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We’ve Booked the PERFECT Fantasy Card For Wrestlemania 37 – Night 2

We’ve been here before legends as this is the second part to ‘We’ve Booked The PERFECT Fantasy Card For Wrestlemania 37’ series (you can read part one here).

This article will work the same as before in that these are things I would like to see rather than what I believe will actually happen. With all the boring stuff out of the way let’s get stuck into The PERFECT Fantasy Card For Wrestlemania 37 – Night 2.

Seth Rollins & Kevin Owens v Cesaro & Daniel Bryan

A random thrown together match that turns out better than expected isn’t unusual come Wresltmenaia time, or any other in WWE, and these four men will put on an absolute spectacle to kick off night 2.

Cesaro and Bryan have been working with each other as of late with Cesaro even teasing a face turn and with Seth returning as a heel a potential pairing with Owens may help turn him face too, as Owens can show Rollins the error of his ways. There’s no better way to achieve this than to have it come to fruition at Mania. 

After a back and forth war Owens abandons Rollins as he feels teaming with him was a lost cause and Seth constantly put him in danger during the match. Cesaro then hits Seth with a European uppercut as Rollins attempts a frog splash, he then puts him in the sharp-shooter and Rollins submits. This places Seth at rock bottom as he’s alone and embarrassed at Wrestlemania which serves as the catalyst to correct his former actions and in turn establish him as a face moving forward. 

Matt Riddle v Goldberg (US Championship)

This has been on the want card since the two started their twitter feud a couple years ago, and while it looks improbable what else is Goldberg going to do.

This feud can be built by copy and pasting Goldberg’s recent feud with Drew McIntyre, about disrespect, and adding elements of the two’s previous encounters both online and in person to construct a compelling narrative.

The match doesn’t need to go long and in fact can be modelled after Riddle’s Takeover debut against Kassius Ohno, where he kneed him in the face instantly for pin. However, this time Riddle should go with the flash knee strike only to be taken out by a Goldberg spear only to counter the jackhammer into the Bromission for the submission victory. Short and sharp and protects Goldberg as he wasn’t beaten, instead he was just caught slipping for an instant by the younger more alert competitor. 

Walter v Fin Balor- NXT Title/UK Title Winner Takes All

Rumour has it we were meant to have the two face off last Wresltmania weekend but plans fell through for obvious reasons, so instead we should get it this year and raise the stakes tenfold. 

The feud is relatively simple to build, Walter is sick of Balor proclaiming that he is the standard bearer for European wrestling and is out to prove that he is not only the best on the continent but that he is the best in NXT period. Balor obviously scoffs as he remarks that the business watches him and makes a counter challenge to Walter, hence the double title match.

Both men have been booked and performed like superhumans during their NXT runs which makes picking a winner almost impossible, yet for the sake of the article and the Wrestlemenia moment Walter should go over Balor and become the double champ. The reason for this is that an extended feud can ensue that ends with Balor reclaiming the NXT title as he resorts to his Demon persona to vanquish Walter sometime later, which also bodes well for protecting the mammoth Austrian. 

After a brutal encounter in which Balor has to counter wrestle and wear down the big man with calculated strikes, Walter’s power fairs too much as he beats down Balor’s injured arm/hand and jaw to finally capture the win after repeated slaps to the jaw to force a TKO.

Batista v Karrion Kross

This matchup is probably the most unlikely to occur out of all mentioned but would be an insane encounter that helps build Kross into an instant main event threat. 

Kross called out Batista at Josh Barnett’s Blood Sport 2 in 2019 after submitting Nick Gage and shortly after the event he signed with WWE some several months later. 

To set up the feud Kross can attack Triple H after a losing effort to ‘The Demon’ Fin Balor for the NXT title, which after the fact sets Batista off onto a mission to avenge his friend and teach the newcomer a lesson in respect. Kross can go into how much he respected Batista and admired him but when standing face to face with his idol states how he’s some phony Hollywood tough guy. Batista is obviously not having a bar of this and proceeds to hit Kross with a closed fist that splits him open, which in turn sparks the type of match they’ll have.

The match can be modeld in the way Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe battled at TNA Lockdown 2008 with a Blood Sport spin. This style of match would work given the martial arts experience of both men and would separate the bout from other types of matches during Mania, while also making Kross look devasting after KOing out Batista with a saido suplex from the top rope. 

Bianca Belair v Sasha Banks- Smackdown Woman’s Title

The Boss v The EST will make for a must watch encounter as the technical ability of Banks will mesh strikingly well with the freakish athleticism of Belair.

This feud can be built on the principle of  Belair as the apprentice trying to take on Bank’s mantle as the master of the Smackdown woman’s division. The encounter should be a face v face matchup built on competition and respect, centring on the theme of testing the up and coming Belair’s readiness to assume her position amongst the elite female competition in the company. 

The match should start with Belair dominating Banks with her superior athleticism, prompting Banks to display her veteran instincts by taking apart one of Bianca’s legs to impair her power game by stifling her base. Banks should then continue to pick apart Belair, to which Belair will respond by powering out of Bank’s pin attempts before mounting a hot comeback. Belair should then hit Banks with some big impact maneuverers, like a superplex, powerbomb etc… in which Banks will highlight her resilience by continuing to kick out. Finally, Belair should attempt the K.O.D where her injured leg gives way for Banks to counter her into a rollup for the victory.

This finish plays into the deeper wholistic narrative, master v apprentice, and lends the feud to extending itself to Summerslam where a Belair title win is inevitable. 

Edge v Roman Reigns – Universal Title

Roman Reigns is in career best form and Edge is attempting to see if he’s still worthy of being a main event level champion, an honour taken from him not lost. 

This feud has classic WWE good and evil running through its veins and all it needs is nothing more than to play into both men’s respective narratives, and a sure fire Mania classic is certain.

The match should be given ample time to develop and deliver, given Reigns slower methodical approach and Edge’s recent fixation with marathon level encounters. WWE should take advantage of the two’s stylistic abilities to attempt their own version of the Wrestle kingdom main event style match as these two currently lend themselves to deliver a bout of that stature in the company’s image. 

In the match’s opening moments Edge should attempt to out wrestle Reigns by implementing chain wrestling and submissions to slow the bigger man down as well as nullify his power advantage. Reigns, with Heyman in his ear, should proceed to roll out of the ring on multiple occasions after rope breaks and reversals to anger Edge into making a mistake. From here Reigns will relentlessly beat down Edge with strikes and power moves, and while Edge will be able to counter, he will lack any real offence. That is until the ultimate opportunist catches Reigns sleeping after excessive taunting, which should start his comeback.

What should follow is a series of signature moves and near falls which are ended by a Reigns spear that leaves both men down. With the match in the balance Reigns attempts a spear but is side stepped by Edge who then attempts a spear of his own only to be stopped by a superman punch.

After the nearest of near-falls Edge kicks out which infuriates Reigns into a perfuse rage, he starts ripping up turnbuckles, throwing weapons into the ring (the whole deal, including the ref being distracted the entire time) and as Heyman is finally able to get Reigns attention Edge hits a haphazard low blow with some knuckle busters which cripples Reigns, Edge then hits the spear for the win. 

The finish gives birth to a face Rated R Superstar run for Edge while also giving him and the fans a euphoric Mania moment to end Wrestlemania 37. 

As for Reigns, he should regain the now World Heavyweight Title at Summerslam in a rematch resembling the Lesnar Cena squash from 2015, where Reigns is Lesnar and Edge is Cena (Looks like everyone wins here folks).


Stay tuned into Snapmayors Media for more fun articles and wrestling news!

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Like a Swiss army knife, Harris Maglis possesses a varied but handy set of skills which he has acquired during his time studying a bachelor of Health Science/Arts. Maglis’ double degree combines his love of wrestling with filmmaking which allows him to create videos and put stories together in conjunction with shedding light on how to get pecs like The Rock. This year, creating audiovisual content for viewers and fans at home has never been more important to help Pro Wrestling grow, so Maglis cannot wait to get stuck in and make that happen.

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