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Atlas Whittaker Reveals Secret to Dropping 35kgs for his DMDU Singles Debut

One of the great successes coming out of Deathmatch Downunder’s Not Here to F*ck Spiders event, was the surprise match of the night, when comedy wrestler Atlas Whitaker accepted Joel Bateman’s open challenge for a light tube deathmatch.

After a brutal, but more importantly, thrilling contest, the match ended the sold out crowd chanting Atlas Whittaker name.

Afterwards, On The Turnbuckle managed to get a exclusive chat with the man, and talked on a number of subjects, including how Whittaker used the downtime during Covid to get into the best shape of his career.

On The Turnbuckle: “Um it’s fair to say that you have spent your time during the no wrestling period getting yourself into actual tremendous shape. I wanted to, to compliment you on how fantastic you look. Was that something that you’re really um, decided to work hard on and come back looking basically like a transformed wrestler?”

Atlas Whittaker: It was definitely a motivation because before, we went into lockdown, I was quite overweight and during lockdown I became, I think I capped off at 125 kg, I think I was that was my heaviest during lockdown, and I thought during lockdown, and I thought, let’s make use of this time.

Let’s not half ass it, because I feel like I’ve half assed it a large chunk of my career unfortunately. And I thought, what a perfect time that I need to get this train back on the rails.

And uh, yeah, I just started I just started looking at the end goal as well. Give myself 12 months to get into the best shape as possible. I started running and I hate running. I started running a few kilometres a day, and then that’s when it’s more kilometers, and then it just kind of steamrolled from there, and then eventually I dropped, my heaviest was 125 kg and I weighed in before the weekend at 90 kg.

So I feel, I feel, yeah, thank you, thank you. It’s uh, definitely feel a lot different in the ring. I still don’t know how to control my weight to an extent, like how to control, because I’m used to throwing so much weight around. A lot of people have taken note of how improved I look and how better I am in terms of movement in the ring and everything, so it’s all it’s all paying off really well, so, and I’m glad it’s being noticed obviously and thank you for that.

The great thing about the 95 kg at your way now is that you would have put on a fair bit of muscle over that time as well through the work that you’ve done over that covid period. So you probably lost maybe even close to 40 kg of fat, maybe even more. I, yeah, I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t be shocked.

You can listen to the full interview below:

Credit for the interview belong to On The Turnbuckle.

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Lord Andy Coyne is Australia's number one commentator and ring announcer. In addition for working for many of Australia's top promotions, his international work includes for the likes of Ring of Honor, Progress and New Japan Pro Wrestling.

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