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Deathmatch Downunder – The Juice is Worth The Squeeze Night 2 Results

On the 22nd of May, Deathmatch Downunder returned to Arrow on Swanston for the second half of their Heavyweight Title Tournament. The previous night eight qualifying matches occurred setting on the Quarter-Finals for tonight. Ring announcer Hawko welcomed the crowd to the show performing the traditional Acknowledgement of Country before introducing the first Quarter Final match!

Quarter-Final Match: Jessica Troy vs Caveman Ugg

From the outset, Ugg looked to dominate his smaller opponent but with her trademark tenacity, Troy would not go down without a fight. With every opportunity Troy looked to make Ugg tap out, targeting the arm on numerous occasions. Caveman Ugg eventually hitting the Fire Thunder Driver to secure the 3 and progress to the Semi-Finals.

Quarter-Final Match: Royce Chambers vs Charli Evans

Sporting a nasty black eye, Chambers was all business against the dangerous Evans looking to put his opponent away early. The match was a technical encounter with the daredevil Chambers only taking to the sky when necessary. His downfall came as he brought a chair into the ring to use as a springboard. However, Evans was able to utilise it to swing the momentum her way and knock Chambers out of the tournament punching her ticket to the Semi-Finals.

Quarter-Final Match: Tyson Baxter vs Tommy Knight

Baxter showed much growth as a competitor tonight whilst not making any friends in the crowd. Baxter intelligently looked to hobble Knight, spending significant time working on the knee and destabilising the power base of his opponent. Knight was never out of contention and was able to defeat Baxter to the crowd’s delight and head to the Semi-Finals to collide with Charli Evans.

Quarter-Final Match: JXT vs Ritchie Taylor

Rather than lock up with his opponent, JXT delivers an entertaining but long-winded monologue about how he has already defeated Taylor preciously and deserves to go straight through in the tournament. He highlights ALL the reasons why Taylor would not be a great face of the company and why he, JXT, deserves to be the main man. The crowd reacting to every word spilling from JXT’s unshuttable mouth cheered as Ritchie Taylor silenced him with a roaring elbow and moved on to face Caveman Ugg in the Semi-Finals.

San Jose Glass Crush Deathmatch for the UGWA Total Violence Championship: Callen Butcher vs Gweedo (c)

With panes of glass, oranges and other weapons scattered in the ring, this deathmatch was always going to be bloody. Shattered glass showered the crowd as Butcher and Gweedo brutalised each other, with several “OMG” moments including a chair shot to a pane of glass against Butcher’s head and the high spot of the night seeing Butcher leap from the entrance scaffold sandwiching Gweedo between a wooden table and a pane of glass. The reigning champion retained his belt, avoiding being sent through the fusion of oranges and glass and allowing Butcher to take himself out. An extended intermission occurred to allow the ring to be cleared for the rest of the night.

Losers Club Tag Match: Team Dusk (Edward Dusk, Chanel Phoenix, Jake Taylor and AJ Istria) vs Team Candy (Candy Lee, Rochelle Rogue, Kid Valiant and Gore) w KrackerJak

KrackerJak takes the mic before the match even starts and introduces the Losers Club members (aka the people knocked out of the tournament last night) and degrades the nonsensical nature of the match as heels and faces team also singling out “the skinny white kid” Kid Valiant who is subbing for the missing Sammy Falcon as not belonging. The match provided all competitors with the chance to shine, some great spots involving Istria and Gore. A crowd hot for Team Candy were left satisfied as Gore drove Istria into the mat and picked up the win.

Semi-Final Match: Tommy Knight vs Charli Evans

A wounded Knight did his best to put Evans away early, dominating her with powerful strikes and slams. Evans used her technical prowess to take advantage of the damage done earlier to Knight’s knee, slowing him down. Evans proved her toughness as Knight could not keep her down despite busting her open via a headbutt. Eventually, Evans capitalised on Knight’s weak knee and put him away securing her spot in the match to crown the first DMDU Heavyweight Champion.

Semi-Final Match: Ritchie Taylor vs Caveman Ugg

In a hard-hitting encounter between two brawlers, the sound of chops echoed throughout the basement of Arrow on Swanston. Both men looked to end the match early, preserving themselves for the final however Ugg appeared to underestimate Taylor who he wasn’t able to manhandle in the way he did his Quarter-Final opponent. Ultimately, it was Taylor’s slick technical skills that saw him slide down the back of his opponent and roll him up to punch his ticket to an encounter with Evans for the DMDU Heavyweight Championship.

Tag Team Dream Match: Misspent Youth (Murdoch and Aysha) vs Aussie Open (Dunkzilla Davis and Kyle Fletcher)

Towering over the DMDU Tag Champions, it looked like it would be an easy night for Aussie Open however it was far from it as Murdoch and Aysha defended their turf with heart and honour. The years of tag experience of Davis and Fletcher allowed them to isolate Aysha on a number of occasions and just dominate their smaller opponent. Aysha and Murdoch proved they’re a force to be reckoned with executing some unique double teams on their way to almost defeating the PWA Tag Team Champions. Despite all the heart and tenacity, Misspent Youth comes up short as Aussie Open end it with their patented finisher. Aussie Open acknowledge the efforts of Aysha and Murdoch but say next time they meet it will be for the DMDU Tag Team Championships.

Impromtu Match: Fox vs Mitchell Wright

As Hawko attempted to introduce the main event, he was interrupted by Fox who was sporting a confusing new outfit and hash tag. The interruption drew the attention of Anti-Deathmatch Party members Mitchell Wright and Caity Luxe who made their way to the ring. Wright challenged Fox and was quickly dealt with, leaving the Anti-Deathmatch Party to plan their next move.

DMDU Heavyweight Championship Tournament Final: Ritchie Taylor vs Charli Evans

Still sporting a crimson mask from her Semi-Final encounter, Evans showcases that she is a once in a generation talent with her heart and spirit on display. With both competitors hungry to be the inaugural DMDU Heavyweight Champion, they both showed the extent of their wrestling prowess. The match moved from a technical wrestling encounter to a hard-hitting brawl that spill through the crowd to a balls-to-the-wall finish where they both endured moves that would end any other match. The crowd was on its feet as Evans kicked out of a top-rope brainbuster at one, only to have Taylor deliver a second brainbuster to secure the win and the tournament victory.

The team at Snap Mayors Media wish to congratulate Ritchie Taylor on becoming the first DMDU Heavyweight Champion and encourage everyone to check both nights of the DMDU The Juice is Worth the Squeeze event out on when it becomes available. DMDU’s next event is scheduled for June 12th from Arrow on Swanston, tickets on sale soon.

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