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MCW Ballroom Brawl 2021 – Review (MCW On Demand)

As we approach Melbourne City Wrestling’s next show, MCW Fallout on April 10, I thought it was time to revisit their previous event over at their On-Demand service.

This show holds a real place in my heart as I was fortunately able to book a ticket and attend this show making this the first show that I have attended since MCW Clash of the Titans 2020. The crowd was lively and the atmosphere was great and rewatching it on Vimeo was a great way to spend an evening. My hope is that allowances will gradually allow even more people to attend these shows as the events are can’t miss! With that in mind, lets get into my personal thoughts and opinions about MCW’s latest show – MCW Ballroom Brawl 2021.  

MCW Tag Team Championships – The Velocities (Jude London & Paris DeSilva)  vs Nick Bury & Mitch Waterman

This tag team championship match has been in the talks for a long time. So much so that I believe it was supposed to happen at last years MCW Fallout.  The much anticipated match starts with a usual feeling out process but things pick up when the Brat Pack perform a double suicide dive to the outside.

The flow of the match quickens from here but shifts into an excellent display of flexibility as Paris DeSilva performs a tarantula like submission hold on Mitch Waterman. Hot tag from Mitch Waterman to Nick Bury leads to several incredibile double team manoeuvres including a ‘Brat Attack’ from the top rope which Jude London surprisingly is able to kick out from.

Shortly after, both members of the Brat Pack hit Jude London with the ‘Coward Punch’ which proves to be too much as Nick Bury pins Jude London for the 3.

Both teams shake hands after the contest.

Great way to start the show. Both babyface teams told a good story however I do believe that we have but scratched the surface and more is to come from both teams.

Segment: “The Influence” Skylar Cruze introduces her new client

Skylar Cruze welcomes us to her new hot show “The Influence”. Skylar Cruze runs down the crowd and then introduces us to her debuting new client: Anth Cava. Skylar Cruze stakes claim that Anth Cava will win the Ballroom Brawl and challenge Adam Brooks for the MCW World Championship.

Analysis: A neat segment and debut. MCW should continue to keep segments like this throughout the show as I believe it supports the audience in forming connections with the competitors.

Rocky Menero vs Royce Chambers

Never had the chance to see Rocky Menero before but have seen plenty of Royce Chambers. Looks like an interesting clash of styles here as Rocky Menero is a showboating powerhouse heel where as Royce Chambers is more of a high-flying babyface.

The match starts out with Royce Chambers demonstrating his athleticism which perturbs Rocky Menero. Rocky Menero is able to get the upper hand through some dirty tactics which then allows Meneros strength to also come into play. Rocky Menero performs a beautiful catch uppercut manoeuvre to Royce Chambers which dazes him for some time.

A back corkscrew from the top rope helps the momentum sway in Royce Chambers favour although in quick succession – a sneaky low blow, brutal DDT and a Falcon Arrow Elbow drop from the rope from Rocky Menero secures Rocky Menero the win.

Oh boy the crowd really hated Rocky Menero. Its nice seeing a heel been hated for his antics and a babyface been loved for theirs. That dynamic, while obvious, doesn’t work as much as it should and this match delivered on that and was a great follow up to the hot opener.

In Ring Segment: MCW World Heavyweight Champion – “Loose Ledge” Adam Brooks makes an announcement

Adam Brooks reminds us about his epic 3 stages of hell match with Slex at the previous show – MCW Homecoming. Adam Brooks says that while Slex is one of the best, he is THE best. Adam Brooks begins talking about tonight’s Ballroom Brawl match but is interrupted by Danny Psycho who sports a darker theme and appearance. Danny Psycho challenges Adam Brooks to a MCW World Heavyweight Championship and Adam Brooks accepts.

Backstage Segment: Adam Brooks says that he wants the old Danny Psycho at Fallout.

Analysis: The in-ring promo was short and sweet and set up a huge main event for the next show. The match fortunately books itself as Danny Psycho is the first MCW World Heavyweight Champion and Adam Brooks, at least in the eyes of his competitors, is an “unproven” champion. I am looking forward to seeing the match that these two MCW veterans pull out at MCW Fallout next month.

#1 Contendership Match: The Mile High Club (Jett Rouka & Tyson Baxter) vs The Natural Classics (Stevie Filipe & Tome Filipe)

I believe that this would be the first time that these high flying teams have faced off. The Natural Classics start off the contest by asserting their dominance and delivering some brutal chops to Tyson Baxter.

After this demonstration of power, the Mile High Club controls the match with some excellent tag team manoeuvres. The Natural Classics patience wears thin however and we begin to see a far aggressive side of the stronger team as Tome Filipe knocks an unsuspected Jett Rouka from his tag corner.

The Mile High Club start to get momentum flowing back in their favour but are stopped abruptly by Tyson Baxters knee which appears to be re-injured. Both The Natural Classics allow Tyson Baxter to regroup but once Jett Rouka comes into the ring Stevie and Tome Filipe the switch.

Stevie Filipe quickly takes out Jett Rouka with a big boot and then moonsault to the outside while Tome Filipe quickly applies the figure 4 leglock to Tyson Baxter. With his tag partner on the mat outside, Tyson Baxter taps out.

Analysis: Good match with a very intriguing ending. We saw at MCW Homecoming that The Natural Classics showed mercy to Mitch Watermans injured knee, which ended up costing them the match. The decision to go all in on the knee demonstrated that The Natural Classics are becoming more and more ruthless which I suspect will lead to a heel turn down the line. Great stuff!

Slex vs Mick Moretti

This should be a great match. While I have seen lots of Slex in MCW, Mick Moretti is a wrestler who I have mostly seen at other Australian promotions such as BCW. Both are incredibly talented. Slex starts out in control even delivering his release suplex onto the side of the ring. Momentum shifts in Mick Moretti’s favour as he throws Slex’s knee into the railing on the outside.

Back in the ring, Mick Moretti works Slexs leg and even though the match shifts in Slex’s favour after a tornado DDT, the knee is still bothering Slex. As the match progresses both men duke it out on the top turnbuckle which results with Mick Moretti hitting a falcon arrow from the top rope. After Slex hits a moonsault on a downed facing Moretti, both men exchange tombstone piledriver reversals until Mick Moretti is able to lock in an ankle lock. Once Slex powers out of this, he is able to hit a ‘Slexecution’ out of nowhere but Mick Moretti shockingly kicks out at 2! Quickly, Slex locks in the ‘Close of Business’ submission hold and Mick Moretti taps.

Analysis: Phew! I needed a break after that. For that reason alone, it was an excellent way to close for intermission. Mick Moretti put up a great fight but Slex has now picked up a much needed big win. Not sure where either man goes from here but if there was a rematch or a fleshed out storyline between these two, you could consider me in!

Segment: Latest Episode of Bastard TV

In this episode, Australian Wrestling legend Krackerjak explains that in his legend contract he has numerous entitlements such as the ability to “create matches” and “join matches”. The feud of Krackerjak and Lochy Hendricks is covered in great detail. The gist is that years ago Krackerjak took Lochy Hendricks under his wing but then Lochy became too much of a bastard for him to handle.

In an attempt to get Lochy Hendricks back on side, Krackerjak put his career on the line, which he lost. Skip to the present day, where Krackerjak reveals that he has however found a loophole in his contract where he can unretire. And he is now coming to the ring!

In Ring Segment: Krackerjak talks about un-retiring

Krackerjac comes to the ring and immediately calls out Lochy Hendricks. Lochy Hendricks comes to the ring. Krackerjac says that the loophole is that if Hendricks walks away from the agreement, Krackerjac can wrestle again. Lochy Hendricks denies him even though Krackerjac begs him. Krackerjac then suggests that Lochy Hendricks fights him and in exchange, if Lochy Hendricks gets the better of the exchange and knock out Krackerjac – Lochy Hendricks can have Krackerjacs Australian Wrestling Legends contract – with all of its entitlements. The offer is too tempting for Lochy Hendricks and the high stakes brawl is on.

Unsanctioned Brawl – If Krackerjak wins he unretires, if Lochy Hendricks wins he gets Krackerjak’s Australian Wrestling Legends Contract

The brawl is heated. While the momentum swings constantly in this weapons filled brawl , Krackerjak eventually sets up a table in the corner but Lochy Hendricks put Krackerjak through it. Lochy Hendricks then smacks Krackerjaks surgically repaired knee with a kendo stick repeatedly. MCW personal tries to break it up but when Krackerjak pushes them away, Lochy Hendricks hits Krackerjak with a low blow.

Jay Andrews sees this is going too far and tries to split the brawl up. Lochy Hendricks then hits Krackerjak with a modified conchairto. Lochy Hendricks has the announcers ring the bell meaning that Hendricks is the winner of the brawl. Lochy Hendricks now has the Australian wrestling contract.

Analysis: I was so hot for this. This brawl has been an incredibly long time coming. While this was also a return for Krackerjak, it was also an excellent way to reintroduce “Loverboy” Lochy Hendricks to a 2021 audience. While the brawl itself was excellent and some of the best storytelling I have seen live, the future implications are even greater. Stay tuned to see how it plays into the rest of the show.

Kellyanne vs Jessica Troy

MCW Women’s Champion Avary is on commentary. These two women have faced off numerous times and have never had a bad match. Both women start out the match by locking up but things quickly ramp up as Jessica Troy attempts to lock in the Fujawa armbar. This happens a second time when Kellyanne goes for a token armbar and at this point we can all feel the match ramp up.

As the heated exchange continues both women make their way to the top rope and Jessica Troy superplexes Kellyanne from the top rope. In the home stretch, there are some stiff shots delivered from each woman and a meteora from Jessica Troy to Kellyanne.

After a kickout, Jessica Troy tries locking in the fujuwa armbar again but Kellyanne rams Jessica Troy into the corner and hits the ‘cannonball’ into the corner. Jessica Troy kicks out and has a short flurry of offense before been put away with the package driver for the 1-2-3. 

Excellent matchup. While both of these women do an extraordinary job of putting over their signature offence, Jessica Troy really put over the Fujiwara armbar and the constant struggle of Kellyanne getting out of the devastating submission hold made for a very interesting watch. It appears as though Kellyanne may be #1 contender, but I wouldn’t complain if a triple threat match between Avary, Jessica Troy and Kellyanne was booked in the future.

Ballroom Brawl Match

There is an excellent recap video highlighting the history of past Ballroom Brawl winners. As for the recap – I will do this as fluidly as possible although as to be expected there is a lot of moving parts. Unless there are key match moments, I will simply state the entrants and who they are eliminated by.

#1 is Mike Broderick and #2 is “Absolute Excellence” Anth Cava who is coming to the ring with Skylar Cruze for his debut.

#3 is Nick Bury from the Brat Pack and while Bury postures, Broderick tosses out Caver to a loud ovation.

#4 is Zane Zodiac.

#5 is Jett Rouka from The Mile High Club.

#6 is “The Golden Boy” Emman the Kid.

#7 is “The Final Boss” Jake Andrewartha. Andrewartha quickly pulls Broderick under the bottom rope and powerbombs him onto the ring apron. Back in the ring, Andrewartha destroys all the athletes in the ring.

#8 is Tony Villani who rallies the troops to attack Andrewartha. Unexpectedly, Villani throws himself at Andrewartha whilst he is on the ropes and takes him over the top rope to a huge pop.

#9 enters and it is – “The Snuff King” Gore! Gore asserts his dominance and throws out Jett Rouka , Emman the Kid and Zane Zodiac. The ring is clear but the commentators note that Bury has “conveniently” moved to the commentary desk and that Broderick is still knocked out.

#10 is Caveman Ugg who matches the power game with Gore.

#11 is “Gods Gift” Shaun Young. Young tries getting between Ugg and Gore and they make short work of him and toss him outside of the ring.

#12 is Mitch Waterman from the Brat Pack. Nick Bury leaves the commentary desk to join his tag team partner. The Brat Pack walk into the ring and size up Gore and Ugg. Gore begins working down the Brat Pack but as Gore runs towards the two men on the ropes, Brat Pack pull it down – eliminating gore.

#13 is Jude “the dude” London. London goes straight for the Brat Pack although Ugg quickly reminds the men he is there.

#14 is Stevie Filipe. As Filipe comes into the ring, Broderick re-enters.

#15 is “The Airbender” Royce Chambers who showcases the phenomenal athleticism.

#16 is Tome Filipe. Tome teams up with his brother to attempt to eliminate Royce Chambers but with no success.

#17 is “Spartan Spirit” Paris De Silva from the Velocities. The Velocities, Brat Pack and Natural Classics stare one another down until Ugg breaks it up. From the wreckage, The Natural Classics eliminate Nick Bury and Mitch Waterman eliminates both Natural Classics. Mike Broderick eliminate Paris De Silva and then Ugg and Broderick eliminate Jude London.

#18 is Rocky Menero who has an exchange with Mike Broderick. Whilst Broderick is fighting to stay in the ring, Menero low blows Broderick, eliminating him.

#19 is Edward Dusk

#20 Ritchie Taylor.

Nick Bury re-enters the match but is eliminated by Dusk. Royce Chambers eliminates Rocky Menero but Chambers is then eliminated by Edward Dusk in very creative fashion. Caveman Ugg attempts to powerbomb Dusk over the top rope and Waterman and Taylor come up from behind to eliminate both men.

Final 2 is Ritchie Taylor and Mitch Waterman who trade off strikes and high impact moves. After taylor hits a piledriver on Waterman – waterman returns with a superkick. As both men lie on the ground..the counter begins again!!

To everyone supirse…..LOVERBOY Lochy Hendricks enters at #21. He explains that he has the power to add himself to matches due to his newly won legends contract. Hendricks quickly eliminates Ritchie Taylor and takes his time taunting Waterman. While taunting Waterman for a superkick, Waterman delivers a superkick to Hendricks and tosses him over the top rope to win the 2021 ballroom brawl!

The crowd erupts as Waterman celebrates with his Brat Pack teammate Nick Bury.

Backstage Promo: “Loverboy” Lochy Hendricks says that he never lost and that with his legends contract, this is just the beginning.

Backstage Promo: Waterman celebrates in the shower and Bury surprises him with a champagne shower. Analysis: Let me tell you, as someone who was there live this match was electric. The reasons that Royal Rumble style matches work so well is that they set up and further develop several storylines whilst also creating or solidifying a main star. This match had a break-neck pace and had a deserving winner. This was match of the night for me and a great way to finish the show.

Final thoughts: This was a great show to watch live and a great show to rewatch on Vimeo. MCW Ballroom Brawl 2021 has some absolute bangers including my two favourite matches of the night Slex vs Mick Moretti and the titular Ballroom Brawl match.

Can’t wait to see the next PPV as there is so much to keep tuned in for. When will Mitch Waterman cash in his Ballroom Brawl opportunity? Who is Avarys next contender? What is MCW going to be like with Lochy Hendricks in possessions of an Australian Wrestling Legends contract? Will Adam Brooks vs Danny Psycho be MCW’s best match of the year so far?

I look forward to finding out the answers to all of these questions at MCW’s next show – Fallout.

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