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Australian Wrestling Matches

The PWA Sampler Platter- Getting a Taste Of Pro Wrestling Australia

For anyone who’s unaware, Sydney’s top promotion Pro Wrestling Australia (PWA) has been making tremendous strides in recent years. We’ve seen several superstars who have graced a PWA ring now making an impact on international stages. In WWE, there is Peyton Royce & Billie Kay, formerly known as KC Cassidy & Jessie McKay in PWA. Bronson Reed is making a colossal impact on NXT currently, but just over 2 years ago he was competing as Jonah Rock at Max Watts in Sydney. Indi Hartwell was impressing PWA crowds long before she found her Way. Outside of Vince’s empire, the Ace of PWA, Robbie Eagles made a tremendous splash in NJPW, submitting the legendary Jushin “Thunder” Liger in his Korakuen Hall debut. Also, Slex and Adam Brooks were set for featured spots in Ring of Honor before that damn pandemic reared its head. The point? PWA talent is world-class, and the proof is right there.

PWA has grown exponentially over the past few years. From RSLs to Max Watts. From a handful of punters in the crowd to 100s of rabid loyal fans selling the place out month after month. The social media push, led by Mick Moretti, most prominently with the hashtags #You’reGonnaNoticeUs and #NowWeConquer.

Now, PWA have a major streaming deal with FITE TV, and the events have been very well received. Feel free to check out all my reviews on Snap Mayors for details. But I know for a lot of people, seeing is believing, and that’s why I’m writing this today. FITE TV doesn’t have a free trial, meaning that if you want to see the best new live content that PWA has to offer, you gotta shell out the big bucks! Well, I think the cost of most PWA PPVs is currently around $10. But I get it. Times are hard right now, and you might want a taste of what you’re getting yourself into.

So I present the PWA Sampler Platter! I’ve done the work so you don’t have to, and collected some of the best content available via PWA’s YouTube page. Obviously, the newest stuff is the most shiny, glossy and well-produced, but there’s also some hidden gems there from the earlier RSL days of Pro Wrestling Australia. Best of all though, it’s FREE. If this doesn’t entice you to sign up for FITE’s next PWA offerings, one being the Academy Showcase “Always Bring Your Gear” on March 27 and the soon to be named Black Label event on April 30– I’m not sure what else will. The following will be a collection of video content from the past several years- whether it be matches, promos, documentaries or vignettes.

Let’s do this.


1. PWWA Championship: Shazza McKenzie (c) vs. Jessie McKay- PWA Thin Red Line 2014

I chose this to kick this off for a couple of reasons. First, I decided to do this in chronological order, so we’ll be working our way up to the present day from this 2014 match. Second, I wanted to give some love to Shazza McKenzie. She’s like the glue that has held things together for the women of PWA for the longest time, bringing everyone up and making them look great (along with the incredible Madison Eagles). She’s seen people like Jessie, KC, Evie (Dakota Kai) and Indi come and go. And just when it looked like she may have been getting a break with AEW… 2020 happened. And of course, seeing the future Billie Kay here in a serious wrestling match here shows that she can hold her own between the ropes far more than her comedic character on Smackdown might suggest.

2. PWA Championship- Robbie Eagles (c) vs. Will Ospreay- PWA Call To Arms 2017

Here we have a match that attracted a lot of eyes to PWA- myself included. Seeing this video circulate online was the first time I was made aware of PWA’s existence at all. I knew Robbie Eagles from my local fed in Wollongong, and I was starting to follow NJPW around this time, and had seen Will Ospreay wow the world with his Best of the Super Juniors match with Ricochet. The only slight issue with this match/video is the lighting- but the action was stellar, boosting the Aussie wrestling scene immediately and bringing more attention to Eagles, leading to his eventual signing to New Japan. Eagles and Ospreay would go on to have outstanding bouts in a brighter setting at PWA Call To Arms 2018 as production took a leap forward (which can be found on IWTV) and also at NJPW Southern Showdown (on NJPW World). But this is where it all began.

3. Pete Dunne vs. Caveman Ugg- HYPE VIDEO

As PWA grew, it was able to secure a cross-promotional show with Progress Wrestling, which took place at The Star Casino in Sydney. Around 1000 in attendance, I believe, and due to Progress’ working relationship with WWE and the NXT UK brand- WWE stars Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate, Trent Seven and Toni Storm were all booked. This is where the quality of videos from PWA shot right up, as Dunne- who was reigning as WWE UK Champion at the time- was set for a titanic clash with former PWA Champion Caveman Ugg. This video is short, but oh so sweet!

4. PWA Tag Team Championship- The Nations (Jack Bonza & Mick Moretti) vs. The Velocities (Paris De Silva & Jude London)– PWA Call To Arms 2018

They’re at Max Watts. It’s their biggest show of the year, Call To Arms. One year after the Eagles vs Ospreay match caused the world to notice PWA, they’re back looking more sleek, professional and polished- and the actual wrestling, which has always been top notch, was off the charts here. A real battle of old school with the Nations vs. the new school in the Velocities… but my words can’t do the action in this one justice. Watch it!

5. The 21st Century Success Story- Matty Wahlberg Docu-Series

Wait, you think Undertaker’s “The Last Ride” was the first great docu-series in pro wrestling? A couple of years ago, rising star Matty Wahlberg filmed a 3 part series to hype his upcoming PWA Championship match with Caveman Ugg. While it rode the line between Wahlberg’s character and the man behind the McGregor-like bravado- it’s evident that the passion and the desire Wahlberg has to be the best is as real as it gets. This is particularly relevant right now, as Matty moves on to greener pastures.

6. PWA Championship- Matty Wahlberg vs. Caveman Ugg- PWA Wahlberg Vs Ugg 2019

The big pay-off to the above docu-series. Wahlberg challenged long-reigning champion Ugg in an absolute war. Matty showed off his incredible athleticism, and bonafide heavyweight Ugg was with him every step of the way. Thanks to the build and Wahlberg’s next level charisma, the atmosphere at Max Watts was off the charts for this one. Following this match, Matty went to be a contestant on Australian Survivor– he certainly stood out on the show even though he was labelled an “actual idiot”- perhaps a good indicator of his superstar potential on a bigger stage?

7. Steph De Lander vs. Jessica Troy- HYPE VIDEO

De Lander and Troy headlined the show Rick South For The Boys in a Steel Cage match. The video shows the continuing evolution of PWA’s hype packages, as this one has a goosebump factor and gives off that “big fight feel”. By this stage, the PWWA Championship had become intergender rather than exclusive to the women’s division, but the ladies took center stage and absolutely crushed it, with this hype video setting the tone beautifully.

8. Girls To Fight For- Women’s Pro Wrestling Documentary

A really powerful and thought-provoking documentary. It details the struggles that female wrestlers have faced and continue to face in the industry, both from peers and the fanbase. PWA and its talent have strived endlessly to ensure the women are on equal footing to the men. Beautifully shot by Ben Anderson and the crew, it is clear how much being a pro wrestler means to everyone in PWA. They’re all incredible athletes, and the skill and work ethic stems from the desire shown here.

9. PWA Premiership Tournament- Episode 1- FULL EPISODE

Yep. That’s right. PWA put an ENTIRE EPISODE on their YouTube for our viewing pleasure! You can read my reviews of every episode here on Snap Mayors and/or go to IWTV to watch every single episode of the Premiership tournament on demand. Watching this one will be about the best use of 50 minutes you’re going to have. Seriously, what else were you going to do for the next hour? Watch TikTok? Browse Twitter and get in a balanced, reasonable debate? Come on. You know what the right choice is.

10. Arm Collector- Jessica Troy Entrance Theme

They’ve got music too! Best entrance theme in PWA. Not an opinion, that’s a fact. Search the rest of the PWA album on Spotify. Headhunter Rig’s theme goes alright too.


Now that you’ve got a taste of PWA, go forth, my friends. Check out recent PWA events on FITE TV (here) and keep an eye on PWA socials for announcements regarding the March 27 Always Bring Your Gear and the April 30 Black Label show!

Until next time, take care.

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Pro Wrestling, MMA and karaoke. These things fuel me. Loved wrestling for 23 years, loved MMA for 19 years, but having Cerebral Palsy means I probably won't ever be a pro wrestler or MMA fighter. Luckily, there's always video games.

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