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The Road To WrestleBrainia- The Rock Concert/Quiz Show Hybrid Is Coming Back!

Part Rock concert, part quiz show, all fun, it’s WrestleBrainia.

WrestleBrainia is unlike any show you’ve seen. Part Roman Colosseum, part panel show and all fun, it returns for its third Melbourne International Comedy Festival on Sunday afternoons at The Catfish Hotel in Fitzroy Melbourne (March 28, April 4, 11 and 18 at 4PM).

With a new tournament format and a whole bunch of new games, WrestleBrainia is returning having had a year off and more creativity and fun. The show is Spicks and Specks with bodyslams and clotheslines.

“We wanted to see the finest wrestling talent Melbourne and Australia has to offer, so this time we’re partnering with DeathMatch Downunder, Professional Championship Wrestling, WrestleRock, the Vicious Pursuit Training Centre and On the Turnbuckle. They’re all bringing their best talent to have a lot of fun and laughs throughout the afternoon,” WrestleBrainia Creative Director Geoff Setty explains.

“This time around we’ve had time to really think about the fun contribution we put on the wrestling landscape in Australia, and realise the sense of humour and ability to rile the crowd-up is unique to a show like this. We’re looking forward to seeing how much the WrestleBrainia responds to the entrances, the wrestlers and our world famous and world class comedians and personalities including Tosh Greenslade, Michael Chamberlin and a lot more.

“We don’t ask the crowd to get rowdy and loud, we expect them to, they will yell and scream more than any other show. WrestleBrainia really is part rock concert, part quiz show and all fun. When we did the show in Sydney and Pax before the pandemic, we were happy to see crowds responded as positively as they do here for our ‘normal’ show.

“We really look forward to seeing what the show brings this time around, it’s not something you want to miss seeing.”

 To book tickets, please go to:

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Pro Wrestling, MMA and karaoke. These things fuel me. Loved wrestling for 23 years, loved MMA for 19 years, but having Cerebral Palsy means I probably won't ever be a pro wrestler or MMA fighter. Luckily, there's always video games.

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