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Australian Wrestling Matches

Watch Now: Kellyanne (w/Alan Payne) vs Erika Reid

Undoubtedly the Australian wrestling scene is filled with some of most talented female wrestlers in the globe. You can only see the quality in WWE with the likes of Emma, Indi Hartwell, Peyton Royce and Billie Kay.

But when you talk about the best in Australia, you cannot do so without talking about Kellyanne and Erika Reid.

Kellyanne, who only recently received a contract with Ring of Honor (ROH) wrestling, has been plying her craft for several years, and rightfully earnt a reputation for being one of the most dangerous and capable fighters today.

And then you have The Dreamtime Voodoo Witch Erika Reid. Although not as experienced as Kellyanne, Erika has proven to be a phenomenal competitor with true heart, grit and a little bit of voodoo magic up her sleeves.

Video courtesy of El Jibre YouTube channel.

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Yes, I'm the guy who gets his pasty chest chopped by savages. Yes, I'm the guy who was stuffed into a public bin by one of the said savages. And yes, I'm one of the select few people who have an undying passion for both professional wrestling and crosswords. Sue me.

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