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PWA Premiership: Everything you need to Know Before Tonight’s Finals

With the PWA Premiership Final taking place later today (8pm on the OVO channel), NOW is the best time to catch up on what’s been going on and who we think is going to win this thing.

Recently we took part in an online interview with PWA Commentator Supreme Andy Rose.

PART 1: Looking Back at the PWA Premiership

Snap Mayor’s Mick and Andy talk to the commentator in two interviews, PART 1 we look back on the tournament. How it all unfolded, the stories that have transpired in the round robin tournament, the unsung heroes who made it work, and his personal highlights.


PART 2: The PWA Premiership Final Predictions

Lord Andy, Mick and Andy Rose look at who can still win the Premiership, the key matches this involves and who we think will move forward to the GRAND final at PWA Black Label: Black in Black Label on Feb 12th.

So What IS The PWA Premiership?

Over the last few months, and during the Covid lockdown PWA have hosted the PWA Premiership tournament from their training school / PWA HQ.

Similar to the New Japan Pro Wrestling G1, the tournament features two round robin blocks, with 8 competitors each (16 in total).

Each of those 8 competitors will face each other in 10 minute contests. A win earns them 2 points, a draw will give them 1 point. Whomever has the most points in their respective block goes on to the Grand Final at Black In Black Label. In the event of a draw at the top of the table ALL joint winners go through to the Grand Final.

Tonight (Monday 25th Jan) is the LAST stage of the round robin tournament and all competitors will have their final matches to determine who enters the Grand Fanal.




Block A

Credit: PWA Twitter

Unsocial Jordan: 10

Sam Osborne: 10

Mick Moretti: 10

Charli Evans: 7 (Mathematically cannot win anymore)

Kai Drake: 5 (Mathematically cannot win anymore)

Paris De Silva: 4 (Mathematically cannot win anymore)

William Preston: 2 (Mathematically cannot win anymore)

Kingsley: 0 (Mathematically cannot win anymore)

Block B

Credit: PWA Twitter

Lyrebird Luchi: 9

Jessica Troy: 8

Mat Rogers: 8

Matty Wahlberg: 8

Jack J Bonza: 5 (Mathematically cannot win anymore)

Big Fudge: 4 (Mathematically cannot win anymore)

Jimmy Townsend: 4 (Mathematically cannot win anymore)

Jude London: 2 (Mathematically cannot win anymore)

Enjoy! And get ready to enjoy the PWA Premiership Final tonight (Monday) at 7pm on OVO. THEN you can watch PWA Black Label: Back in Black Label LIVE on FITE!

Written By

Lord Andy Coyne is Australia's number one commentator and ring announcer. In addition for working for many of Australia's top promotions, his international work includes for the likes of Ring of Honor, Progress and New Japan Pro Wrestling.

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