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MCW Fallout 2021 Results (Bonus SLEX Match, New Champs!?!, Robbie Eagles RETURNS!)

Brat Pack CeleBRATion

The Brat Pack came out to celebrate Mitch Waterman winning Ballroom Brawl the month before. This led to SLEX coming out and challenging Mitch Waterman for a match later in the evening.

Intercommonwealth Championship: Ritchie Taylor vs Caveman Ugg (and Lochy Hendricks?!?!?)

What started as a one on one match, ended with “Australian Wrestling Legend” Lochy Hendricks entering the match using the power of his Australian Wrestling Legend Contract. Lochy Hendricks goes on to win the championship and become the NEW Intercommonwealth Champion.

MCW Women’s Championship: Avary vs Kellyanne

Kellyanne competes very aggressively and overcomes Avary, becoming the new MCW Women’s Champion.

Anth Cava (w/ Skylar Cruize) vs Mikey Broderick

Despite involvement from Skylar Cruize, Mikey Broderick wins.

Mitch Waterman vs. SLEX

Despite a solid effort, Waterman falls to the more experienced main event level competitor in SLEX.

Post match, The Natural Classics challenge The Brat Pack for their tag teams championship next month.

Elimination Handicap Match: Jake Andrewartha vs. Zane Zodiac, Emman the Kid & Tony Villani.

Despite lasting longer than his tag partners, Tony Villani falls to the might of Jake Andrewartha.

Rocky Menero vs Jett Rouka

Rocky Menero’s superior experience over the younger and more agile Rouke allowed him to get the victory.

MCW World Championship: Adam Brooks vs Danny Psycho

Adam Brooks successfully defends his championship. Post match, a video plays with Robbie Eagles challenging Adam Brooks for the championship.

MCW’s next show NEW HORIZONS takes place from the Thornbury Theatre on May 8th. Tickets are available now from

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Lord Andy Coyne is Australia's number one commentator and ring announcer. In addition for working for many of Australia's top promotions, his international work includes for the likes of Ring of Honor, Progress and New Japan Pro Wrestling.

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