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Australian Wrestling News

New Melbourne Wrestling Promotion: Deathmatch Downunder is coming in Jan 2021!

In some very excited news, we have learnt that Deathmatch Downunder will be returning, but not only as a one off show, but as a new fully fledge 18+ promotion, to be based in the heart of Melbourne city itself.

And we’re helping!

Not only that, but Snap Mayors Media will be there along the way! As we will be assisting the promotion in their production and promotional needs. To say we are excited is an understatement.

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Ever since Snap Mayors Media launched, we have tasked ourselves to not only try and move the Australian wrestling scene forward and positively anyway that we can, but to support promotions anyway we can.

We believe in Deathmatch Downunder’s vision for Australian wrestling. We know that many members of the Australian wrestling community will thrive on the variety that this promotion will bring, and that the amazing fans will support their heroes as they expand their horizons.

Plus who wouldn’t get a guilty pleasure out of watching the villains getting piledriven through an exploding-barbwire-lego-lighttube-table!?!?

So is it *JUST* deathmatch wrestling?

In addition to Deathmatch Division, DMDU will also bring hard hitting heavyweight action.

No. Although Deathmatch Downunder wants to reintroduce the art of deathmatch wrestling to Australia, it is also promising to introduce traditional wrestling matches. Particularly those that focus on a hard hitting, heavyweight wrestling style, with a key focus on long term in ring story telling.

Deathmatch Downunder have MANY supporters to bring their vision to life.

The management team behind Deathmatch Downunder have been INCREDIBLY busy. In addition to Snap Mayors Media, Deathmatch Downunder have established relationships with a number of members within the wrestling community, local business and artists, and will be proudly sponsored by Venom Brewery.

In addition Deathmatch Downunder will be taped and streamed online via, so that people all around Australia and globally can experience the Australian Wrestling scene for themselves.

Helping bring equality and respect back to wrestling.

The global wrestling scene has been rocked in 2020, not only by Covid but also due to the stories of those who have been let down and outright abused within the global wrestling scene. As a result wrestling promotions in the modern age need to take responsibility and help lead the way to a better industry.

Deathmatch Downunder is no different, and have not only setup a number of processes and policy to remedy the troubles we have seen in the scene, but also by hiring Erin Dick as their Head of Community Engagement.

Bronco Busters head honcho Erin Dick is onboard to help steer the way.

Erin is the owner of Bronco Busters, a supporter and celebrator of all people within the wrestling scene, including women and members of the LGBTIQA+ community.

In her own words;

Erin Dick, Author at SYN Media

“The pro wrestling industry has historically facilitated a lot of injustice in years gone by, particularly against marginalised people. We’re committed to an ongoing process of reflection. We’re consulting external wellness advisors and safeguarding our spaces. We’re here to kickstart change.”

We applaud Deathmatch Downunder to be a positive change for good within the wider wrestling community, and wish them luck as part of their mission to enrich the Australian wrestling scene.

Deathmatch Downunder acknowledges the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the lands on which we work and perform throughout the Kulin Nation. We pay our respects to Indigenous Elders, past, present and emerging.


The full press release can be read below:


DEATHMATCH DOWNUNDER is a brand new professional wrestling events company based out of the western suburbs of Melbourne (Kulin Nation), Australia, launching Monday 16th November.

With over 40 years of combined experience in the Australian wrestling community, DEATHMATCH DOWNUNDER are here to put on some of the most exciting 18+ professional wrestling events ever seen in Australia, with our unique combination of match styles and our passion for community impact. Our aim is to provide safe, progressive and compelling professional wrestling entertainment with a punk sense of community. We are determined and resolute in our journey to engage and entertain the DMDU Community in our own revolutionary way, showcasing the very best that we feel the wrestling industry has to offer.

Professional wrestling is a unique combination of sport, theatre and performance art, where wrestlers fight to a predetermined outcome. Wrestlers are athletes, stunt performers and actors all in one. The US-based WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) has led the international market through televised and live wrestling events for much of the 20th and 21st century, with alternative products emerging globally. Australia and New Zealand have their own local products with varying popularity and cult followings.

There has been a proliferation of independent professional wrestling events and products around the world over the last decade. DEATHMATCH DOWNUNDER will utilise the style of Deathmatch wrestling to set themselves apart. Deathmatches heighten the spectacle of professional wrestling, through amplified stylised violence. DEATHMATCH DOWNUNDER seeks to elevate the artistry of this genre of professional wrestling through thoughtful storytelling.

DEATHMATCH DOWNUNDER events are built upon three major aesthetic and philosophical pillars:

Deathmatch Wrestling – the spectacle, the art, the emotion.

Heavyweight Wrestling – Hard hitting, long term storytelling.

Gender Fluidity – Wrestlers perform without gendered divisions.

DEATHMATCH DOWNUNDER events will be held in line with our COVIDSafe plan, commencing in 2021. We will travel throughout Melbourne, regional Victoria, and Australia, delivering entertaining live events to as many punters as possible.

DEATHMATCH DOWNUNDER have established partnerships with Venom Brewing, Junk Shop Dog Wrestling Collectables and more local businesses and artists. We maintain a commitment to reach out and help empower the local community beyond professional wrestling, with a portion of each event’s ticket sales going towards local not-for-profit organisations that align with our values. DEATHMATCH DOWNUNDER events will also be streamed online via IndependentWrestling.TV. This empowers us to showcase local talent to a diverse international audience of loyal wrestling fans and curious newcomers on a regular basis.

Joel Bateman (he/him) is a 19-year-veteran wrestler and proud Wotjobaluk Man. He says, “Deathmatch Downunder is uniquely Australian. Due to being so isolated and landlocked, we haven’t had as many exterior influences on our product, which has garnered praise and a unique style that draws eyes from all over the world. Australia has been ready to play on Deathmatch’s world stage for a long time now, and there is no better time than the present to do just that.”

Jay Stevens (he/him), DMDU’s Head Promoter, comes from a background of 20+ years of performing, producing and promoting music around Australia. He says, “The DIY style of punk rock and the sense of community that comes with that scene has always inspired me to help create spaces where people feel part of a family. Professional wrestling is the logical next step, and I think the passion and heart of everyone involved is going to burn brightly at all of our events. We can’t wait to welcome you all to the family.”

Erin Dick (she/they), DMDU’s Head of Community Engagement, is a digital content creative and community media devotee. She feels strongly about pro wrestling’s power to create change. “The pro wrestling industry has historically facilitated a lot of injustice in years gone by, particularly against marginalised people. We’re committed to an ongoing process of reflection. We’re consulting external wellness advisors and safeguarding our spaces. We’re here to kickstart change,” she says.

As a collective, we will captivate local wrestling fans, curious newcomers and diehard international Deathmatch lovers. We are determined and resolute in our journey to engage and entertain the DEATHMATCH DOWNUNDER Community in our own revolutionary way, showcasing the very best that we feel the wrestling industry has to offer.

We’re #DeathmatchReady. Are you? DEATHMATCH DOWNUNDER is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and online at

Written By

Lord Andy Coyne is Australia's number one commentator and ring announcer. In addition for working for many of Australia's top promotions, his international work includes for the likes of Ring of Honor, Progress and New Japan Pro Wrestling.

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