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The Tribal Chief Of The Anoa’i Family: Hell In A Cell’s GREATEST Moment

When you think of Hell In A Cell what do you picture? For me I imagine Mankind or Shane McMahon plummeting 20 feet through an announce table, what about the I Quit match? I can still visualise John Cena bleeding like a stuffed pig all over the arena. These are impossible shoes to fill and for a double feature match like this to open a show is downright peculiar. Alas being the first of three cell matches on an already saturated line up there is the redeeming quality of the cells impact not yet being stamped out. It’s safe to say family feuds always make for exciting television, even if it’s a bloodless and unnecessary rematch taking place inside an ugly red cage. The story here is that Roman Reigns wants to be called the tribal chief by Jey Uso, who never proclaimed Reigns as this during their first entertaining encounter.

WWE Hell In A Cell 2020 Results: Roman Reigns Beats Jey Uso Amid Rumors Of  Heel 'Bloodline' Stable
The Undisputed Champion Roman Reigns is not the man he used to be.

It’s not a hot take to say that Jey Uso is an overlooked hard worker who brings the best out of anyone he faces, even with an obvious defeat looming there’s still so much to look forward to with what he brings to the table. Meanwhile the head of the table Roman Reigns has been on a tear since his return and championship repossession. as Michael Cole resists uttering the phrase “here comes the big dog” you stop and realise it’s still quite a surreal sight seeing Paul Heyman strutting alongside the tribal chief, it’s a historic moment that not even piped in crowd disapproval could sour. More intriguing than Reigns new golden gauntlet is an excerpt displayed from the kick off show where Heyman is filmed saying that Jey will do Romans bidding if Uso quits. Who knows where that’ll go, but before you have too long to ponder that implication we see Reigns asking for forgiveness for what’s about to happen. 

The match begins with the two men talking, Uso accuses Reigns of changing which Reigns deflects by stating “he had to change.” The action begins to pick up as they engage in a lock up with Reigns gaining control here in the opening portion of the contest. Uso is unable to even endeavour offence which leads Reigns to look at him disgusted saying “the least you can do is stand.” This is what enables Uso to land several strikes until Reigns retreats out of the ring. Uso suicide dives after Reigns sending him into the steel mesh not once but twice. Reigns gets a taste of the steel as Uso slams his face into the cage (which never looks great without blood), regardless they both get back to work in the ring. Reigns then springs up and surprise spears Uso who is running towards him in the corner. Trash talking ensues with Reigns warning Uso before leaving the ring to grab a chair, but Uso drop kicks Reigns who retaliates with a hefty rebounding spear. 

Stewart's Thoughts on WWE Hell In A Cell 2020 | 411MANIA
Jay Uso over delivered in his role during this match.

Reigns declares that Uso should quit and that he doesn’t want to have to do this, but he will end Uso. Reigns attempts to spear Uso once again after rebounding from the ropes 3 times, but receives a kick from Uso. Uso then super kicks Reigns and manages to hit a Uso splash. Reigns doesn’t quit and Uso climbs to the top rope and hits another Uso splash. The referee asks Reigns if he will quit and Reigns states “the head of the table never quits.” Uso goes under the ring and grabs a strap, we also see a tool box which gives Hell In A Cell 2019 flash backs, meanwhile Heyman protests Uso using the strap, but Uso lets out a flurry of curses and whips Reigns with the strap three times. Reigns slowly rises and then hits a spear. Uso lays breathless obviously winded by the third spear he’s received to the mid section, an angry Reigns says “I do the whipping around here” as he proceeds to whip Uso with the strap over and over again. Uso is crying out in pain as the brutal lashing sound echoes through the arena. 

Reigns ties the wrist of Uso before whipping his chest, a grinning Reigns is seen as Uso grimaces. Reigns utilises the strap attached to Uso’s wrist to pull him towards himself, meanwhile Uso uses said momentum to land a stiff forearm to Reigns. They begin a hockey fight throwing fist after fist until Uso lands a super kick, Reigns seeks a superman punch but Uso uses the strap to evade the strike. Uso gets Reigns down and awkwardly attempts to choke Roman using the strap which is tied to one of his wrists, but it takes too long and when he finally gets it right it fails to look good. Reigns stands up and connects with a superman punch before locking in a guillotine choke, Uso doesn’t quit as he fades into unconsciousness. 

Reigns tells Uso to wake up and notes that all Uso had to do was quit and say that Reigns is his tribal chief. Reigns says he will bring things to the next level whilst blaming Uso for everything that’s about to happen. You can see the nasty red marks all over the body of Reigns as the excitement in this match comes to a stand still, the referee again asks if a knocked out Uso will quit. Reigns drags Uso across the ground so that his head is sticking out of the ring before Reigns hits the drive by, Uso doesn’t quit so Reigns responds with some more punches. 

Hell in a Cell: Roman Reigns' anguished rise is being executed perfectly

Reigns places steel steps in front of the head of Uso who is simply motionless, Reigns hits another drive by using the steps to crush Uso’s head, but unfortunately doesn’t look very devastating. Reigns says it’s not his fault and the referee yells “IT’S YOUR COUSIN!” The referee then says he has to call the match because Uso is knocked out, but Reigns throws the referee outside of the ring which is probably the biggest bump of the match. Various officials including Adam Pearce breach the cell and enter the squared circle to stop the match and check on Uso, but Reigns shuts the cell door failing to throw the steps into the ring. Alas Reigns does get them in on the second try. Reigns proceeds to place the steps over the top of an unconscious Uso’s neck, before applying pressure onto the top of them so a stirring Uso is unable to rise. 

Reigns lifts the steps above his own head and is about to smash them down on Uso’s skull, but out of nowhere Jimmy Uso comes into the ring to check on his twin brother as Jimmy Uso frantically questions Reigns and tells him “we don’t gotta do this.” He uses Jey Uso’s real name Josh as Reigns begins to cry more convincingly than a hollywood actor, perhaps giving credence to a future following in his relative The Rock’s footsteps. Reigns puts his own head in his hands and sits down sobbing over what he has done to his family or maybe what he has to do. Reigns takes Jimmy’s outreached hand in a show of love which morphs into hate as Reigns uses Jimmy’s hand to bring him into yet another guillotine choke, Jey grabs his brother Jimmy’s hand who is struggling under Reigns pressure before finally saying “I quit” to stop his brother from sustaining further damage.

After it’s all said and done Roman Reigns immediately goes from shedding tears to a look of hunger, he seems satisfied with the destruction he has caused but it’s clear this is only the beginning. You can tell even Paul Heyman is unsettled by the lack of remorse displayed by his new acquisition. Roman’s uncles Afa and Sika of The Wild Samoans are waiting for him at the top of the entrance ramp, they embrace and congratulate Reigns even crowning him with an ula fala solidifying his spot as the head of the table.

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