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Deathmatch Downunder (DMDU)

Australia vs The World: The Dream Matches We Want to See In Australian Wrestling

Covid-19 ruined everyone’s 2020 and so far 2021 has been no picnic, making it difficult for Australian promotions to book interstate talent and even run shows!

Let’s look forward, to a world where Australia has finally rolled out its vaccine, and we are able to return to international travel and full crowds of fans hungry to be entertained!

Which is why I want to look forward to those dream matches… Australia vs the World. Which Internationals would I want to see wrestle in Australia and against whom.

Although it would be easy to fill this list with AEW stars like Cody and Moxley I will try to avoid doing that and focus on wrestlers who haven’t graced our shores and aren’t likely to be on the next World Series Wrestling tour.

10 – Joey Janella Vs JXT at Mayhem Pro

Joey Janela Says He Has Never Had COVID-19

Janella has made a name for himself with Joey Janella’s Spring Break occurring Wrestlemania weekend. I would love to see JXT holding a similar event through Mayhem Pro, maybe JXT’s Sunday Sess and a match against Joey Janella would have to headline this show.

9 – Toa Hanare vs Jake Andrewartha in MCW, DMDU or Wrestlerock

Warrior's Road by Toa Henare No.4 | NEW JAPAN PRO-WRESTLING

It would be fantastic to see NJPW’s Kiwi monster Toa Hanare take on Judo Jake in a Melbourne ring. Jake showed everyone what he is capable in his match with Ugg at DMDU and an opponent like Hanare would take him to the next level. Other potential Hanare matches would be Mikey Nicholls or Marcus Pitt in EPW.

8 – Jay Tay (Anna Jay and Tay Conti) vs Everyone and Everywhere

AEW Women's Tag Team Cup Tay Conti Anna Jay 1 | 411MANIA

One of the surprisingly entertaining acts in AEW has been the team of Anna Jay and Tay Conti. Lets bring them to Australia and let them wrestle against Lena Kross and Edith Knight in Perth, Avary and Aysha in Melbourne,  Charli Evans and Jess Troy in Sydney and Izzy Shaw and Savannah Summers in Adelaide.

7 – Nick Gage vs Joel Bateman at DMDU

Joel Bateman Talks The Forgotten History of Deathmatch Wrestling In  Australia | Snap Mayors Media

Probably the best known Death Match Wrestler in the US, Nick Gage vs the man working to put Death Match wrestling in Australia would be a dream match. We wouldn’t see a lot of technical moves, but we would see some blood. This would of course be dependent on Mr Gage getting a visa.

6 –Lio Rush vs Royce Chambers at PCW or MCW

Lio Rush Wins AAA Cruiserweight Championship On MLW Fusion

Lio Rush had a reasonable run in WWE winning the cruiserweight championship, but it is on the independent scene where we see the absolute best of him. A match with one of my favourite Australian wrestlers Royce Chambers would be a gif maker’s dream. Lio could then tour the country and have bangers against the likes of Mat Diamond. Jett Rouka or Davis Storm.

5 – Motor City Machine Guns vs The Velocities at PWA

The Motor City Machine Guns are as good as any tag team on the planet and have won just about every title available to them. This would be a dream match for the Velocities and would blow the roof off Max Watts.

4 – Chris Brookes vs Caveman Ugg at MCW or PWA

Chris Brookes' Year of 2020 in DDT - Last Word on Pro Wrestling

Chris Brookes has been the top Gaijin at DDT for a while. He is a fantastic wrestler and has proven to be very creative. A match with Caveman Ugg would give fans their money’s worth and most likely in fits of laughter

3 – Jeff Cobb vs Tommy Knight at Wrestle Rampage.

Jeff Cobb Explains Brief Stint in AEW, Says All Parties Benefited from the  Appearances

Jeff Cobb has been around for a long time and is currently working for NJPW. The thought of him and Tommy Knight beating each other senseless would be an appealing one for Adelaide wrestling fans.

2 –Eddie Kingston vs Charli Evans at Newy Pro or PWA

eddie kingston

Charli has made no secret that it is her dream match to face Eddie Kingston, I think the match will happen at some stage and hopefully it can happen in Australia. Having an opportunity to have amazing talent like Charli back in Australia has been one of the positives aspects of Covid-19, to see her work this match would blow everyone away.

1 –Maki Itoh vs Avary at Wrestlerock

What a banging entrance from Maki Itoh!

This match was the reason I was motivated to write this list. Maki Itoh is one of the most entertaining acts in wrestling today and her Work with Tokyo Joshi Pro and DDT is always engaging. She is also perfectly suited to Wrestlerock, with her punk rock attitude the cutest wrestler in the world sings her own theme song during her entrance and will get the crowd pumping.

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Lord Andy Coyne is Australia's number one commentator and ring announcer. In addition for working for many of Australia's top promotions, his international work includes for the likes of Ring of Honor, Progress and New Japan Pro Wrestling.

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