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Australian Wrestling Matches

Watch Now: Nick Bury And Mitch Waterman vs Raw Beef

An intriguing contest from last year’s June edition of King of Colac, pitting the cohesive tandem of Nick Bury & Mitch Waterman (known in this match as The Traveling Waterburys) with the accompaniment of Benny English, taking on the powerhouse duo of R.Xs.P & 2Krayzee, collectively known as Raw Beef.

Of course Bury and Waterman would go on to have considerable success within the both the Australian wrestling scene. Both men are multi time tag team champions, and have had the pleasure of competing in Ring of Honor during a UK tour.

Nick Bury also holds accolades for not only wrestling for New Japan Pro Wrestling during their Australian tour, but also being one of the few men to win a major Aussie women’s championship in FWA (it’s a long story).

You can watch more matches, and some other really weird stuff, over at El Jibre YouTube channel!

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