocalypse?- and it gets the win!

Winner: Unsocial Jordan (at 9:57)

Star Rating: ***1/2. High quality battle. Cherry’s “student of wrestling” character is really catching on, and Jordan is always an excellent foil for any babyface. Near flawless execution. Reminiscent of the Premiership, packing such high quality singles action inside a 10 minute timeframe.

Video airs of two men playing poker. Well, well, well. It’s Don Marnell and Sam Osborne, the PWA Rumble winner. Marnell calls Osborne a “sure fire bet” and says that they have a lot to consider. On one hand, PWA Heavyweight Champion, Tuff Stuff, Ricky South. On the other hand, the PWWA Champion, the Arm Collector, Jessica Troy. The king of PWA, or the queen. The tension is broken when we pan out and neither Marnell or Osborne know what game they’re playing. A funny punchline, or some foreshadowing?

Match 8: Aussie Open & Robbie Eagles vs. The Velocities & Mat Diamond

Eagles & Diamond start. Lightspeed Express about to explode here! Robbie with an arm wrench but Diamond flips through to reverse the pressure and the hold. Headscissors, leg sweeps, double kip up. Stalemate in the first 60 seconds of this match. This is going to be excellent. Springboard arm drag by Robbie, Diamond responds with a flying headscissors. Yeah, we won’t be play-by-playing every single move in this one. I’ll be here until Monday typing.

Spinning wheel kick by Diamond, who kips up and does the Sniper Of The Skies taunt. Ooh. This started in a sportsman-like manner, but a little arrogance there from Diamond. He did turn heel last night at Newy Pro, but as I understand it, that’s an alternate universe (to a degree) to PWA. Nevertheless, the tension rises! Jude and Paris in and the pace immediately accelerates. Dropkicks wipe out Robbie AND Aussie Open, and Velocities stand tall. They isolate Eagles, and Mat and Jude launch Paris into a spinning dropkick on PWA’s head trainer! Near fall off that crazy move!

They isolate Eagles for a while, causing JT and Ricky to note on commentary that Robbie is rarely in this much trouble this early in a match. Aussie Open finally get in and launch Diamond sky-high with a flapjack. Penalty kick/senton by AO, and Robbie puts the exclamation point on it with a sliding forearm to the back of the head. Fletcher and Davis take turns coming in, using their size and strikes to beat down Mat Diamond. Fun spot where they lift Diamond in a vertical suplex, tagging in and out while holding him up in the air. Robbie wants some of the fun, but with Eagles being a smaller guy, Diamond is able to reverse and hit him with a suplex instead.

Aussie Open take back over for a time, until Diamond is able to launch off Fletcher’s shoulders, hit Davis with a hurricanrana, and make the tag to Jude! Handspring stunner, followed by a springboard reverse slingblade. Look, in writing these reviews, there’s some moves I don’t know the names of- but I’ve usually at least seen them before. We’re seeing moves in this match that I haven’t witnessed in 23 years of being a wrestling fan, and about 18 years of being a wrestling fan that frequently uses the Internet. Dropsault taking out both Davis and Fletcher. Okay, that I’ve seen, but it’s still super cool. Paris tags in for some quick fire strikes. Stereo suicide dives by Jude and Paris… and then Diamond wipes out everyone with a massive moonsault! Back in the ring, Paris hits a Spiral Tap off the back off Jude onto Robbie for a near fall.

We get a triple submission spot briefly featuring everyone in the match, before the ring clears and we’re left with Robbie locking Mat in the Ron Miller Special! Diamond eventually reaches the ropes. Aussie Open hit a tandem spinebuster on Diamond, which Eagles follows with the 450- but Diamond kicks out! He slides out of the ring and Jude becomes legal for his team. Immediate pace quickener. Fletcher absolutely spikes him with a Michinoku Driver though and he’s gone from the ring. Paris in to hit a satellite DDT then Davis just… punches him in the face. The old KISS principle- keep it simple, stupid.

Diamond takes Davis out with a version of a Backstabber, and we get back to the Velocities vs. Robbie. Jude and Paris wipe out Aussie Open on the outside with somersault topes while Diamond gets a near fall on Eagles with a kick. Diamond misses with a Pele and takes a kick combo from Robbie. Robbie blocks the Diamond Cutter. Diamond blocks the Ron Miller Special. Eagles does score with the Turbo Backpack, and it gets a long two count. Robbie looks for the Psycho Driver, but Mat counters with a poison rana! Moments later, he hits the Diamond Cutter! Both men roll out of the ring.

Velocities and Aussie Open get into the ring. HUGE fight feel. Jude and Paris take the fight to the big men, and are blasted with superkicks. Aussie Open with the double team cutter on Paris… but Jude breaks it up with a top rope stomp! Velocities wipe out Davis with Total Elimination… and now it’s about even. Because Kyle Fletcher weighs about the same as both Velocities combined. Stomp by Jude, shooting star by Paris, and Davis breaks up the pin. Diamond back in to take on Aussie Open, and drops them both at the same time with a hurricanrana. Fletcher gets dropped with a gorgeous Pele kick. Diamond goes up top, but Robbie stops him with a springboard Frankensteiner… and is that Ricky South hitting Joey Styles levels of high pitch there? He’s as into this match as everyone else watching. Robbie takes out both Velocities with a flip dive and lands on his feet. Incredible. Jude knocks Robbie out of the ring, and is left with Aussie Open in it. He unloads everything he has but jumps right into the Fidget Spinner (double team cradle slam) and it’s all over!

Winners: Aussie Open & Robbie Eagles (at 24:53)

Star Rating: *****. I honestly can’t think of a way it can get better than that. It’s time for me to come clean. When this match was announced as the Academy showcase main event, leading into the tag title match between Velocities and Aussie Open, I actually felt like this was the bigger match. And my gut feeling was vindicated here. This was the best six man tag I’ve ever seen. Shield vs. Wyatts is up there, the Michinoku Pro tag from ECW Barely Legal is up there, but how does it get better than this? How? I look forward to seeing how the Velocities and Aussie Open try and top this at Max Watts. I might have to go into six star territory if they do.



This show just became the example that no PWA show is worth skipping. Honestly, before the main event, it was a pretty good show of consistent quality- on the higher end of what you would expect from an Academy Showcase event. But that main event! In 3 years of following PWA, that’s an easy top 5, or maybe even top 3, matches I’ve seen there. And yeah, it speaks to the quality of PWA that a match I rated 5 stars isn’t automatically #1. Bring on Max Watts!

Overall Score: 9/10

Until next time, take care.

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