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MCW New Horizons 2021 – MCW OnDemand In-depth Results & Review

Thanks to the good folks at Melbourne City Wrestling, I managed to catch MCW New Horizons on their service.

The show opens with ring announcer/commentator Lindsay Howarth welcoming the crowd to MCW New Horizons; he introduces the first match.

Credit: Digital Beard Photography.

Royce Chambers vs Slex

The battle of constantly developing potential against solid, proven talents kicks off with seesawing action. Chambers’ risk-taking moves provide some success; however, the experienced Slex capitalises on the openings created by daredevil risks.

The match changes gears after a colossal superplex, with Slex opting to grind thing out with rest holds. Chambers manages to gather the crowd’s support, over fan favourite Slex, through an impressive series of moves.

However, ultimately the experience of Slex sees a silky smooth transition from a tiger bomb into the Close of Business submission forcing Chambers to tap. Slex shakes Chambers hand post-match in a moment reminiscent of Robbie Eagles post-match endorsement of Jett Rouka and Tyson Baxter after their classic Air Force Three match.

Cut to a backstage video of Slex: Slex knows that his time in MCW is limited. He waits to honour his ROH contract, but he assures the fans that he will not take the easy way out and will not handpick opponents whilst he is still here. He wants to be challenged, and he puts over Chambers for doing that before stating that “if Chambers is the future, then the future is looking bright.”

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MCW Women’s Champion Kellyanne makes her way to the ring to a mixed reaction. She proudly shows off her newly won MCW Women’s Championship. She lists all her accomplishments indicating that winning the MCW Women’s Championship was the latest and greatest.

She dismisses former champion Avary as being unworthy, suggesting that whilst the idiotic fans on Twitter say “Avary was robbed”, the actual crime was Avary becoming champion in the first place. Kellyanne puts down the entire locker room for caring about the fans and worrying about what they think.

Kellyanne says she is not here to make friends like the former champ was. Kellyanne calls for someone to face her, but Kelly Anne walks out before its answer says, “that’s what I thought.”

Credit: Digital Beard Photography.

Tyson Baxter (with Jett Rouka) vs Rocky Menero

Baxter looks to avenge the loss Rouka had to Menero at the last show. He draws a line in the middle of the ring and dares Menero to cross it.

The disrespectful Menero mocks Baxter and the two trade shots before locking up. Menero digs into his massive bag of rule-bending to hold the edge over his less experienced opponent. Despite solid offence from Baxter, Menero capitalises on Baxter’s leg injury history and begins to pick the limb apart.

Despite a valiant onslaught by Baxter, including hitting his finisher, the Fever Dream, he cannot end the match; the damage to his knee crippling him, so he cannot make the cover. An out of position referee provides Menero with the opportunity to nail Baxter with brass knuckles and conceals them in Baxter’s own tights to get the win. A livid Baxter and Rouka stare down Menero, who mocks the damaged leg as he heads to the back.

Cut to a backstage video of the victorious Menero: He mocks the MCW Academy motto of “Win or learn”, declaring that it is for losers. Menero states that his winning ways are due to knowing that he will win whenever he steps into the ring. He ends by asserting that Dad is going to prove that confidence is the key to winning.

The latest episode of Bastard TV drops with Back to School at the MCW Academy. KrakerJak is inducted as a trainee by the receptionist before joining the main group. Anth Cava proves to be the antagonist through the session, provoking KrackerJak to break the academy code of conduct several times, leading to KrackerJak being put on time out.

Whilst sitting outside serving his third punishment, Gore arrives and mocks his brother before entering the gym. Screams erupt from the training room, and Gore returns outside to serve his own timeout. Gore leads KrackerJak in timeout group training at the scene ends.

Credit: Digital Beard Photography.

Tornado Rules Match for the MCW Tag Team Championships – Natural Classics vs Brat Pack (c)

The chaos of tornado rules leads to the match quickly spilling to the outside. The Brat Pack bring the action back inside and isolate Stevie with their patented double team offensive. When Tome is able to enter and use his strength, the Natural Classics are able to gain the momentum and dominate Bury.

The evolution of the Natural Classics continues as they behave like sharks smelling blood, viciously ripping apart their opponents whilst playing with them. Using zip ties from a toolbox under the ring, they tie Bury to the top rope preventing him from being a factor for the rest of the match. Despite the numbers disadvantage, Waterman is able to overcome the Filips and comes to the rescue of Bury with wire cutters from the toolbox.

The Natural Classics cut him off and dismantle his leg with a series of chair shots before wrapping the skeleton of a chair around his knee and heading up top to stomp on it. Before launching from the turnbuckle, referee Edwin Lay calls for the bell as the immobilised Bury throws in the towel for the team before permanent damage is done to his best friend. The Natural Classics are the new champions and have shown they are the ultimate predators.

A teaser trailer for the MCW Fusion Fan Experience on May 29 is shown.

Credit: Digital Beard Photography.

Tony Villani vs Mikey Broderick

The crowd at the Thornbury Theatre is hot for the ‘Universal Swoldier’, and Broderick gets the crowd to perform a Mexican Squat. The rookie and the veteran lock up and trade holds to kick things off. Villani wises up to Brodericks’s tricks and begins to mock him, copying the squat and push up act.

Villani’s gym prowess is not at the level of the Squat King. It is a battle of the power and athleticism of Broderick against the smooth fundamentals and tenacity of Villani.

The crowd support is torn between the man as Villani locks on a sharpshooter. Surprising speed and agility from Villani give him an edge, but Broderick’s power continues to be showcased. A series of hard-hitting moves followed by an F45 put Villani down for the count.

Broderick rehydrates post-match with his opponent in a moment of sportsmanship to admire.

Cut to a backstage video of Tony Villani: He thanks the ‘Universal Swoldier’ for the test. Villani says he did not win, but he did learn. The ‘Final Boss’ Jake Andrewartha interrupts and criticises Villani, who he defeated last month at MCW Fallout and calls for him to “reconsider what he’s doing with his life.”

Credit: Digital Beard Photography.

Lindsay Howarth is in the ring, ready to announce the next match when the Brat Pack’s music hits. Mitch Waterman hobbles out and reveals that he is using his Ballroom Brawl opportunity to face the Natural Classics for the Tag Team Championships next month at Winter Warfare. This brings out Bury to cancel the challenge.

He says that despite all the success they have, they have not been on a great run lately and “as his best friend, he is ending the Brat Pack tonight” so that Waterman can use his “untapped potential” to challenge for the World Title without the distraction of Bury, Avary or the Brat Pack. Bury’s final message to his brother-in-arms is, “You need to think about Mitch Waterman.”

Credit: Digital Beard Photography.

Caveman Ugg vs Gore

The behemoths engage by trading clubbing blows. Within minutes, KrackerJak, who is sitting ringside performing academy trainee duties, interferes and is sent on timeout by the referee. Gore gets an early advantage with suplexes, slams and strikes.

However, Ugg uses his Captain Caveman-esque agility to soar with a flying cross body taking the wind out of both men. They slug their way to their feet before engaging in a series of match ending power moves, with Ugg coming out on top with a Fire Thunder Driver.

Both men as visibly hurting after the match as this war took its toll. Before leaving the ring, Ugg snatches the microphone and bellows, “Ugg want World Title.”  

Credit: Digital Beard Photography.

MCW Intercommonwealth Title Match: Lochy Hendricks (c) vs Ritchie Taylor

Taylor is fired up and requests that the match be made a street fight; Hendricks agrees only if Taylor agrees that if he loses that he is gone from the promotion. Taylor agrees and attacks Hendricks to make the bell ring.

Taylor brutalises Loverboy on the outside, using everything he can get his hands on as weapons. Hendricks turns the tide looking to cripple Taylor as well as banish him from the company.

A rally from Taylor is cut short by Hendricks, showing how much he has grown as a competitor. He counters the biggest and best moves Taylor has to offer before utilising the street fight rules to send ‘Smashmouth’ packing.

An emotional Taylor acknowledges the MCW faithful for the final time before heading to the back.

Cut to backstage video of ego-maniac ‘Loverboy’ Lochy Hendricks: He declares that he is unstoppable, as shown by his win over brawler Ritchie Taylor in a street fight. He implies he will be Intercommonwealth Champion forever and that nobody will stop the legend that is “Loverboy, son!”

Credit: Digital Beard Photography.

MCW World Championship Match: Robbie Eagles vs. Adam Brooks (c)

Both men ooze confidence and fighting spirit as they await the bell. Neither man can get an advantage early, proving why they are two of the best of the local and international wrestling scenes.

Eagles and Brooks take turns proving that ‘speed kills’ as sudden and precise moves are the only offence able to break through their opponent’s guard. A unique counter from Eagles allows him to dissect Brooks’ knee, hobbling the MCW Champion and neutralising a portion of his offence. The two daredevils throw their entire arsenal at each other in some unique contexts. Finally, Brooks overcomes the pain and throws caution to the wind allowing him to pick up the victory catching Eagles midair with a Facebreaker and followed by a trademark Swanton Bomb in a Match of the Year Contender.

Cut to Adam Brooks in the back: He plugs his Loose Legacy and the quality of competition he has defeated so far as champion. Brooks ends by saying, “Caveman Ugg, I’ll see you at Winter Warfare.”

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