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Australian Wrestling Network (AWN)

PCW Midget Mania 2006 Review – Australian Wrestling Network

Thanks to the good people at the Australian Wrestling Network, we head back to the ‘Attitude Era’ of the Melbourne wrestling scene at Professional Championship Wrestling (PCW) Midget Mania 2006.

Whilst most people are familiar with the current incarnation of PCW that runs its highly popular shows out, the fact there is a disclaimer that the content of the show does not reflect the current views of PCW talent and management indicates this show occurred in a time before changes in current social and political attitudes.

Opening Segment

The show opens with a video package recapping the previous show, Risk, highlighting the arrival at this event’s main event of Pitbull & Slikk Steev teaming against Touch of Class members Daniel Swagger and Trikki D.

This brings PCW Heavyweight Champion, Pitbull and Slikk Steev out to the ring. The crowd is vocal about their disdain for the duo, but who blames them as Pitbull continually calls them “tree swinging baboons.”

A Touch of Class video package interrupts with members, Daniel Swagger, Trikki D, Billy Blaze and Twiztid Steel, hitting the streets of Melbourne to ask everyday Melbournians their thoughs on Pitbull.

Unsurprisingly, nobody knows Pitbull and are easily charmed by the Touch of Class quartet. The video ends and the boys make their way into the arena, much to the chagrin of Pitbull. An enraged Pitbull calls for tonight’s main event to have both his PCW Heavyweight Championship and Trikki D’s PCW Crusierweight Championship on the line, with the winning team walking away with both titles.

Match 1: Sinister Vs Carnage

In a clash of styles, the green submission machine Sinister, takes on kickboxing master Carnage. Sinister works the arm early and overpowers his opponent. A miss timed bulldog attempt from Sinister gives Carnage an opening.

Carnage takes advantage and gets a near fall with top rope splash. Sinister lives up to his name with low blow followed by a bigtime belly to belly suplex. He succeeds with a running bulldog for two. The martial arts prowess of Carnage chops down Sinister, before a spinebuster from Carnage secures the three. A vindicative Sinister lays out Carnage with his innovative Aftershock move post-match to walk out with his head held high.

Jeric Craven & Stuart Valentino

PCW Tag Team Champions Jeric Craven & Stuart Valentino make their way out to the ring, Craven talks about defending the titles last show. Explaining how his partner Laser abandoned him, but thankfully Valentino made his PCW return and came to his aid and now joins him as a champion.

They are interrupted by the Full Blooded Midgets, Mr Big and Joey Russell who demand a title shot. It’s a “no” from Craven and Valentino who say they need to get in line. Mr Big isn’t happy and throws an open challenge to any team in the back and ask for a title shot next show if they impress the champs. The Tijuana Kid & El Diablo answer the call, PCW Commissioner Mario Milano comes out to authorise the number 1 contender match.

Match 2: Full Blooded Midgets (Mr Big & Joel Russell) vs El Diablo & Tijuana Kid

The Mexican duo show no respect to their opponents. The battle spills to the outside quickly, with Mr Big using the ringside area as his playground. Russell showcases his technical ability in the ring with a flying head scissors and delayed suplex.

As the lucha libre team attempt to build momentum, Mr Big weathers a barrage and hulks up, enraged he hits a low blow and splash. A stunner from Big, Russell dives to the outside stopping the save and the pair secure a hard earned win. An impressed Craven decides that there would be no better event for Big and Russell to have their title shot than Midget Mania so the title match will happen tonight.

Match 3: The Tank vs Wog Warrior

Intense and hostile start with both men looking for the early power advantage. Warrior dominates early but Tank fights back and begins to dismantle his opponent’s leg. In response, Warrior throws Tank out of ring. The action moves outside, Tank continues after the leg, stunning the power lifter with a double ax-handle to the outside.

With both men back in the ring, Warrior takes control again, using his undeniable strength to hit a crisp gorilla press slam. With no other option, Tank employs dirty and hard-hitting tactics to regain control. A comeback from Warrior, a spinning head kick decapitates Tank and a sit out powerbomb ends this one with the PCW fan favourite Wog Warrior securing the win.

Match 4: Psychotic vs Chuck E Chaos

A handshake to start the match and a clean lock up. Impressive counter wrestling leads to a series of near falls. The speed of Psychotic is no match for the ring awareness of Chaos. Putting his body on the line a number of times, allow Chaos to neutralise the high flying offence of Psychotic.

The cold hard arena floor is no friend of Chaos as the action spills outside, Psychotic uses the ringside environment as a brutal weapon. Back in the ring, Psychotic spikes Chaos with a tornado DDT, followed by a moonsault for the win.

Always the gentleman, Chaos congratulates the better man after the match. Suddenly Tank and Chris Knight enter the ring and attack, using a solid steel chair Tank looks to destroy the knee of Chaos applying a single leg crab whilst having it entwined through the piece of furniture.

Match 5: PCW Tag Team Championship Match: Jeric Craven & Stuart Valentino vs Full Blooded Midgets (Mr Big & Joey Russell)

In an entertaining surprise, it’s a fast technical encounter between Big and Craven to kick it off. Big using his size to his advantage, outsmarting Craven at every opportunity.

With partners tagged in, it continues with Russell outwitting Valentino, until Valentino tosses his smaller opponent aside and takes control. The Full Blooded Midgets get into the driver’s seat with some impressive displays of power however a Lariat-Russian leg sweep combo from the champions puts Mr Big away and ensures that their title reign continues.

Match 6: Chris Knight w Baron Valiant vs Billy Blaze w Twiztid Steel

It’s the raw power of Storm Academy trained Knight up against the natural talent of Blaze, but it almost ends in a count out when Knight is sent to the outside. Valiant involves himself assisting Knight on a number of occasions, leading to Twiztid Steele acting to nullify Valiant’s influence.

Blaze takes over as the action heads outside, but Knight quickly overpowers him. The arrogance of Knight almost costs him but he reverses an Unprettier in a jackhammer for the statement win.

Main Event: Title Vs Title Two Falls to the Finish Tag Team Tables Match: Slikk Steev & Pitbull (PCW Heavyweight Champion) vs Trikki D (PCW Cruiserweight Champion) & Daniel Swagger

Swagger and Steev, the two non-champions, start things off with a ferocious chop fest. Double team moves from the Touch of Class members keep them in control. A hot tag to Pitbull swings and takes the momentum up several notches. Several times, competitors forget that to win they need to put someone through a table and waste energy on pinfall attempts.

The action spills to the outside and finally the tables enter the encounter. Pitbull sacrifices himself to save Steev from going through the table at ringside. An eliminated Pitbull lays out Swagger with the ring bell on his way to the back. Trikki and Steev continue to fight it out. A faulty table almost foils Steev’s chances to win, however, Steev counters Trikki and propels him through the table bringing the match to sudden death.

Steev puts all his energy into putting Swagger through a table, but a swift superkick from Swagger leaves Steev laying on the table. A top rope splash from Swagger cracks the table but the referee is unconscious and can’t declare the winner. Pitbull seizes the opportunity, enters the ring and drives Swagger through a table. He drags an unconscious referee into the ring and declares Steev the winner. With all this confusion, Slikk Steev is the new PCW Cruiserweight Champion, and the Pitbull is STILL PCW Heavyweight Champion in an entertaining yet chaotic encounter.

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