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PWI womens 100

Australian Wrestling News

Aussie Revolution: PWI Woman’s 100

Pro Wrestling Illustrated officially released their entire Woman’s 100 ranking on October 15, 2020. Eleven of the top females in the industry were from Australia and New Zealand, essentially 1/10th, highlighting a deep and diverse talent pool between the two countries. 

Of the 11 woman 6 were from WWE and 5 were from various Independent’s, emphasising a spread of talent present outside of the mainstream. 

The ranking’s evaluation period was from October 1, 2019 until September 30, 2020 and took into account the following factors; Championships won, opposition quality, technical proficiency, win-loss records, overall activity and momentum/“push”, with special considerations given for Covid-19 complications. 

The woman in order of ranking were;

  • Rhea Ripley, 11– Australia
  • Dakota Kai, 24– New Zealand 
  • Bea Priestley, 37– New Zealand/UK
  • Toni Storm, 45– Australia/New Zealand
  • Peyton Royce, 57– Australia 
  • Billie Kay, 59– Australia 
  • Charli Evans61– Australia 
  • Shazza McKenzie, 62– Australia
  • Indi Hartwell, 83– Australia
  • Jessica Troy, 91– Australia
  • Candy Lee, 92– New Zealand

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Like a Swiss army knife, Harris Maglis possesses a varied but handy set of skills which he has acquired during his time studying a bachelor of Health Science/Arts. Maglis’ double degree combines his love of wrestling with filmmaking which allows him to create videos and put stories together in conjunction with shedding light on how to get pecs like The Rock. This year, creating audiovisual content for viewers and fans at home has never been more important to help Pro Wrestling grow, so Maglis cannot wait to get stuck in and make that happen.

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