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Australian Wrestling News

WrestleRock is back and Turning 30

With the opening of ticket sales, Good Friday is getting elevated to “Unbelievably super-sized Awesome” Friday with the news that Wrestlerock XXX (that’s 30 in Roman numerals) is set to occur on Friday, April 2nd. With its last show occurring way back in 2019 thanks to that global hiccup to live events that occurred in 2020, the cast and crew of Wrestlerock finally hit the “Dirty Thirty.” Wrestlerock holds a special place in this writer’s heart. During the beginning of the promotion, I helped assemble the ring and hang out backstage before and after the show.

All we know thus far is that the newly crowned WrestleRock Champion ‘Smashmouth’ Ritchie Taylor will be defending his title; the question is against who? Given the special occasion, it could literally be anyone: a worthy up and comer, a big name or a former star. There are some obvious names to be considered:

Mad Dog

Nobody would complain if Mad Dog answered the call as he is a walk-up inductee into the WrestleRock Hall of Fame. The two men brought the house down in a brutal encounter a few shows back. A championship defence against a Wrestlerock mainstay would immediately validate Taylor’s title reign. Taylor already owns a win over Mad Dog in a fantastic and hard-hitting encounter at WrestleRock May the Fourth in 2019. This could be a chance for Mad Dog to even the ledger and reclaim the gold.

‘Big Sexy Unit’ Nick Bury

The STI of WrestleRock has been on quite a tear, with his only loss being an unsuccessful FWA Women’s title defence against Xena. Bury continues to be a crowd favourite who would love to feature in the spotlight of a WrestleRock main event. It would also add to his resume to impress the ladies with. Has he done enough to be worthy of the chance? Undoubtedly yes!

Matty Wahlberg

The New South Welshman owns a victory over Taylor in his only WrestleRock appearance. The cocky Wahlberg will surely ask for a shot providing the borders remain open. Wahlberg is an instant heat machine who will add plenty of fuel to the fire of Taylor first title defence. The ‘Red Beard’ vs the ‘King of the Red Plastic Cup’ – the perfect opportunity to bring Wahlberg back to the Corner Hotel for another night of 21st Century Success.

Once the card fills out, I’ll preview the event in full, but until then think of the dream card for the promotion that is the premier brand for pub wrestling in Australia. Until then, I’ll revisit some past shows and some past events with WrestleRock’s biggest and most iconic stars available through the Australian Wrestling Network.

Until then remember WrestleRock is back at the Corner Hotel in Richmond on Good Friday, April 2nd!

Tickets are extremely limited and have been selling FAST! Don’t miss out!

Grab yours here:

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