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Kingsley Talks Her Future And How TV Has Influenced Her Career

On The Turnbuckle managed to chat to PWA star Kingsley and talked to her on a number of subjects including transitioning to singles competition and working without a crowd during the pandemic.

Two areas the team covered was what her future plans are in wrestling and PWA, and well as how her favourite movies and TV shows helped her evolve her character.

On Pulling Influences From Television

Yeah! I feel like the pandemic gave us a lot of time to work on ourselves, especially our promos and characters. I really tried to see what is relevant and relatable in movies, what did people like and try to add that to my characters and promos.

For example the most recent promo I did for the rumble was a Simpsons reference, so it was the Mr. Plow episode which I love so much but I had that in mind for AGES. So little things like that, how can Kingsley do something like the Mr. Plow.

My favourite movie is The Crow and I did that promo for my match with Uncle Jack (Bonza) so lots of little references that the audience can relate to and that’s what I did during the pandemic for my character growth, finding out how Kingsley relates to my audience.

Her Future Goals for PWA and Wrestling In General:

Ah yeah I mean if I didn’t have my injury at the moment… but you know… let’s pretend I don’t have a knee injury, I definitely would love to be in (PWA’s) Colosseum at some point. I’d love to go for a title at somepoint.

Hopefully I’d love to go overseas at somepoint when the world isn’t… you know. My number one goal right now is to heal up but other than that I don’t want to be just someone in the middle of the card. I would love to be climbing up to a spot up the top and be someone that everyone wants to wrestle.

I’m very selfaware of my abilities. I know on what I have to work on. But I just want to be someone whose fun to work with.

You Can Listen To The Full Interview BELOW:

All credit for the awesome interview belongs to the On The Turnbuckle team.  

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Lord Andy Coyne is Australia's number one commentator and ring announcer. In addition for working for many of Australia's top promotions, his international work includes for the likes of Ring of Honor, Progress and New Japan Pro Wrestling.

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