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Deathmatch Downunder: And Out Come the Wolves Results (& SPOILERS!!!)

There’s a new promotion in Melbourne, and the people behind it are here to make a statement; one of inclusion and acceptance. This statement applies twofold, firstly to the concept of Deathmatch Wrestling as a legitimate competition in Australia, and secondly to the belief that a live show should be safely enjoyed by anyone, no matter gender, race, or creed.

It’s powerful motivation for a brand that put on their very first show last night, a show that, for many in Melbourne, was their first taste of live wrestling since before lockdown.

With a rabid, rowdy, and above all else respectful crowd, Deathmatch DownUnder’s “And Out Come The Wolves” was a memorable debut, one that overall succeeded in its lofty goals.

(Thanks to Digital Beard for his amazing photos).

Match 1: “Smash Mouth” Ritchie Taylor vs. Tommy Knight

The opening bars of “Roll On” echo throughout the arena, for the first time in far too long, as Ritchie Taylor enters to a thunderous hometown ovation.

Taylor has his hands full with his opponent for this starting matchup, Adelaide’s Heavyweight sensation Tommy Knight!

Knight hasn’t wrestled in Melbourne since 2017, and no doubt has a lot to prove in this match against the perennial favourite.

The bell sounds and Taylor and Knight lock up. Ritchie takes Tommy to the corner but the big man overpowers “Smash Mouth”. Ritchie shakes it off and begins to pick up steam, diving to the outside onto Knight. He’s punished by Knight with a sickening chop that reverberates through the arena, followed by a Powerslam onto the edge of the apron (the scientifically proven hardest part of the ring)!

The man from Adelaide is on the offense now, showing so respect for the chops that Taylor delivers in a valiant effort to regain momentum. Tommy takes Ritchie corner to corner with Irish Whips, and covers for just a 1 count! Knight follows up the unsuccessful pinfall with a Running Senton.

Out of nowhere, Ritchie get a rollup for a 2 count! However, his momentum is cut short via a Spinning Back Suplex that Knight delivers for a 2 count of his own.

After toying with Ritchie for a bit, Knight decides to get aerial and heads to the top rope, but hits nothing but matt on his way down! “Smash Mouth” find his fire and lands blows, strikes, and a brutal lariat that leaves both competitors on their backs.

Knight begins to show visible signs of frustration, finding himself unable to put Taylor away. The Adelaide adonis calls for a Brainbuster, but perhaps shouldn’t have called the audible as Ritchie is able to scout it and escapes. Back on his feet, and out of nowhere, Taylor hits the Roaring Elbow for the 3 count, and the victory!

Winner by Pinfall: “Smash Mouth” Ritchie Taylor

Match 2: Blacklisted (“The Jaystick” JXT & “Big Rig” Fox) vs. Kurtis Day & Avary

This match is a Deathmatch DownUnder Tag Team Tournament Quarterfinal Match.

Before the bell can even ring, “Big Rig” steals the mic away from ring announcer Brenton Harris to question the validity of Kurtis Day, letting the crowd and his opponent know that Fox has never heard of the newcomer.

Day responds to this disrespect by taking the fight to JXT, getting the better of the more experienced grappler before “The Jaystick” tags Fox in. Kurtis makes sure to let Fox know who he is by hitting an Atomic Drop and then a running clothesline to get a 2 count on The “Big Rig”!

Avary tags in to get a 2 count of her own on Fox, before JXT comes in to break up the pinfall. Day is back in, and the 2-on-1 attack by Blacklisted behind the referee’s back begins, much to the chagrin of Avary. JXT taunts “The Bin Chicken”, daring her to do something, before recommencing the punishment on Day in Blacklisted’s corner.

Avary’s frustration is mounting, but so is Day’s momentum, as he makes a comeback with a series of forearms to Fox, and makes it to his corner to get the hot tag!

“The Bin Chicken” comes flying into the ring (who knew they could fly?), launching her body at JXT and Fox to take both men down! Day makes a tag and gets to the top rope, hitting JXT and pinning him for a nearfall that is broken up by Big Rig.

Avary is then tossed out of the ring by Fox, and JXT takes a turn at the top rope, hitting a flying elbow on Kurtis for a 2 count. Avary comes back in and hits a double Snapmare on both Blacklisted members!

Unfortunately, “The Bin Chicken” is once again kept on the outside of the ring, and the pinfall is taken on Kurtis Day for the 3 count

Winners by Pinfall and advancing in the Tournament: Blacklisted

Post-match, Avary gets on the mic and tells the crowd that, while a loss is always tough, she didn’t come to DMDU to be a tag team competitor.

“I came to give my best. I came here to be the best Bin Chicken there is.” – Avary

Strong, unique words from one of the most beloved wrestlers currently on the Australian scene.

Mitchell Wright Addresses Deathmatch Wrestling

Mitchell Wright interrupts Brenton’s announcement of the next match to address the DMDU fans. Wright downplays the athleticism of Deathmatch Wrestling, telling the crowd that no one backstage is worthy of lacing up his boots.

However, sure enough from backstage emerges “The Mad Bastard” KrackerJak! While it first appears the KrackerJack is out to defend the type of wrestling that established him as an icon, he immediately piles on in insulting the DMDU roster, mocking their fitness and wrestling prowess. This seems to lower the guard of Wright, but KrackerJak then turns on Mitchell and tells him he’s the worst of them all!

KrackerJak then tells Wright that, while DMDU couldn’t pay him enough to come out of retirement, Wright will now be facing “The Mad Bastard’s” brother Gore in an impromptu matchup!

Match 3: Mitchell Wright vs. Gore

Before this reviewer could put pen to paper, this match was over. Gore makes an example out of Wright and gets the easy pin.

Winner by Pinfall: Gore

Match 4: Misspent Youth (Aysha & “Ya Boi” Murdoch) vs. “Fever Pitch” Tyson Baxter & “The Bleak City Saint” Aiden Miller

This match is another Quarterfinal match in the DMDU Tag Team Tournament.

Aysha and Miller start things off for their respective teams, with Aysha faring well in the opening moments despite the size disadvantage, using her entire frame as a battering ram to get a couple of nearfalls on “The Bleak City Saint”!

Baxter and Murdoch tag in, with feats of strength attempted but cut short by Baxter with a kick to the guts of “Ya Boi”. Murdoch shakes it off and hits a series of high impact moves, topping it off with a Cutter for a broken-up 2 count. Murdoch takes out the interfering Miller with a Bionic Elbow.

Murdoch begins to fade and finds himself in trouble, with “Fever Pitch” and “The Bleak City Saint” double teaming “Ya Boi”. Murdoch eventually gets to his corner and tags in Aysha, who clears house and lands a Backstabber on Baxter!

Aysha goes for an Octopus Stretch, but the submission attempt is thwarted by Miller. Aidan hits a Powerbomb on Aysha, who kicks out at 2!

The second attempt at the Octopus Stretch proves luckier for Aysha, with Miller tapping out and sending Misspent Youth into the Tournament Semis!

Winners by Submission: Misspent Youth

Match 5: UGWA Total Violence Championship Match: Joel Bateman vs. Gweedo (c)

The bell sounds and we are underway. A lockup begins this Deathmatch, but the traditional flow of a wrestling contest is cut short by a chairshot to Gweedo by Bateman.

Gweedo responds by throwing the chair at the head of Joel, connecting with a sickening thud. Gweedo takes one of the nailboards on hand in the corner, lines it up against the scalp of Joel, and slams the nails into Batemans forehead! Blood immediately pours into the eyes of Joel, his screams of agony echoing throughout arena that mix into the gasps of the crowd.

Despite Joel’s impaired vision, he’s still able to lock in a submission attempt on Gweedo’s arm, sending the champion to his knees and allowing Joel to slam a nailboard of his own into Gweedo’s head!

Gweedo doesn’t take this lightly, and fittingly sends Joel into the cut can board!

Both men topple over the ropes, and “The Sire of Barbed Wire” slams Bateman crotch-first onto the guard rail. Gweedo throws Joel back into the ring, and takes to the top rope. Joel lands a sickening chairshot to the head of the champ, and Suplexes him from the top into the elevated board of nails!

Bateman recovers first and lands the Designated Driver (double underhook pile driver) onto the board of cut cans for a 2 count. Things then get REALLY violent when a knife comes into play, and into the forehead of Gweedo.

Gweedo, despite the blood loss, grabs Joel and hits a Amityville Horror slam to retain his championship!

Winner by Pinfall and STILL UGWA Total Violence Champion: Gweedo

Post-match, Bateman grabs a microphone and reiterates DMDU’s Mission Statement. He then changes the landscape of Australian Deathmatch Wrestling with his next statement:

Charli Evans! Let’s Fucking Do This!” – Joel Bateman

Match 6: Tag Team Barbed Wire Board Deathmatch: Raw Beef (2Krayzee & RXSP) vs. ‘Heavyset Violence’ Michael Weaver & Mad Dog

This match is as chaotic as they come, with all four competitors unloading an all-out assault on each other. Weaver is the X-Factor in this match, using his size to squash both member of Raw Beef into…well, raw beef.

Eventually, Weaver gets the pinfall to win the match sending RXSP through one of the barbed wire tables!

Winners by Pinfall: Michael Weaver & Mag Dog.

A promo video is shown, letting the fans know that Steph De Lander will be debuting with Deathmatch DownUnder in the near future.

Match 7: Caveman Ugg vs. “The Final Boss” Jake Andrewartha

It’s Judo Champion vs. Jurassic Juggernaut in this Heavyweight clash.

As announced by Brenton Harris, “The Final Boss” hasn’t been defeated in 2 years, but can he overcome the PWA Heavyweight and MCW Intercommon Champion?

Lockup between these two begins this bout. Both athletes take their shot at getting the other off their feet, but neither is able to do so. The two them simultaneously change strategy and begin chopping each other, both men giving no quarter again.

Ugg switches it up and hits a running dropkick on Andrewartha, sending Jake to the matt to the delight of the crowd!

“The Final Boss” becomes enraged, tossing Ugg around in a way that has never been done before. Ugg rallies and headbutts Jake, which rattles the Judoka, but that’s about it. Both big men try their hand (and arm) at a running clothesline, but they cancel each other out. Andrewartha catches Ugg’s foot and won’t let go, despite the repeated slaps to the chest of Jake to break the hold.

Ugg eventually gets both feet back under him and delivers A Tour Of The Caves to Andrewartha, followed up by a Moonsault from the top rope.  It appears Jake was playing possum though, as he traps The Caveman in Game Over for the submission.

Winner by Submission: “The Final Boss” Jake Andrewartha

Main Event: 100 Light Tubes Match: “Australia’s Most Violent Man” Damien Rivers vs. “Nobody” Callen Butcher

It’s Main Event time, with this grudge match taking place in a ring surrounded by light tubes. Both men immediately grab a tube and a headshot in stereo breaks the first two tubes of the evening,

Rivers cuts open Butcher with the shattered glass of a broken tube, letting loose a torrent of blood. A Glad Wrap box comes into play next, with Rivers taking the sharp edge of the box to the skin of Butcher.

Eventually, Rivers takes the lifeless body of Butcher to the corner, and drives Callen’s skull through a series of tubes that creates a sight and sound akin to a horror movie.

Rivers then hits 1 Suplex, followed by a second Suplex, and….that’s all Damien gives to the fans, cutting the wordless tribute to Guerrero short to the anger of the crowd.

Butcher rallies and hits a Brainbuster into the shattered light tube remnants. Rivers is made of strong stuff though, and lands a headshot with a light tube followed by a Piledriver.

“Australia’s Most Violent Man” uses the Glad Wrap for its intended purpose, wrapping up the face and body of Rivers. Rivers breaks free though, proving the wrap is better suited for preserving freshness.

Rivers then goes to the top rope but misses his mark. Callen grabs Damien and delivers a sidewalk slam into light tube shards. The match then turns into a war of attrition, with each fighter taking multiple shots that explode upon impact. However, Damien Rivers understands that in war, all you need is a bigger weapon, and proceeds to pull out an elaborately pieced together set of light tubes that he smashes onto Callen’s cranium.

“Australia’s Most Violent Man” is victorious!

Winner by Pinfall: Damien Rivers

With a successful first outing, DMDU has solidified themselves as the premier purveyor of violence in Melbourne With their inaugural show in the record books, all eyes are now set on February 13 when “Smashing Sandcastles” emanates from The Arrow on Swanston!

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