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Charli Evans DMDU

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Charli Evans Puts Bateman Through a Glass Table!!! – Deathmatch Downunder “Smashing Sandcastles” Results

Once again, Deathmatch Downunder ran out of the Arrow On Swanton in the Melbourne CBD, for another night of tag team tournament action, heavyweight smashing, and deathmatch insanity.

The sold out fans in attendance were rabid, as due to Covid 19, this event was delayed for a month, and the question was, after waiting THIS long, was the event worth the wait?

F**k yeah. It sure was.

(P.s. Thanks to Digital Beard Photography and Jake Hurdle Photography for their quality snaps during the show!)

Caribbean Spiders Web & Pit of Thumbtacks Deathmatch: Mad Dog Vs “The Big Rig” FOX

In a brutal start to the show, we saw double decade Aussie Deathmatch veteran Mad Dog defeat FOX after a butterfly suplex powerbomb into a pit of thumbtacks.

DMDU Tag Team Title Tournament Quarter Final Match: Atlas Whittaker & Darcy Moss Vs Kid Valiant & Zane Zodiac

Due to the show being delayed a month, some teams had to pull out of the tag team tournament, but in doing so gave other young teams an opportunity to compete.

Credit: Digital Beard Photography

Although Atlas Whittaker and his archeologist friend Darcy Moss put in a solid effort, the team of Valient and Zodiac were able to get the pinfall victory and move on to the semis.

DMDU Tag Team Title Tournament Quarter Final Match: The Anti Deathmatch Party vs Charli Rose and RxsP (of Raw Beef)

In another tag match that saw late entries, the unusual tandem of Tasmania’s Charli Rose and RxsP teamed up to take on The Anti Deathmatch Party.

Photo Credit: Digital Beard Photography

Sadly for Rose and RxsP, Caite Luxe (a original entrant who was pulled out of the tag title tournament due to travel issues) ran down to ringside and assisted The Anti Deathmatch Party to victory, seemingly joining the Anti Deathmatch stable.

“The Snuff King GORE” (w/ his brother Krackerjak) vs Caveman Ugg

Photo credit: Digital Beard Photography

In a true heavyweight clash, interference from Krackerjak backfired, allowing Caveman Ugg to hit GORE over the head with a staple gun and get the three count.

Dunkzilla Davis Vs “The Sniper of the Skies” Robbie Eagles

What we saw in this was a classic contest which saw great technical wrestling, hard hitting power moves and phenomenal aerial ability, old rivals Dunkzilla Davis took on NJPW’s Robbie Eagles.

Dunkzilla spent the contest working on the neck of Robbie Eagles, as well as to use his technical and power move approach to slow down the aerial Eagles.

In comparison, Eagles tried to keep his distance with strikes and aerial offence, working on the leg of Davis.

Ultimately Eagles’ strategy worked out, as after hitting a top rope dropkick AND the warp 4.5 (450 splash) on the knees of Davis, Eagles was able to slap on the Ron Miller special for the tap out victory.

BYO Board & Cinderblock Deathmatch – Gweedo & York Vs Callen Butcher & Vixsin

Obviously the match was brutal, but the real treat came at the end where using a wrestling hold (!!!) Callen Butcher was able to pin Gweedo, the current UGWA Total Violence Deathmatch Champion.

Courtesy of this victory, Butcher took the moment to challenge Gweedo to a championship match at a future show.

“Smash Mouth” Ritchie Taylor Vs “The Jaystick” JXT

In what had become a VERY personal build up, with JXT thinking Ritchie Taylor is a overrated “flavor of the month”, whilst Taylor resent the implication and thinks that JXT is not as good as he believe himself to be, the match became a physical brawl VERY quickly.

Initially starting outside of the ring, the brawl eventually spilled into the ring, upon which Ritchie Taylor was able to slowly get the better of JXT.

After a roaring elbow, Taylor looked to have the match won. But whilst setting up for a brain buster, JXT’s tag partner FOX snuck down the ringside, grabbed Taylor’s leg, causing JXT to collapse on top of him for the three count.

GORE and Krackerjak Assault Ritchie Taylor

Photo Credit: Digital Beard Photography

Immediately after the match, GORE, who no doubt was still sore about losing to Caveman Ugg earlier in the night, stormed the ring with his brother Krackerjak to make an example of Taylor. In addition to GORE assaulting Ritchie Taylor, we would see the supposedly retired deathmatch legend Krackerjak wipe out Taylor with his patented “Britney Spears” spear.

Seemingly Gore and Taylor as destined for a clash at a future event.

 “The Air Bender” Royce Chambers Vs ‘Ya Boi” Murdoch (w/ his partner Aysha)

In a battle of former PCW trainees who started training and working in the business at the same time, Royce Chamber was entering this match dismissing Murdoch as not worthy of being in the ring with him, DESPITE the fact Murdoch has beat him previously in a tag team contest at the last event “DMDU Wash Your Hands”.

Photo Credit: Digital Beard Photography

In a contest that often saw Chambers pull ahead, and Murdoch playing catchup, Murdoch looked to have the match won with the same combo of moves he previously used to pin Chambers; the Cross Rhodes, the Yeet Kick and the Package Piledriver.

Sadly it did not work, with Chambers kicking out. This seemingly flustered Murdoch, allowing Chambers to hit him with the Damn Straight Driver, and then a totally unnecessary braggy top rope maneuver, to get the win.

Anti Deathmatch Party Invades the Ring!

During the setup for the deathmatch main event, The Anti Deathmatch Party, dressed in hazmat and other protective gear, came down to intimidate the ring crew and dismantle the setup for the main event.

During their preachy sermon as to why Deathmatch wrestling is inferior, Charli Rose, who earlier in the night had been cost a tag team victory in the tournament by the Anti Deathmatch Party, came down to the right to attack their leader Mitchell Wright with a light tube and scare off the Anti Deathmatch Party.

Main Event – Last Drinks Deathmatch – Charli Evans Vs “The Smash Hit” Joel Bateman

In what can only be described as a chaotic, yet beautifully competitive match, both Charli Evans and Joel Bateman threw EVERYTHING at each other in an attempt to win this stunning main event.

Ultimately it was Charli Evans who, courtesy of a Ocean Cyclone Suplex, put Joel Bateman through the glass table to finally get the 1,2,3.

Post match, Charli Evans gave a heartfelt thank you to Joel Bateman for his friendship and helping bring deathmatch wrestling to prominence.

Where and When Can I Watch This Event?

Deathmatch Downunder “Smashing Sandcastles”, will be available to watch on March 19th on Independent Wrestling TV.

When’s the next live show?

The next show, the very interestingly name, Deathmatch Downunder “Not Here To Fuck Spiders”, will be LIVE from the Arrow On Swanton in Melbourne’s CBD on the 17th April 2021. Tickets are available to buy from Monday the 7th of March.

Written By

Lord Andy Coyne is Australia's number one commentator and ring announcer. In addition for working for many of Australia's top promotions, his international work includes for the likes of Ring of Honor, Progress and New Japan Pro Wrestling.

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