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Australian Wrestling News

Introducing the Broadcast Team for Deathmatch Downunder’s TV Debut

We are quickly on the road to Deathmatch Downunder’s debut event “… And Out Come The Wolves”, which will take place on Jan 16th at the Arrow on Swanston in Melbourne. Tickets are sold out, but YOU can watch the event from the 28th January 2020 exclusively on IndependentWrestling.TV.

So one question being asked is WHO will be the official broadcast team for this debut television / OTT streaming taping?

Commentator: Lord Andy Coyne

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Yeah I know. He gets everywhere.

First up is Snap Mayor’s own Lord Andy Coyne.

Lord Andy Coyne is a 20 year + pro in the world of professional wrestling. After an initial small run of in ring matches, he would go on to find his comfort zone behind the microphone for some of the top promotions in the UK, and then eventually Australia.

His previous work includes Melbourne City Wrestling, Progress Wrestling, Ring of Honor, and ring announcing for New Japan Pro Wrestling during one of their recent tours here in Australia.

Lord Andy Coyne’s involvement is part of the Snap Mayors Media sponsorship of Deathmatch Downunder, and we are proud to be able to support this new and exciting promotion in 2021 and beyond.

Commentator: Jessica Kyle

No description available.
Photo Credit: Cory Lockwood Photography

Making her debut behind the comms desk is Jessica Kyle; a former pro wrestler who trained and travelled all over Australia, and has been a lifelong fan of the sport.

Looking to make the move to the commentary desk, Jess hopes to combine her in-ring experience and passion for telling the story of an athletic contest with a fresh take on broadcasting that informs and entertains live and international audiences alike.

Ring Announcer: Brenton Harris

Great photo, but he’s clearly never held the Autobot Matrix of Leadership

Brenton is looking to make his debut in the crazy world of wrestling, but is bringing a lot of behind the microphone skill and experience along with him.

As a longtime music journalist, Brenton has been deep reporting on the world of punk, hardcore, rock, alternate and metal music. Through this he hosts the Radults podcast and is also the vocalist for indy Melbourne punk band Catholic Guilt.

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Yes, I'm the guy who gets his pasty chest chopped by savages. Yes, I'm the guy who was stuffed into a public bin by one of the said savages. And yes, I'm one of the select few people who have an undying passion for both professional wrestling and crosswords. Sue me.

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