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AEW’s Chris Jericho To Appear On Broken Skull Sessions On The WWE Network

Talk about something that may break the Internet! We’re past April Fools, and WWE have dropped a bomb on us. Yesterday, WWE put a post on their social media with a countdown featuring a Stone Cold graphic, indicating some Austin-related news. The short clip also featured the distinctive sounds of the intro to Chris Jericho’s WWE theme music, which many fans picked up on. While it was initially thought that WWE were simply repurposing a piece of their intellectual property, the link was real. The full release of the video pans out to show Stone Cold and Chris Jericho sitting at the Broken Skull Sessions desk. Jericho will be a guest on Austin’s show, airing on the WWE Network (Peacock in the US) on April 11.

While AEW have become known for breaking down “the forbidden door” between itself and other wrestling companies- such as Impact Wrestling and New Japan Pro Wrestling– WWE seemed like the one unreachable place. Chris Jericho is obviously a WWE legend, but he is also a fully active member of the AEW roster- their first World Champion, leader of the Inner Circle faction, and appeared in a key segment on this past week’s episode of Dynamite, attacking MJF and his new faction, The Pinnacle.

Sports Illustrated revealed information regarding the deal coming together. While it’s pretty on-brand for AEW President Tony Khan to green-light such a move, the sticking point would seem to be WWE owner Vince McMahon. SI gave the following quotes from Steve Austin on getting Vince’s approval for a Jericho appearance:

“I texted Vince and said we had this badass idea about Jericho coming on the show,” Austin says. “Vince goes, ‘It’s cool. Go ahead.’ But me and Vince don’t always do well with phones and texts and all that, so I texted one more time, ‘Are you sure it’s O.K. to have Chris Jericho on the show?’ Vince gave me the thumbs up, and Chris came out to do the show.”

It’s also notable the timing of this interview- it airs on the day of Night 2 of Wrestlemania 37. April 11 will be a newsworthy day in pro wrestling on a number of levels… and I’ll be watching with a Broken Skull IPA in one hand and a Little Bit Of The Bubbly in the other.

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