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WRESTLEMANIA: Predicting The Winners of the Top 6 Matches

So all the members of Snap Mayors got together, dusted off our crystal balls, and predicted the outcome to the top 6 matches for WrestleMania (we would of done all the matches, but seriously this article would have been insanely too long).

What’s more, we’ve put on a bet… the next time we go drinking, all the losers have to buy the winning predictionist all his beers for the evening. This could get very messy and expensive. And most likely we’ll make a video of it for cheap social media likes.

Now let’s get to the match predictions!

WWE Championship Match: Drew McIntyre vs Bobby Lashley

Matt Milburn: Bobby Lashley

With the Hurt Locker dissolved, Bobby Lashley now has the platform to shine for himself and prove that hater’s (like myself) wrong. I have never been a fan of Lashley, in any incarnation, in any promotion.

The Hurt Locker faction just confirmed for me how he never looked like a true champ due to the distraction and interference of his entourage. I had similar feelings about Drew McIntyre not being a credible champion until he forged his own and dominant path after besting Lesnar.

I predict that Lashley and McIntrye will be a long and aggressive match – I just hope we have seen the last of the full nelson; the Hurt Lock without the Hurt Locker makes zero sense. I expect McIntyre to show Lashley respect in defeat and even raise the champ’s hand post-match to transfer that crowd support. Then watch the next big heel attack Lashley from behind, cementing his face status. Remember, this is not the main event of Night 1, so they are free to pull a stunt like this – it might even be an NXT debutant that does this.

Mick Robson: Drew McIntyre

As good as The Hurt Business have been, with The All Mighty WWE Champion Lashley being something of a revelation, I see him being a transitional champion at this time.

At the beginning of 2020, Drew McIntyre built up incredible momentum and was set to be the first WWE star in a long time to explode into superstardom.

The 2020 Rumble, in particular, had a genuine feel of excitement as Drew eliminated Brock from the match. McIntyre would go on to beat Lesnar inside the Performance Center at WM36 in a fairly lifeless, pedestrian match.

After going on to be one of the few highlights of Monday Night Raw over the past year, the Scotsman deserves a true crowning moment in front of a live WWE audience. I’m keen to see Lashley have a proper run as WWE Champion, and he could win it back as soon as the next PPV for all I care, but the Mania moment belongs to McIntyre.

Jack Yze: Bobby Lashley

A quick reminder that I have barely watched any WWE in nearly a year, hence I suggest you don’t take my picks to the bookies.

A handful of spears and claymores (well, at least attempts) will take place until the Hurt Business reforms and helps Bobby with the underhanded win. Then they’ll say “It was all part of the plan!”. Genius.

Harris Maglis: Drew McIntyre

While Lashley is riding an electric wave of momentum after capturing his first WWE World Championship, it’s hard to see a scenario where Drew doesn’t go over and get his Mania moment with a crowd. However, Lashley may be in play to take the belt of Drew shortly after and settle into a big Summersalm match with a returning Brock Lesnar.

Lord Andy Coyne: Bobby Lashley

I have really enjoyed the great year long build for Bobby Lashley, especially when you consider we’ve already seen this match right at the beginning of McIntyre’s run.

In many ways I’d love to see Lashley retain, but I firmly believe at least ONE of the major championships (WWE/Universal) is going to be won by a face, and I reckon it’s this one.

McIntyre to win, but this feud will no doubt continue post Mania.

Consensus: Bobby Lashley to retain.

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SmackDown Women’s Championship Match: Bianca Belair vs. Sasha Banks

Matt Milburn: Sasha Banks

Question my credibility all you want, but I’m not sold on Bianca Belair. She is powerful, talented and can work the mic – but this EST gimmick grates on my nerves. They are presenting her as a face, and it doesn’t sit right for me as modesty, not arrogance, should be characteristic of a face.

On the other hand, Banks has continued to show versatility, and I’m hoping her time in the spotlight is not over. She is another example of someone I did not see as worthy of the hype, and then one day – the penny dropped – and I was a fan.

Belair needs some solid PPV performances under her belt – including a loss at Wrestlemania before she should be given the title. This could come in the form of interference from Banks’ former-BFFF Bayley, with who Belair has had heat. My only concern is… Who’s next for Sasha after this? Bayley again? groan Belair rematch? more invested this time around Chelsea Green Hello Fresh!

Mick Robson: Bianca Belair

Man, this could have been the bestEST match on the Mania card. I feel like this could have easily main evented one of the nights of Wrestlemania with the right build, but it’s all been a bit messy.

I still feel like it’s going to be a great match, power vs speed, youthful exuberance vs. experience (even though Bianca is actually older than Sasha, but I digress). Sasha’s record in PPV title defences is not great, to put it mildly, but I don’t think this is the time to change that. They’ve made Bianca look strong, it’s time to cash in on that equity and create a star. Sticking with the status quo just pisses away all the momentum for no good reason (see Charlotte vs. Rhea from last year). And new.

Harris Maglis: Bianca Belair

Just by gaging the reception Belair got from winning the Rumble, she is worthy of a star making win at Mania.

While WWE has a tendency of hitting the panic button and going with established stars over creating new ones, Banks is the perfect opponent to instantly give Belair mainstream credibility with a monumental win at the show of shows and create a top woman’s star outside the Four Horsewoman.

Jack Yze: Bianca Belair

No doubt both of ’em are great wrestlers, they just generally piss me off, so I’m just gonna go with the one that annoys me more because that’s just WWE’s schtick these days (gosh I’m such a cynic).

Lord Andy Coyne: Bianca Belair

I don’t know why everyone has been so down on the build, especially in regards to them losing their efforts for the tag team championships. The whole “fueding single guys falling to the tag champs” is a trope that’s been used for decades and to me whiffs of WWE negativity for the sake of it.

Anyway, moan over. Always been impressed with Belair and I think she’s perfect for the role as the top challenger. Plus Sasha is confirming what we’ve all known that she is better as a natural heel… she just reeks of entitlement and arrogance.

WWE have desperately needed a new “top woman” to enter the inner circle of Banks / Flair / Bayley etc and Belair is a great choice. I reckon Belair is taking this after a hard fought match.

Consensus: Bianca Belair gets the gold.

Raw Tag Team Championship Match: Omos and AJ Styles vs. The New Day

Matt Milburn: Omos and AJ Styles

Wrestlers are champions for one of two reasons: they need the title, or the title needs them. Does AJ need to be a tag team champion? Hell no. Do AJ and Omos need to be champions? Maybe.

It would give them some purpose for being together. The New Day is synonymous with Tag Team Champions, so they tick both boxes even if it is overdone. So, what’s the investment in this match? What’s the point? The only thing I can see to come out of this is the break-up of AJ and Omos.

They have no experience, no chemistry, and it has never been explained why they are together. It’s natural that they feud and Omos gets to show off his power. AJ is brilliant at putting people over – don’t forget Omos has not even wrestled on our screens since aligning with AJ.

All I am saying is an AJ and Omos win defies all logic – which will be why the WWE does it and puts off the AJ and Omos break-up and feud.

Matt Milburn: New Day

While I think WWE are intent on having New Day match Ric Flair when it comes to number of title reigns, I think Kingston and Woods hold onto the straps here. I see Omos looking very impressive with his size and power, but ultimately making a rookie mistake that allows New Day to take advantage.

Perhaps he inadvertently wipes out AJ and causes the Phenomenal One to get pinned. I think the team of Omos and Styles could hold Raw tag gold, but New Day get the spotlight here. Mostly because I see lots of title changes happening on this show, and one championship should probably be retained… for now.

Jack Yze: Omos and AJ Styles

I reckon this will be 2021’s version of JeriShow, except this time the big guy won’t sell at all.

Harris Maglis: The New Day

The established and over champions should retain here plain and simple, especially over the makeshift team of Styles and Omos. This match will likely serve as the beginning of the end for the challengers as Styles track record suggests he’ll be moved to an upper mid card main event slot to fill in the months leading into Summerslam.

Lord Andy Coyne: Omos and AJ Styles

As novelty matches go, this is great. The sudden changing back of the tag belts to from The Hurt Business The New Day just has that “glorified transitional” vibe to it, just so they could justify this match.

Omos and AJ Styles to win and it’ll be great to see how the Omos / Styles chemistry goes. It kind of reminds me a little bit of the whole Shawn Michaels / Diesal combo from years ago, and partnering up an impressive specimen like Omos with a work horse like Styles to help guide him is solid use of his talent.

Consensus: AJ Styles and Omos become the new tag team champions.

Singles Match: Cesaro vs. Seth Rollins

Matt Milburn: Cesaro

Cesaro has paid his dues and deserves some of the spotlight, and any match involving Seth Rollins will have some spotlight on it. Cesaro’s only Wrestlemania victories are in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royale at Wrestlemania XXX and a 4-minute match against Drew Gulak on the Kick-off show last year.

For a man with the Swiss Cyborg’s talent, this is a travesty – a win over Rollins would almost even the ledger. Rollins has no reason to win this match; if anything, losing is the logical outcome. It will drive him further from his “vision” and make him more likely to abandon it and return to the Seth Rollins of old.

This is desperately needed since the Monday Night Messiah’s momentum fizzled after moving to the blue brand. Expect a record-breaking giant swing in this match and a victory for the man delivering it.

Mick Robson: Seth Rollins

There’s a large section of the WWE audience that would like to see the Swiss Superman break through to the main event scene. A Cesaro Section, if you will. I think that pirate ship has sailed though. Rollins hasn’t been back for too long, and Cesaro seems to be punking him out at every turn. Seth stomps his way to victory, but I feel like this could be a potential show-stealer given the proper time and focus.

Jack Yze: Cesaro

I don’t even know what these guys are fighting over. All I can expect is a quality bout from two of the industry’s best. Cesaro to win via some crazy pin.

Harris Maglis: Cesaro

I know I know WWE and a Cesaro push have historically never gone hand in hand but this really could be the year (we all hope). Cesaro has looked incredible over the last few months and put on a clinic in the chamber match, positioning him as a credible threat for whoever walks out Universal Champion after Nignt 2. Additionally, Seth won’t be hurt with a loss here either and it’ll help facilitate a face turn in the coming months.

Lord Andy Coyne: Cesaro

What a surprising build Cesaro has been in the last several months, and to me the only logical ending is a surprise victory for Cesaro. It would do SO MUCH GOOD for Cesaro and I don’t feel it will harm Rollins that much as Cesaro has been kept relatively strong recently.

Honestly I believe this is the beginning of a trigger pull to set up Cesaro as a Undisputed Championship challenger so Cesaro needs to go over to help freshen the top of the card a little bit. Do I think Cesaro is someone who can carry the whole company? No. But he’s someone who can play an entertaining challenge to the big dog Roman Reigns.

Consensus: 4-1 to Cesaro to take this.

WWE Universal Championship: Daniel Bryan vs. Edge vs. Roman Reigns

Matt Milburn: Edge

The Head of the Table gimmick definitely hasn’t been ground-breaking. Still, it has been a fresh opportunity for Roman Reigns and Jey Uso. Is it time for it to come to an end? That is one question that must be answered to predict what is going to happen here.

Additionally, does Edge deserve one more run with the title? Hell, Goldberg got one and buried the most dominant creature in WWE, The Fiend, in the process. So surely, the Rated R Superstar deserves it. Oh, what about Daniel Bryan? Let’s clear my thoughts here.

It is 100% not the time to get rid of The Head of the Table gimmick, but it needs fresh legs, and this is how you get them. Jey has been a loyal soldier, but he has proven to be Roman’s pawn, and this does not do any favours for the Uso name. Enter Jimmy Uso, it’s been a year since he wrestled. It was Wrestlemania 36 where he injured his knee – Wrestlemania 37 is where he should return. Whether he stops Jey from doing something, whether he flat out attacks Roman, I feel that some Uso vs Reigns action is about to occur.

 With everything Edge had endured, he deserves one more run at the top. It’s not the Rated R Era anymore. Still, Edge is adaptable and could be a great transitional champion before someone else gets their shot – enter someone from NXT. As for Daniel Bryan – a singles title match at the next PPV would fulfil that dream match between the two and build Edge up before the next champion rises up.

Mick Robson: Edge

I would have preferred to see this be one on one, either with Edge vs. Reigns or Bryan vs. Reigns. We’re here though, and I feel like it’ll be a fun triple threat ride. The stipulations of a triple threat allow for Reigns to drop the Universal Championship without actually eating a pin, and I feel that the Ultimate Opportunist will take advantage of that.

An enraged Tribal Chief would have serious motivation to get his title back, while having some possible cracks in his confidence. Edge would be set in his most comfortable role as a top heel, and we could see Edge vs. Bryan throughout the year, as well as Edge vs. Reigns and maybe Reigns vs. Bryan down the line for the title also.

I want to see the Rated R Superstar have a proper run on top before he truly has to call it a day for good, but I also think Edge winning creates the most interesting possibilities for the Smackdown main event scene through 2021.

Jack Yze: Edge

It would be unfair to call Edge a geriatric, seeing as I probably spend a lot more time sitting on my ass than he does. Nonetheless, it seems like the age-old tradition (pun intended) for WWE to lean more towards the elderly.

Harris Maglis: Roman Reigns

Edge should really take the W here but since Bryan’s involvement in the angle it just smells like WWE throwing out a bit of false hope to be crushed by the Tribal Cheif. The heat on Reigns in the aftermath should be astronomical as he finds a screwy way to take out two fan favourites (likely pinning Bryan in the process).

Don’t get me wrong though, cause this match has classic written all over it!

Lord Andy Coyne: Roman Reigns

So based on what I said earlier for Cesaro and Seth Rollins you can probably smell where I’m going here; Reigns to win.

To me, Roman Reigns has been the best he has ever been, and there is still so much you can do with him and Heyman. Imagine the intrique of Brock Lesnar returning and the position Heyman finds himself in, imagine the eventual challenge of the likes of Cesaro and the entire Raw roster if Reigns goes over during a brand draft.

But also I feel this match could spring board a REALLY solid singles feud between Edge and Daniel Bryan.

I’m imagining a match ending which sees Edge have the win over Reigns, and Bryan foiling the pinfall. Then later in the match, Bryan having the YES lock on Reigns, only for Edge to foiling Bryan’s winning.

It’s a classic story; both men should rightfully be the champion in their minds and the other got in the way.

Consensus: Poor Daniel Bryan. Not one vote. Edge to win.

Raw Women’s Championship Match: Rhea Ripley vs. Asuka

Matt Milburn: Rhea Ripley

It’s a shame that Ripley’s RAW debut came at a time when there were no in-person live audiences – she would have blown the roof off the place. Ripley has all the makings of a future main eventer. The women’s division has severely lacked someone with presence and badass likeability since Becky Lynch left.

For over a year now, the WWE women’s division has felt flat and recycled like so much of what Hollywood produces these days, whilst NXT has scouted and signed the best women’s wrestlers in the world and supported them to grow.

Asuka has been a good champion, and she always performs in the ring, but the lustre is off the Empress of Tomorrow. Ripley proved last year that she is main roster calibre by holding her own in the longest pure wrestling match (20 minutes 30 seconds) at Wrestlemania 36 against Charlotte Flair (only surpassed by the Boneyard match and the last man standing match). To begin to be fresh and exciting again, the WWE needs a new face as their RAW Women’s Champion – It’s time for some Brutality.

Mick Robson: Rhea Ripley

Did you see that table flip on Raw? Rhea Ripley is more than ready for Asuka. I think this is a main roster crowning moment for Ripley. I believe that we’re going to see a lot of big title changes on this show, because with fans back in the arena, it’s crucial to make it the most newsworthy show possible.

But in the case of Ripley, the title win MUST happen. Rhea exudes a superstar aura every time she’s on screen. She flirted with the main roster this time last year against Charlotte… and then tapped clean.

Ripley went back to NXT and had to undergo a rebuilding process to get back here. If she doesn’t win at WM37, she’s the one with all the confidence that falls at the final hurdle. Asuka’s been dominant enough on every level that she can take the loss here. The Nightmare comes to life on the Mania stage!

Jack Yze: Asuka

I don’t think Australia does WWE much of a favour financially (well, at least not as much as Saudi Arabia does), so they have the ability to piss us all off without much consequence. So my pick implies thats exactly what they’re gonna do (again with the cynicism Jack!).

Harris Maglis: Asuka

While Ripley would benefit from the win in a similar way to Belair, the story just doesn’t feel right for her coronation to take place right now. Asuka should win a belter here by outsmarting Ripley, setting up an eventual angle involving Charlotte where Rhea will finally win the big one and rectify her shortfalls.

Lord Andy Coyne: Asuka

Oooofff gonna be the unpopular one, but I see Asuka retaining. I reckon the ending will see Flair return to cost Ripley the match because she believes Ripley stole the title shot that was “rightfully hers”. It plays off last years Mania beautifully and sets Ripley on a crusade to take out the queen.

A three way feud between Ripley, Asuka and Flair could go some great business between here and Summerslam. Ripley is getting the belt, just not at Mania.

Consensus: Asuka breaks Australia’s heart and retains.

Thanks for checking in! Hope you enjoy WrestleMania.

We’ll be back after the result to determine which member of Snap Mayor’s will be buying the winner the drinks!

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Lord Andy Coyne is Australia's number one commentator and ring announcer. In addition for working for many of Australia's top promotions, his international work includes for the likes of Ring of Honor, Progress and New Japan Pro Wrestling.

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