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Australian Wrestling Network (AWN)


In the build-up to WrestleRock XXX, I’m taking a look at shows featuring some of the promotion’s biggest names – thanks to the Australian Wrestling Network. AWN is steadily growing into the biggest video on demand professional wrestling catalogue in Australia.

Credit: Southern Hemisphere Wrestling Alliance

This time, we follow the current WrestleRock Heavyweight Champion ‘Smashmouth’ Ritchie Taylor across the desert to Southern Hemisphere Wrestling Alliance, a promotion out of Perth. The show is We’re All Mad Here from August 2019, held in the Armadale Arena.

The SHWA opening montage plays, and we are welcomed to the event by ring announcer Kyle Grayson. Grayson is cut off by SHWA Heavyweight Champion Jeremiah Kingsley, who declares the future is here. Kingsley has his nose out of joint as he has no challenger. He encourages someone to take him on until he heads to the commentary position to provide colour for the evening.

Credit: PIX Photography

Prince of Perth Jay Taylor vs Delhi Dud Singh

The opening match features the “Prince of Perth” Jay Taylor taking on Bombay-expat Delhi Dud Singh. Taylor dominates his opponent using his in-ring experience and clean mat wrestling to ground Singh. Action moves to the outside as Singh tumbles out and Taylor dives out after him. Singh employs the ring’s basement to his advantage as he hides and blindsides Taylor throwing him hard into the post. Singh gains the upper hand, but Taylor fights back, and the two men exchange blows. A DDT from Singh gets a two but suddenly the music of Craven hits – the man who Singh betrayed during a title match last show. The distraction allows Taylor to hit a Cutter and secure the win.

Singh chastises the crowd as he leaves the ring, thinking somehow, they are to blame for his misfortune.

Showtime Clyde vs Jules Canan

The opening riff to “Sweet Caroline” embraces the arena as Showtime Clyde makes his way to the ring sporting a Shawn Michaels inspired look. His opponent Jules Canan enters to the melodic sounds of “Roar” by Katy Perry, setting up the clash of musical styles. The crowd’s efforts to sing Canan “Happy Birthday” are shouted down by the birthday boy before the match quickly speeds up, and with the experience, Clyde dominating early. Clyde’s showboating costs him the edge; Canan uses his ring smarts to maintain control and avoid much of Clyde signature offence. A well-timed shove of the referee creates an opportunity for Canan to hit a superplex that lays out Clyde. Canan’s elbow drop from the top misses the mark, and Clyde quickly shows him how it’s really done with a fast tightrope elbow to secure the win.

Credit: PIX Photography

In Ring Segment

Next out at the Perth K9s, Dane and Odin, to talk to the crowd. The fill us in with what they’ve been up to before welcoming a returning El Tornado to the right to join them. The poor man’s luchador, El Tornado, looks confused and out of place until the Mexican flag flies with the arrival of 37-year veteran Masdek and the Masked Mafia. Through the use of a masked interpreter, Masdek berates El Tornado, who is left no option but to low blow Dane before the Masked Mafia beatdown the Perth K9s.

Masdek and Oz represent the Masked Mafia against soccer mega fan Bruno Nitro and Mr Metalhead Bryan Allan in a bizarre pairing. The match turns chaotic immediately, with the Masked Mafia’s remaining members circling the ring and providing support. Nitro and Allan’s lightning speed gives them the early part of the match; however, the numbers advantage and dirty teamwork of the Mafia soon turns the tide. The referee loses control and is left chasing his tail. A series of rope-supported roll-ups eventually give the Masked Mafia the win.

Jarrad Slate vs Felix Young

In the final match before intermission, Jarrad Slate and Felix Young inform everyone that they are both in action tonight. If they both win, then the commissioner has promised them a tag title shot. Slate faces the recently debuted suplex mega-machine, Ryan. The smaller man hits a powerful T-bone suplex that enrages Slate. A snap German suplex fails to improve the mood; however, a second T-bone attempt is blocked. Slate grabs the advantage over his smaller opponent. The larger opponent grounds Ryan; a series of elbow drops to the lower back leads to a torture rack that Ryan fights out of. It’s combo time as Ryan hits a T-bone, German suplex, Lariat and then a Fisherman’s buster before getting the 1… 2. Slate kicks out and demolishes an unprepared Ryan with a big running boot for the three count. Slate and Young are one step away from their title opportunity, with Young needing to overcome Ritchie Taylor later tonight. Ryan just proved himself to the SHWA and AWN universes.

Credit: PIX Photography

Craig vs Del Cano

We jump to after the intermission as ‘Heavy-Cruiserweight’ York jaws with the SHWA Pride Champion, Del Cano. Somehow, a match between Del Cano and Craig, a guy in a tracksuit, is made. Del Cano levels Craig with an enziguri and a flatliner for the three. Del Cano celebrates as York looks super unimpressed.

Callum Collins vs York

Callum Collins makes his way to the ring; he appears to be a throwback to the emo days of old, and he will take on York now. Collins looks to control things with technique, but the unique mix of power and speed from York keeps swing momentum back his way. York pulls out all the stops with springboard moves and suicide dives – techniques rarely displayed by big men. Collins gains control and uses quick covers and strikes to keep the big man down; however, York fights back, and Collins tumbles outside. With the ref attending to Collins, Del Cano lays York out with the Pride Belt allowing Collins to pick up an easy win when he reenters the squared circle.

Credit: PIX Photography

In Ring Segment

Jeremiah Kingsley’s manager Mark Midas enters the arena and brings out Roxy Ryot. Midas introduces Ryot as his newest client after identifying her as the most dominant individual in the promotion. Ebenizah J Klaus enters with a clipboard in hand. He informs Midas that the main event match has been signed, and it will be Jeremiah Kingsley defending his championship against a mystery opponent. Klaus hightails it with Kingsley in hot pursuit, wanting to know who he will be facing so he can prepare.

Felix Young vs Smash Mouth Ritchie Taylot

The familiar music of Felix Young and Jarrad Slate hit, with Young pumped for his opportunity to secure a tag team title shot. As the Living End’s “Roll On” floods the Armadale Arena, an excited ‘Smashmouth’ Ritchie Taylor makes his way to the ring. The boys lock up, and it’s a mat wrestling clinic to start this one. It soon morphs into Taylor’s wheelhouse of a hard-hitting slugfest. Young assumes that he has an advantage over his smaller opponent. They brawl on the outside with the strength and brutality of both men exhibited. Young’s dirty tactics and cheap shots with assists from Slate get him a series of near falls. Taylor tries to rally but is cut off at every opportunity by Young. Young toys with Taylor, who unleashes a barrage on Young, leading to a double knockdown as both men deliver stiff elbows. The men both look to end it with a series of brutal moves that would usually end a match, but these men’s fortitude cannot be questioned. Taylor chops Young down with a series of strikes before knocking him out with a roaring elbow to get the three. ‘Smashmouth’ is Walking on the Sun as he shows that he is a real All-Star.

Credit: PIX Photography

SHWA Championship: Jeremiah Kingsley vs Axxton

In the main event of the evening, SHWA Heavyweight Champion Jeremiah Kingsley is led to the ring by Mark Midas for his title defence against one half of the SHWA Tag Team Champions Axxton. Axxton sends Kingsley flying across the ring with a shoulder block, with Kingsley smartly looking for a quick win after he recovers. The match is a balanced encounter with both men trading power moves and strikes. Midas provides a distraction when his client is in trouble, allowing Kingsley to hit a low blow followed by the Kingsley Crash for the win.

As Kingsley celebrates, the other half, the SHWA Tag Team Champions Marshall makes his way to the ring. He warns Kingsley that he is on borrowed time as a champion and will take the belt from him.

Credit: PIX Photography

SHWA’s We’re All Mad Here 2019 proved solid entertainment, and I recommend checking them out on AWN. There are several SHWA shows available to watch on the platform so check them out at either on-demand or as part of their subscription package.

I’ll shine the spotlight on another WrestleRock superstar very soon.

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