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Destroy All Monsters Deathmatch (2006) Review – Australian Wrestling Network

In the build-up to WrestleRock XXX, I continue through the Australian Wrestling Network archives, looking at WrestleRock’s biggest and baddest stars. This time I focus on the custodians of the Hardcore HotelMad Dog and KrackerJak. I was hoping to focus on their original hardcore encounter at WrestleRock 4; however, the WrestleRock back catalogue is not available on the fantastic AWN. Instead, I will recap their meeting at the lesser-known Destroy All Monsters deathmatch event from 2006, a show ahead of its time.

Jay Andrews vs Mike Manson

Occurring in a dark and dingy incarnation of the Retreat Hotel in Brunswick, Brave Dave welcomed the audience to the event as Stan Bush’s “The Touch” plays in the background. He introduces the first match, Jay Andrews taking on Mike Manson. A gentlemanly handshake starts this off before both men unstrap their fists and bash each other. Manson has the early size and power advantage, but Andrews turns it around with his tenacity and aggression. The deadlock looks to be broken as both men bring chairs into the ring. The excitement of the heckling crowd rises in anticipation, but the referee, Daniel Beaumont, calls a double DQ as both men strike each other with their respective chairs. Brave Dave explains the rules to the uneducated crowd before throwing to the next match.

Credit: Australian Wrestling Network

Adam Gambino vs Tre

Adam Gambino is out with his manager, Damian Drake, and they offer an open challenge. On behalf of the monster Tre, Shane Hero comes out to accept the challenge with the dreadlocked beast charging the ring and attacking Gambino. The action quickly spills to the outside, and Tre chops Gambino to oblivion. With the action back in the ring, Gambino rallies and gets some offence and a near fall before Tre’s strength proves too much with Tre throwing Gambino like a corpse around the ring. Interference from Drake gets another near fall, but Hero breaks it up. Gambino and Drake look to take out the referee, but Daniel Beaumont knocks them down with a double lariat giving Tre the opportunity to a sit-out powerbomb for the win in a methodical but entertaining affair.

Credit: Australian Wrestling Network


Brave Dave brings out KrackerJak to cut a promo before the third ever deathmatch in Australian wrestling. KrackerJak tells the crowd all about his home-crafted tools of destruction he created for tonight, including a door-of-nails, promising “a f***load of blood, a f***load of pain and a slow golf clap.”

Chip vs Slex

Next up is the highflying fan favourite Chip facing off against Slex. The two men don’t wait for the bell and are immediately on the offensive. Fast feet and stiff strikes give Slex an early advantage until Chip pulls a tornado DDT out of nowhere for two. As Slex begins to regain momentum, Chip neutralises Slex with mat wrestling, and submission holds. A frustrated Slex regains control and sends Chip to the outside and annihilates him with a suicide dive. Back inside the ring, both men tussle for control and get a series of near falls. A Slex-ecution only gets a two count before Chip rolls Slex up for the pinfall out of nowhere. Not happy with the result, Slex tries to get his hand raised by the referee before slapping the camera on his way backstage.

Credit: Australian Wrestling Network

Cletus Blood & Eden vs Logan & Tigre

The next match is a mixed tag team match with Cletus Blood and the returning Eden taking on Logan and Tigre. Some rather suggestive mat wrestling between the ladies gets the crowd’s attention before Eden, and Tigre literally beat each other into the mat. With speed versus size, the control belongs to the bigger man, Logan. Risk-taking and agility get Cletus some room to breathe; he tags in Eden. She goes toe-to-toe with the gigantic Logan before being drilled with a spine buster and giant swing. Tigre and Logan double team Eden on the outside until Cletus risks life and limb to stop them. Logan maintains control as it re-enters the ring brutalising Eden with chops and slams. Cletus saves Eden on numerous occasions before receiving the hot tag and hitting a modified Canadian Destroyer for the win. Chaos occurs after the match as Cletus takes out Tigre, and then Logan destroys Eden.

Credit: Australian Wrestling Network

Mad Dog

Before the main event, a scantily clad woman is chased by a man in a dinosaur costume before Mad Dog makes the save and suplexes “Godzilla”. Mad Dog then challenges the crowd to stay around for the deathmatch, including “a bed of nails” and “barbed wire.”

Deathmatch – KrackerJak vs Mad Dog

It’s now main event time, and KrackerJak enters along with his bed of nails, which is secured to one corner of the ring, while a barbed wire board is attached to the opposite corner. Mad Dog enters the ring, chair in hand, to the music of hardcore legend Sabu. Collar and elbow tie-up to start the match as KrackerJak looks to shove Mad Dog into the bed of nails. After many near misses, KrackerJak propelled Mad Dog into the bed of nails, and KrackerJak meets the barbed wire board. Both men sport the crimson mask when KrackerJak places the barbed wire over Mad Dog and delivers a top rope splash, slicing and dicing his opponent. The brutality continues as KrackerJak lands face first on the bed of nails followed by a suplex onto the barbed wire; however, the Mad Bastard will not stay down. Mad Dog is sent into the barbed wire with a dragon suplex leading to a momentum swing. KrackerJak asks the crowd for a “working chair”, allowing Mad Dog to recover and layout the Mad Bastard with a chair shot with a chair frame.

A Death Valley Driver off the top rope through the barbed wire board by Mad Dog only gets a 2 count but does get a massive reaction from the crowd. KrackerJak returns fire and locks in a modified cloverleaf dragging Mad Dog through the barbed wire before pushing him into the bed of nails. Mad Dog escapes leading to KrackerJak introducing cinder blocks and glass sheeting into the ring. Mad Dog combs KrackerJak’s hair with the barbed wire pulling out tufts in the process. Both men exchange slams onto what remains of the barbed wire before Mad Dad creates a bed of nails, KrackerJak, glass sheeting and cinder block sandwich, which he crushes with a sledgehammer.

Before he can attempt the pin, Jay Andrews and Mike Manson attack him and throw him from the ring and declare that if “they can’t have hardcore wrestling, then no one can.” Mad Dog rises like a phoenix wrapped in barbed wire and chases the intruders from the ring. Mad Dog challenges Andrews and Manson to face him and KrackerJak in a Tag Team Cactus Tree Deathmatch next month.

Credit: Australian Wrestling Network

Bonus Match: No Ropes Barbed Wire Deathmatch – KrackerJak vs Mad Dog

In a special treat, rarely seen feature on Australian wrestling shows, there is a bonus match of KrackerJak against Mad Dog in a Barbed Wire Ropes Deathmatch. The men lock up, and we get a technical wrestling classic as they both look to avoid contact with the barbed wire barrier. A thumbtack pit is brought into the ring by KrackerJak and the referee, but as he attempts to drive Mad Dog headfirst into the pit, a series of reversals see Mad Dog thrown into the barbed wire ropes, bringing them undone on one side of the ring. Mad Dog makes a comeback, piercing KrackerJak’s forehead with a pair of scissors.

With KrackerJak’s head over the pit of thumbtacks, a mistimed strike from Mad Dog sees his palm filled with tacks. You can’t keep a mad dog down, and Mad Dog dives over the barbed wire top rope onto KrackerJak. However, the Mad Bastard does all he can to put him down with a front suplex across the barbed wire, he goes to the well once too often, and Mad Dog drops KrackerJak crotch first across the barbed wire. A slam and a powerbomb into the thumbtacks get the nearest of near falls for Mad Dog, but KrackerJak continues to resist. Mad Dog uses lighting tubes, barbed wire and thumbtacks to create the ultimate pit of death. His torture device is used against him as KrackerJak blocks a hurricanrana and powerbombs him into the contraption for a two count.

A piledriver onto fluorescent tubes does not put KrackerJak away, so Mad Dog sets his own leg on fire and delivers a flaming leg drop off a ladder, ensuring the 3 count.

Credit: Australian Wrestling Network

There is no doubt that Mad Dog and KrackerJak have been two of the best hardcore deathmatch competitors in Australia today.

Hopefully, at WrestleRock XXX, the Hardcore Hotel will open its doors once again, and the crowd at the Corner Hotel get to see a truly unique form of wrestling. Until then, catch up on some deathmatch promotions on AWN at and support your local deathmatch promotions.

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