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Australian Wrestling News

Jurassic Punk Fights Caveman Ugg and DESTROYS the No Holds Bar

In what was supposed to be a run of the mill interview to help promote ‘The Jurassic Punk’ Syd Parker and his upcoming shows, quickly turned into a moment of mayhem as Caveman Ugg turned up unannounced.

The despise rivals would go on to DESTROY The No Holds Bar itself as they attempted to get their hands on one another. Also featuring a guest appearance from “The Voodoo Witch” Erika Reid.

Big apology to The Royal Mail on Spencer whose pub we destroyed. Sorry… to make it up, hopefully some of our viewers will check out your online craft beer store so you can rebuild it.

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Lord Andy Coyne is Australia's number one commentator and ring announcer. In addition for working for many of Australia's top promotions, his international work includes for the likes of Ring of Honor, Progress and New Japan Pro Wrestling.

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