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MCW On-demand Homecoming 2021 Review

Hello Australian Wrestling Community. My name is Sean and I have written several reviews for Impact Wrestling on this site. However, today I am fortunate to be writing to you about a wrestling company that I have been a committed fan of since seeing my first show 6 years ago. This company I speak of is Melbourne City Wrestling, and today I will be writing about their first show in 12 months – Homecoming.

You can watch MCW Homecoming yourself on their On Demand Service here!

As someone who attended their last show – Clash of the Titans, I can assure you that this show will be an absolute blast. So stick with me as I tell you about what happened at the show and why you should take the time to watch MCW’s latest show.

Cold Open:
Opening package runs downs the card. The package does an excellent job highlighting some of the known and fresh talent on the card. While we see MCW name stays such as Avary, Caveman Ugg and Danny Psycho the package also shows us that two long standing feuds will be renewed tonight. I am of course talking about the The Brat Pack (Nick Bury & Mitch Waterman) vs The Natural Classics (Stevie Felipe & Tome Filipe) as well as Slex vs Adam Brooks – who are fighting for their respective MCW World Heavyweight and Tag Team Championships.

Lindsay Haworth, Lord Andy Coyne and Krackerjack are on commentary. Tonight’s show emanates from the Thornbury Theatre.

Match 1: “The Golden Boy” Emman The Kid vs “The Air Bender” Royce Chambers vs “Smash Mouth” Ritchie Taylor

The winner of this match receives the coveted #20 spot in the Ballroom Brawl match at next months show. If you have never seen these three men wrestle before you are in for a treat. Another talented young performer Tyson Baxter was also supposed to be in this match, but unfortunately was injured. All three men start this match by showing the returning crowd their acrobatic offence. In some of the more notable spots:

– Emman The Kid gets a flurry of offence but is cut off by Ritchie Taylor with a stiff right hand.

– Ritchie Taylor performs a pin attempt on Emman the Kid. The pin is dramatically broken up with a shooting star press by Royce Chambers.

– Royce Chambers delivers a devastating ‘Wet Willie’ to Ritchie Taylor while in a headlock.

– Emann The Kid and Ritchie Taylor take to the outside and are met with a corkscrew dive by Royce Chambers.

– Ritchie Taylor hits a brain buster on Emman The Kid to secure the win as well as the number 20 spot.

After the match Ritchie Taylor delivers a backstage promo, reminding us that he has his eyes on Slex and Adam Brooks tonight.

Analysis: If the outline didn’t demonstrate to you that these 3 men put on a hell of an opening match that you should go out of your way to watch, then I will just say… “these 3 men put on a hell of an opening match that you should go out of your way to watch”. Excellent opening contest that sets a great tone for tonight.

Backstage Promo: Edward Dusk is cutting a promo at the beach. He cuts an eerie promo comparing Danny Psycho to an old race horse that needs to be put down.

Match 2: Danny Psycho vs Edward Dusk

This is Edward Dusk’s debut in MCW and a grudge match in the truest sense. For months, Edward Dusk was a hooded figure who was stalking the family of Intercommonwealth Champion – Danny Psycho.  During one of Psycho’s routine defences at the February 1st 2020 show – Clash of the Titans, Psycho lost the championship to Caveman Ugg off the distraction of several hooded figures. This was all instigated by one man, who was revealed to be Edward Dusk.

To the surprise of no one, Danny Psycho jumps the stalker before he can disrobe from his ring attire. This match is deeply personal and that tone comes across really well. The men exchange strikes but very quickly we begin to realize isn’t all as it seems as we get the sense that while Danny Psycho is trying to hurt Edward Dusk, Dusk appears to be enjoying the beating. In a bizarre turn of events, Edward Dusk is able to hit one of his signature manoeuvres – a Death Valley Driver known as ‘The End’. Dusk has the chance to pin Psycho but oddly opts not to. It doesn’t take long for Psycho to deliver some stiff strikes and deliver a brutal brain buster. Psycho then locks in an inverted cloverleaf as Dusk taps out. Post match, Edward Dusk is smiling at Danny Psycho as if he got the result he was looking for.

Analysis: The one thing I immediately appreciated about this show was that each match offered something different. This match for example was engrained in rich and (dare I say) brutal storytelling. The damage each men were trying to inflict on one another made me want to see more of this weird, warped and intriguing story. I get the feeling this was but a taste of what these men can do with one another.

Match 3: The Brat Pack (Nick Bury & Mitch Waterman) vs The Natural Classics (Stevie Felipe & Tome Filipe)

These two teams have faced numerous times and have excellent chemistry with one another. The Natural Classics enter the ring looking jacked while The Brat Pack enter with their Nickleback theme with Avary. If this awesome moment was lost on new fans, let me shed some light on it for you. A few years ago during a monumental heel run for the team, The Brat Pack used to arrogantly strut to the ring, play this theme and have 5 minute long entrance and would genuinely piss off every member of the audience. It was one of a kind heat and while The Brat Pack is beloved now, seeing them come out to this theme with Avary brought back all those memories for me. 

Now onto the match! Some of the highlights include:

– The opening moments of the contest. It is here we see both teams exchange the chemistry they have built over the years.

– While in control, The Natural Classics take The Brat Pack to the outside. It is here Stevie performs an amazing somersault over the corner post to Mitch Waterman.

– Mitch Waterman tweaking his knee of a reversal. Nick Bury takes on The Natural Classics for some time, and holds his own as long as he can.

– Mitch Waterman fighting through the pain and receiving a hot tag from Nick Bury. Mitch Waterman clears out the ring and is a house on fire.

In the closing moments, The Natural Classics wear down Mitch Waterman. Together, they go for their double team manoeuvre ‘The Mother of All Bombs’ but  Mitch Waterman reverses. While Tome Filipe and Nick Bury brawl on the outside, Stevie Filipe has . Waterman gets the tag in and makes up for lost time. Classics go for “the mother of all bombs” but Waterman escapes. Once the ring is cleared, Stevie Filipe noticed that Waterman has re-injured his knee. While Stevie visibly feels sympathy for his rival, Waterman rolls up Stevie to retain the championship. The Brat Pack try to shake the hands of The Natural Classics, but the Classics walk out.  

There is a post match interview from The Brat Pack where they put over their opponents tonight. The Brat Pack then address the challenge from The Velocities and offer them an invitation to MCW’s next show – Ballroom Brawl should they be able to make the journey.

Analysis: The hardest thing about matches like this is that there is so much storytelling, so much high octane in ring action and so many nuances that I struggle greatly to put into words just how good this match was. Any time you see these two teams on the card whether it be against eachother or against another exciting Australian team, these men will not leave you disappointed. Many interesting seeds planted also with The Natural Classics walking out on a handshake and the potential of The Velocities vs The Brat Pack in the near future.

In Ring Promo: Krackerjack speaks about 2020

Last year at Clash of the Tians, retired Australian Wrestling Legend: Krackerjack, announced his intentions to return to in ring action. Unfortunately, as Krackerjack explains in his in ring promo,  that did not happen. Krackerjack proceeds to then list some of the great MCW talent before stating that….he looks forward to DESTROYING them all! Krackerjack finishes out the promo by saying that as long as he is able, he will overturn his retirement and return to the ring and be stronger than before.

Analysis: This was an excellent promo by one of Australia’s most unique performers. Krackerjack was a performer at the first ever independent wrestling event I ever attended and I was truly sad to see that him retire against Lochy Hendricks at MCW Final Battle 2017. I hope this return happens sooner rather than later!

Match 4: Intercommonwealth Championship – Caveman Ugg vs “The Universal Swol-dier” Mike Broderick

Photo Credit: Melbourne City Wrestling

Caveman Ugg won the MCW Intercommonwealth Championship at Clash of the Titans last year against Danny Psycho. This will be his first defence. His opponent is Mike Broderick who I can vividly remember from a very amusing match at New Horizons 2018. Mike Broderick is an athlete who really likes working out and as we learn from his theme music….especially enjoys SQUATS!

Mike Broderick comes to the ring and he is pumped up. Caveman Ugg feels somewhat upstaged and begins stretching his hamstrings. To my surprise, Mike Broderick begins stretching also and this stretch off becomes surprisingly competitive. This quickly turns into a test of strength which at one point poor senior official Edward Lang gets caught up in. After both men discover that they cannot demonstrate superiority under these conditions, they quickly ramp up the athleticism. We see an excellent variety of strength and acrobatics from both of the large athletes. In the closing stretch of this match we see Mike Broderick get in a flurry of momentum. Unfortunately for “The Universal Swol-dier” Caveman Ugg catches him mid cross body and turns it into his finishing manouvere “The Tour of the Caves” for the 1-2-3. The crowd gives Mike Broderick a standing ovation for his efforts tonight.

Analysis: I had a very good time watching this match. Both men know their roles well and succeed not just as entertainers but also incredible athletes. I know that we will see more of Caveman Ugg, but I also hope the same for Mike Broderick. Fingers crossed that we may see him lunging his way to the ring next month at Ballroom Brawl!

MCW Womens Championship – Avary vs “The Influential” Skylar Cruze

Avary cuts an in ring promo reminding us that it has been over a year since she won the championship. Avary says that tonight she wants to prove that she is the champion she intended to be last year. An unfamiliar titantron plays as we are all introduced to Skylar Cruze, who is here for her MCW debut. Cruze wastes little time running down the crowd and challenging Avary. Both women exchange insults. Avary accepts the challenge.

This match starts out with Skylar Cruze exerting dominance on Avary. After a pinfall attempt, a switch goes off and Avary begins staring down her “Influential” opponent. After a few attempts to regain momentum are thrawted by Avary,  the women’s champion picks up Cruze and delivers the ‘Daddy Issues Driver’ for the 1-2-3. Brat Pack come out and celebrate with one another.

Analysis: I really enjoyed this title defence. Not only did it allow Avary to have her first successful defence, but it also allowed the MCW Community to be introduced to a new face who will be sure to challenge for the Women’s Championship again. A match that fulfilled more than one purpose, great job to all involved!

MCW World Heavyweight Championship – 3 Stages of Hell: “The Loose Ledge” Adam Brooks vs “The Business” Slex

Photo Credit: Melbourne City Wrestling

We are now at the main event! This match has been expertly built and has an illustrious history. Wonderful promo package showing the history between these two. As the promo package explains, Adam Brooks successfully won the championship for the first time last year. Although he successfully defended the belt twice – once against Slex himself, Brooks has sat at home all year as champion. Both men have defeated each other several times and believe that they need to decisively defeat one another twice in one night to be able to decisively say who is best.

The first fall is a standard one fall match, the second a falls count anywhere match and the third fall (if necessary) will be a ladder match.

Match 1: First match starts with the classic game “can you top this”. You can just tell from the offset that both men know each other incredibly well. There is so much to cover in this one match alone, but in my opinion, there were two stretches that really stood out. One of which was when Slex caught Adam Brooks on the outside and backdropped him onto the railing. Slex then followed this with a drop suplexes him onto the ring apron. The second came towards the end of the match. During the closing moments, Adam Brooks regains momentum by hitting a pump kick and rear elbow to Slex. From here Adam Brooks is able to go for a Swanton but Slex gets the knees up. Slex locks in the ‘Close the Business’ and Brooks taps out.

Match 2:
Slex wastes no time continuing the beat down on Brooks. Immediately, we go into another highlight which was Slex setting up a stack of chairs and delivering a tombstone on to said stack to Brooks. Although Brooks kicks out, the damage appears to have taken its toll. Frustrated, Slex begins pulling more devastating manoeuvres such as a top rope suplex known as a ‘Superslex’ but Adam Brooks miraculously holds on. While holding on, Adam Brooks picks Slex up over his head, and both men fall to the outside. Both men are spent, but Adam Brooks manages to flip Slex into the guard rail. After some brawling in and outside the ring, Slex sets up two tables and brings out the ladder. Adam Brooks is the one who ends up using it however as he weakens Slex enough to set him up on to the table, climbs the ladder and delivers a Swanton through it. Adam Brooks pins Slex for the second fall.

Match 3: Slex is down. Adam Brooks quickly sets up the ladder in the middle of the ring and tries to go for the belt. Slex cuts him off and the men both proceed to drop each other onto the ladder several times – weakening one another in the process. After the damaged ladder is rendered useless, Adam Brooks acquires a new ladder and begins the steady climb. However, Slex dropkicks Brooks off the ladder and begins the climb. Both men try slugging it out on top of the ladder but discover that they can’t keep one another down. As a result, both men agree to move the ladder out of the way and go at one hundred miles an hour one last time. At the end of a heated exchange, Slex flips Brooks over the top rope on a table set up earlier. Slex begins making his way to the top of the ladder but Adam Brooks throws a chair directly at the head of Slex. When Slex regains momentum again, Slex sets up 6 chairs underneath the top rope but cant put Adam Brooks through it. Adam Brooks climbs to the top of the ladder but is met there by Slex. Brooks delivers a sunset flip bomb onto the chairs laying below. In great agony, Adam Brooks climbs to the top of the ladder but Slex won’t stay down. While exchanging strikes, Slex loses his balance and gets his leg trapped. Brooks takes advantage of Slex’s whilst he is trapped and pulls down the belt.

A backstage promo from Brooks closes the show. Brooks compliments Slex for an amazing match tonight and says that the “Loose Legacy” has began.

Overall Thoughts: At risk of repeated myself, I thought I would just lump my thoughts on Adam Brooks and Slex match in here. As a long term fan of MCW, I was absolutely blown away by their first show back. The show was very wisely booked with the continuation of two amazing rivalries in The Brat Pack vs The Natural Classics and Adam Brooks vs Slex. The latter was an absolute gem of a match that I would advise any fan of pro wrestling to watch. The best part is, that saying this is “their best match” is a huge claim as I would consider all of their matches vastly different yet equally captivating. If this was the last time I was to ever see these two go at in an MCW ring, it certainly was a fitting end to their series of matches. This show also introduced fresh and interesting talent into MCW with the in-ring debuts of Edward Dusk and Skylar Cruze. I look forward to seeing how both of their characters play out this year.

The year off has not only seen the introducing of some fresh faces but also of some really interesting and unique production features. I for one was really impressed with the lighting which wasn’t too reflective and created a very interesting bold aesthetic. The camera angles were also very interesting as they were fast moving and never stayed in one spot for too long. They did an excellent job following the action and made it very immersive for those watching on Vimeo. Another usually unnoticed feature is that of replays, which were well timed in this show and never took away from the action.

In summary, MCW Homecoming is a show that you should go out of your way to watch. I was one of many unfortunate fans who missed out on seeing the show live, but I assure you that the replay is an excellent alternative for those who want to see what some of the best Australian Wrestling talent can offer. With Ballroom Brawl on the horizon, I know MCW will continue to show the world what Australian Wrestling is all about. Welcome back Melbourne City Wrestling!

You can find the full show here:

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